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January 19 [Sat], 2013, 9:46
Penghu Islands is located not far from the island of Taiwan, is composed of islands of Penghu Island, Baisha Island, Makung Island. The 24 Army missed fighter too smoothly to let Lu Jianfei wrong enemy defensive lax, that the enemy morale, combat effectiveness and low. However, when scored Magong Port 24 Army, 24 Army was Taiwan defenders strongly resist the start smoothly suddenly was a high-intensity resistance 24 Army soldiers are not suited to the mentality of the soldiers have undergone significant changes became irritable, more irritable, more slowly advancing, the casualties also gradually increase, the more losses to increase this more soldiers can not accept, the more impatient. 25 very smoothly Army, 25 Army to invade southern island that is a small chopper with all add up to only 127 square kilometers throughout the Penghu Islands, not to mention there are only so few small islands. Chen aquatint Penghu battlefield report received in the war room, immediately ordered 25 Army boat landing towards Taiwan, Chiayi, Tainan, first sent a small force to explore the small unit can be a battalion. Chan the aquatint issued finished this road command immediately issued a second order: the command of the 3rd Army instantly rest waiting for a new combat command 45 Army with the 3rd Army command the 38th Army, 50 Army, ride a division well all ferry ready, waiting for the command. "Chen aquatint then asked to Cao Where the Road:" The Air Force, Navy circumstances how to? "Cao who replied:" The first batch of fighters return flight, the second batch of fighters have arrived in Penghu to continue to expand the bombing ! naval warships and enemy ships clashed, now fighting and also failed to report up. "Chen aquatint point nodded and said:" Air Force command instantly fill up, waiting to attack command, told them, the next goal is to Chiayi . "" Yes! "the Cao Where should channel. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lu Jianfei sitting the captured jeep to attack the troops personally headquarters team, but which would have thought the situation do not know where it came from, but fortunately, Sibu Si just three meters from the jeep explosion,Womens Canada Goose Montebello, a huge blast overturned jeep. Car bodyguard yelling climbs up from the ground and come looking for a figure of Lu Jianfei Fortunately Lu Jianfei just fainted soon wake up. Lu Jianfei he awoke and yelled: "They're up to? Failed to solve even the enemy artillery positions! But howitzer!" Next natural Lu Jianfei go to the headquarters of the Second Division sits reprimanded. Lu Jianfei reprimanded by the leadership of the Second Division, a division, he snapped: "This is the second of our eleven Corps participated in the Taiwan Strait Battle! This is not just us, there are 16 Corps, if we are not as good as the group of former landlubbers By the time we face where to put?! mention Chen commander on how we like, we all know, as long as we put forward his priority to meet our 16 Corps, but the commander of the old forces in Chen, that something that the average person can do to this time we in any case, be sure to complete the task, just Penghu only next Taiwan, Taiwan, comrades, are we going to miss this battle? because they do not live up to expectations?! that time whole army we are the laughing stock of the the stain will always be a lifetime in our body, life! "commander, you stop! I understand, I'll personally led to the elimination of Makung Harbor enemies,Men's Air Max Terra Ninety!" Army 24 Division Commander Zha Liang exclaimed, excited to go one step forward. "Well, I am waiting for your good news, a division cleared the enemies of Baisha Island, three divisions have also been in Penghu main island of the smooth progress to the time the fight was over, but I look at the results, do not say I did that time give you a chance! "Yes!" Zha Liang turned to leave. The bodyguard immediately to keep up to leave the headquarters. "Give me, a not on two, or not, they continue to give me on! Must enemies eradication! I no shit captives, they have so many of our comrades comrades sacrificed, we have to give their revenge! "24 Army 2nd Division 2nd Battalion series the company commander Qinchuan lying behind a moldering shouted. Relying on the steel and concrete, as well as three cross-fire, the enemy of his opposite abruptly blocked 2 'offensive pace. The army belt mortar impossible to blow up the the enemy reinforced concrete fortifications. Need to direct the grenade or satchel lost in, directly killing the enemy is so fortifications is impossible to destroy. However, Qinchuan near the fortifications still could not see the to sacrifice four soldiers again, fling his hat eyes emerge hatred spark, he snatched the satchel beside soldiers, he was silent on the agility out of the bunker. Bullet beside him through the ground, surrounded by moldering are bullets hit splashes slightest dust. All this did not allow the Qinchuan backward, he still rushed toward the enemy fortifications. This fortifications is a two-story steel and concrete pouring of permanent fortifications, not just exit port, machine guns and mortars on top there erected, and now have to put up in the first floor of the enemy firepower unplug can only rushed melee. The Qinchuan is to unplug the firing points at the first floor of the front. The Qinchuan a roll to avoid a bunch of bullets further close to the enemy's firepower. Qinchuan at the moment has no anger, he is very calm, he took a deep breath, he gave his inspiring: near, near, to such a point distance, more effort, gang bastard calf went Xianyan Wang ! certain line of Qinchuan, you must line Qinchuan finally to when Qinchuan was about to pull the lead when two enemy Ju Zhaoqiang suddenly rushed from the inside out, this situation is beyond Qinchuan The accident, in such a violent exchanges of fire fighting, the enemy who would rush out and have to say that the enemy the same fear of death. The two enemy purported killed Qinchuan But to see the Qinchuan hands explosives package, they also surprised a moment, or Qinchuan trace of fast response, he immediately pull the lead, the slightest spark in flash. The enemy opened fire, the Qinchuan this shelter, but his action has been commenced, satchel in his hand was about to sell out. "Pops!" Twice, Qinchuan body earthquake shock, chest soon cropped up blood the Qinchuan or satchel thrown toward the firing ports inside. Qinchuan heart pine, his look toward the front of the enemy, the enemy gun again rang, bullets hit again Qinchuan, this hit the ribs of Qinchuan huge pain he suddenly lost control of the body . The Qinchuan his comrades moment shot two enemies, as well as firing ports. This time they have been shooting crazy, they attempt to save the lives of his comrades, even though they already have a bad feeling about this. Unfortunately,Womens Timberland 8 Inch, the two enemies the same reaction quickly, plus Luckily, the bullet did not kiss them. After a brief hiding, they once again look to Qinchuan, this time, he discovered that the slightest sound of the explosive charge, the burning of lead is so harsh, so the terrorist. Qinchuan pray for this dynamite package can be thrown into the shooting mouth, unfortunately without success, not much time already increasingly short lead on the pack of dynamite, the Qinchuan too many ideas, he knew he was this time unsuccessful more comrades, then goes even sacrifice their own because it is dead, his own life has been doomed to confess here. The Qinchuan again struggling toward the firing ports following dynamite package. He understands the satchel charges in an external explosion is impossible to completely destroy the firepower, there must be absolutely sure that only thrown into it, satchel charges in an internal explosion. The outside two enemy crazy shooting bullets like playing in the sandbags on general bullets have hit Qinchuan. But Qinchuan just as swords and guns as good as the man of God, bullets marked overhauled to as itching itchy Qinchuan still doing all the satchel stuffed inside. Qinchuan this time was as if no effort, the body suddenly broke down, he trusts in the shooting mouth of the lower part of the cement wall, his eyes looked at his comrades his openings shouted: "Do not forget the holidays to me on stick of incense burning point of paper! "Qinchuan shouted these words when almost every twelve words, there will be blood ejected from the mouth, the Qinchuan not know their own comrades ability to hear or listen carefully, at least Qinchuan not read like, He is said and done are done. His eyes look to the sky, and this time he thought Qinchuan Touyi Wai breathing, the next second, shooting his mouth: "The more good weather, multi want to breathe new air under ah. a violent explosion, a blast from the shooting Koupen the there was flying out of cement blocks. Drops pattered tick!.... "The clarion ChongFengHao sounded the commando again out of their bunkers, the commando soldiers braved enemy bullets assault underlying firepower, assault team threatened situation is greatly reduced. After all, the second floor of the enemy only then points the gun! After all, only on the second floor, they have too much shooting blind spots. A hand-to-hand combat commenced building this building two-story reinforced concrete pouring. This time is the most luxurious quitting brave victory! "Is the biggest test of the two sides the soldiers fighting spirit, and forget the spirit of the dead, this time fighting technology really is not the most important! Commando rushed a total of 53 enemy building after the war, according to statistics, a total of 42, can our military to pay the cost of twice the enemy is so 42 enemy. Most 2 'can not accept that, after the end of the battle, rushed into the building commandos survived only seven can say this battle for 2 divisions to pay a big sum of tuition! In the the narrow geographical warring, not powerful artillery that is not easily break through, always do not underestimate the enemy.
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