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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 9:53
Sino-Soviet talks broke down,Air Max 97 Sale, the aircraft returned to the Soviet Union special envoy nothing to cook. Bubble * book * () has been mobilizing the Soviet Far East forces, especially in Vladivostok, the Soviet Pacific Fleet has begun a series of activities such as resupply. Vladivostok experienced after World War II, now the city has not yet restored, yet to come out from the war. Although the ruins have been cleared, but the shadow of war everywhere are not what a smile in the face of the people in the city. War, the Soviet people and the Chinese people are the same, the war is always the people suffer, always people suffered the heaviest trauma! The time is the best healing medicine, but this time take long to do? No one knows. However, despite this, the Soviets and the Chinese in advance greeting for fear of what bad idea, can not let the misunderstanding is not? ,canada goose jacket sale! Now the situation in North Korea has been very clear that if the United States did not send troops to direct armed intervention, then North Korea will be unified Korean peninsula, South Korea regime will inevitably collapse of American investment in South Korea the enormous effort and hard work will come to naught. This is why it is so with tight, why choose the reasons of the Korean peninsula, as that in the United States before the Nationalist government in Taiwan has nothing can hope to stand up, top to bottom, riddled with corruption, the root cause rot. The United States to abandon Chiang Kai-shek led the Nationalist government that had begun as early as 48 years, from the north and south Yangtze confrontation negotiations when more obvious. Even the United States do not want the embassy to Guangzhou. The United States chose to North Korea to give up is not without reason, nor is it an idea of ​​time is the elapsed time brewing and took kung fu decide. South Korea Syngman Rhee government retreat on the battlefield, Seoul has long fall! Rhee senior government officials have been sitting aircraft fleeing overseas. Syngman Rhee government is so vulnerable, the most important thing because of government corruption, as well as the public's disappointment! The voices of people on the reunification of Korea is not the only North Korea, South Korea has the same great voices, and this is a phenomenon of the trend of the times. The military score one victory for gold January reactive to be extreme, in his view unified front to establish the unified Korean regime is tomorrow things. Gold months reactive in nature is very pure Korean, he can be said to be very conservative Koreans, when Japan occupied the Korean peninsula, he fled the Chinese anti-Japanese activities, many Koreans are a lot of Northeast China Field Army Korean soldiers. Northeast Field Army Korean soldiers did not like the past life is so longing for returning war, the CCP's ideology is also tremendous changes have taken place, the worsening of relations between the Soviet Union led to what it is today. Korean people are living in Jilin Korean, fraction is native to the local people in the Korean Peninsula. So the Northeast border guards as well as the northeast garrison very calm, sit on the sidelines, they are in the development of the situation in the Korean Peninsula. In their view all listen to command the war would be the war, the orders of superiors, which is the well-being of ordinary soldiers, not that read like with round after round. Full turn to look at Chen aquatint 16 Corps, 16 Corps over one hundred and ninety thousand, under the jurisdiction of four Army Cavalry Division, a heavy artillery division, a guards regiment directly under one directly under the spy group, a directly under the Corps of Engineers, a subordinate communications business. The four army are Grade Army 16 Corps, are four prepared are more than 40,000 people each army to full strength, full strength of 10,004 thousand Cavalry Division, the remaining forces add up to more than 000. The 16 Corps set up a short time, the attachment forces half of newly formed forces are fragmented division-level army integration into the military, but have also gone through the test of the war with the Soviet Union. In fact, there is also soiled light of the Nationalist government, as we all know sixteen Corps, mostly former soldiers, many high-ranking officers are officers of the Nationalist government, the vast majority of them are experienced veterans of the anti-Japanese, are menfolk! War without mobilization! Coupled with the northeast elite troops of the 38th Army, sixteen Corps combat is extremely powerful! Forest which is just as "the land of the tiger! Sixteen Corps Northeast Field internally called Tiger Army. It is also within the Northeast Field known reputation is not far and wide. Since leaving the northeast fought in northwest and then the Dongdu combat now, sixteen Corps gradually other field army familiar combat effectiveness is also displayed one by one. Sixteen Corps division corps level cadres are very envious of the advantages, but also has a fatal weakness, why sixteen Corps combat is so powerful, that in addition to this explanation because With Chen aquatint, there is no other plausible explanation. Chen fly ash is the brain, and combines them in together. Hauer's defended not afraid of dying, the cunning of Chen Mingliang, Xiaohua large-scale cooperation in Dongshan tanks attack speed as well as the intensity, Guo Jingzhong delicate, specializes in defensive warfare, these people are in Chen aquatint combination of chemical reactions incomparable feats in Mongolia on the battlefield. Chen the aquatint command fighting style has always been bold interspersed roundabout, determined not to count casualties onslaught vision sinister, just victories! Lose his own is totally fear from Manzhouli defensive warfare, Ulaanbaatar defense war will be able to see. The old saying, "for those who do not, according to the land of the dangerous", but Chen aquatint is holding its own as bait so that the Soviet people suffered terribly, he was seriously wounded, but victories no one can make irresponsible remarks, the thing is, are writing victor, victory is a condition, failure is a condition. Chen aquatint meddling few of his men battle in addition to the necessary, and are generally enjoy let men play Chen the aquatint focus on the war before the deployment, rather than fighting in the intervention to adjust the battle started, what conditions are likely to occur, first-line commanders and soldiers are fighting the people most familiar with, to believe that his men. This is Chen aquatint philosophy. Chen aquatint Cao where in his spare time, had a long talk, the main purpose is to persuade Cao Van, let him do staff work temporarily at ease, mechanized units than can be done overnight, and must wait until the end of the war in Taiwan, the island with a mechanized unit ? That head Xiudou! Not to mention their own hands there is no tank units. Chen aquatint with Cao where the conversation is to talk about in the office, is now. Cao where out of the office, he turned around and looked at the office door. Cao Where Chen aquatint convince him understand that now forces the situation, own perhaps the best of the battlefield where he Chen aquatint him the Prevention of Cruelty still very grateful to the, if the change does not attach importance to talent or do not attach importance to mechanization development in general, completely Cao where the flame on the front. Cao who what background, Chen aquatint is to know the Cao Where are they is to be the party in secret development of latent to the Nationalist government army where the, on the surface of what the uprising defectors that are done for others to see, this is also Chen aquatint from leaf dragon mouth know the Of course, this certainly is the consent of the President, or leaves Long how can not say it's Cao any background? President placement? Or the rest? Does not attach importance to this point Chen aquatint Cao is a talent who in his view, a development of mechanized units talent. Familiar with mechanized combat, very little in the army. This is how not to let Chen aquatint attention to it? Chen aquatint Cao Where future is riding a division commander. Ride a division positioning mechanized tank division. Hauer's future is 38 Corps. Bloody generals of the 38th Army needs to lead, and Xiao Hua is a good plan, the military commander is his best position. Everything is Chen aquatint secretly want good, others will think if out the aquatint Chen audacity will think Chen aquatint ambition is not small, you corps commander Chen aquatint think? Chen aquatint why so emboldened? He is very simple, it is firmly against the President, the President appreciated not weakened, the Central Military Commission is not a dream. 17. 24 offensive military harassment, enemies angry about, but it is no way, only passive defense can only improve vigilance at night. Aircraft at night is basically furnishings warships now is not how to come out, because the 24 Army has set up death squads, easy boat swiftly, boats are explosives, there are a few doors artillery mortars, which are enemy warships inflicted untold sufferings. These boat movement and small, to fully meet the conditions of the attack, and other warships enemy found a boat that is also close, and many of the soldiers are marksman bullets like eyes, a very high proportion of the enemy is shot and killed,Mens Canada Goose Borden Bomber. State government soldiers are human beings, they are afraid of death, met the 24 Army soldiers are not afraid of death, the victories also goes without saying. In fact, today's situation from Penghu offensive conditions has also been formed, this situation aquatint Chen are stunned, this is not his prior can expect the program from Penghu offensive or rejected after Chen aquatint pondering, because the expense is still too high , after all, the size of the force is not small unit can be compared, it is easy to find that time victories there are a lot of variables, the risk is not to take. 24 Army Chen aquatint informed by the recognition, which makes 24 army up and down is a boiling of war again. Lu Jianfei spine is straight, Lu Jianfei 11 Corps crowding out the rest of the army Lu Jianfei is standoffish, what are Ming afterwards, what is laid out the distance like an outsider, which makes Lu Jianfei very is chilling, not is Lu Jianfei gonna do, but how to eleven Corps! Lu Jianfei only relying Chen aquatint now, if Chen aquatint do not accept yourself, then your own will be removed from front-line troops, to the second-tier and even irrelevant sector pension, which is Lu Jianfei unacceptable! He is not too old, he wants to continue the struggle, would like Dangdang than commander larger office. This is human nature, normal.
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