Chen grew more and more angry

January 19 [Sat], 2013, 9:41
Is really a moment no peace, China is, too much energy is consumed internally, has maintained a united foreign, what then is how the scene? Also will be the case? This is the era of the President, Chen aquatint understand a little why future generations will be the case? Chen aquatint of emotion did not take long, he called the focus on the upcoming campaign. Chen aquatint predetermined attack time is set at 2:00 on the 10th. Chen aquatint habits at this time, because this is the day the most tired and fatigue period. Chen aquatint from scratch again, like a look at what they did not think, what their own neglect. The minutes past. Zhao, carrying a cup of bubble tea came in, he gently placed on the the Chen aquatint table, the light drinking tea in his hand, Zhao Wei, gently said: "The head of work for so long, the rest a while, the Koucha it. "Chen Fei Chentou did not look up to continue looking at the map, he said:" Zhao Wei, do you think if the enemy naval halfway attack, how to cope with it? "Zhao Wei surprised a moment but quickly got into the state, he considered After a while, he looked up and found that Chen aquatint eyes have been watching him a little nervous, his face reddish mood, he spoke and said: "If the enemy warship war, then we can only rely on pre-arranged Daredevil Column driving stuffed explosives wooden boat with the enemy die! Daredevil Column official cover of artillery fire and at the same time let the attack vessels shelling! "Chen aquatint little disappointed, he recovered eyes gaze Zhao, he ditan that said:" so be it! most do not want soldiers in vain on the dead in the sea, to be Siyeyaosi contention island battle, as only the value, but what better way to do. "Then the aquatint Chen crooning:" everything and see it Zhao Wei is very upset that he did not help the head of busy, do not give Directorate share those concerns, he did not know whether they are competent? His confidence at this time instant is completely destroyed. His head bowed sad stood motionless. Chen aquatint or over a period of time only to find Zhao strange, he soon understand Zhao Why, he smiled and said: "It does not matter, and you and you to this position, you will know, originally I ask you this question is more than your limit, you can answer so let me accident, Zhao Wei, you are very good! know? can have no confidence when? If you are the commander of a force, you must have confidence let his men are confident, even if it is to die on the battlefield but also full of confidence to fight to the last minute this is the commander's responsibilities, duty! understand this? "! mind, lifelong not forget Directorate teachings. "Zhao Wei slightly agitated replied. "Well, it is good,Mens Canada Goose Expedition Parkas, you go out and work." Chen said aquatint relieved. "Yes." Zhao turned to move out of the office,Men's Air Max 360 UK. Fujian Military Control Commission. Standing at the gate with heavily armed guards, guard battalion soldiers. Military Control Commission security forces the original Fujian Military Region guard battalion transferred plus a company spy camp from 16 Corps deployed a company composed. Spy camp is modern special forces, Chen aquatint carefully crafted special operations forces. Can not say what the gun will open, what the car will be driving, but basically as long as domestic and some they will use. Skill that more, not to mention all of them are the players! So the spy battalion's company is responsible for internal security, and the Military District guard company responsible for perimeter guards. Since the the Chen aquatint White Fujian, to say the least, that the purge of cadres, the detection of enemy agents intelligence network that are resolutely and relentlessly. Chen aquatint on many bandits bullies lack of time, energy, remediation Chen aquatint intention is to all other Taiwan after the liberation to say. Fujian mountainous areas of law and order is quite unsatisfactory, a lot of the Nationalist government defeated troops as well as the original bandit confluence disturb the villagers together, smashing, burning, looting, killing all of them do not pull, you can say grievances. Chen aquatint been anything, he did not want to because of this incident disrupted the liberation of Taiwan event. However, in 7th that night, a group of armed bandits brazenly Fujian Military Control Commission headquarters to launch attacks simply unthinkable, for the clear-minded people will not do that, but in fact just happened. The armed bandits how to sneak into the city, how can a gun openly attack the highest military authorities in Fujian, temporarily unknown. Guard company is responsible for the handle to the door to alert soldiers were caught flat-footed. The four guard soldiers were killed on the spot, bandits Aoao cried rushed into the door. Patrolling guards with soldiers inside office staff were very surprised, which gunfire just rang, the enemy had been rushed into the door came open space in front of the building. There is nothing to say, the next moment shots rang out! Grenade explosion voices. Chen aquatint moment of gunfire sounded, he thought which soldiers gun, but a few moments, aquatint understand, which is being attacked? Chen aquatint immediately pick up the phone and called the 16 Corps, as well as 11 Corps, ordered them to continue the original action. Chen aquatint got off the phone, Zhao Wei stormed up and said: "the head of a group of plainclothes robbers armed offensive attack to the front of the building now." Chan the aquatint calmly said: "panic what? Take the assault rifle to me! These are the little thief no big deal. "Dong Cheng soon go in, but soon went out again, he took the guards responsible for the first floor to participate in the battle. Chen aquatint get submachine gun, said nothing, directly to the third floor office window smashed open, toward the downstairs group of bandits fire with a submachine gun. The bullets are not money mercilessly strafed toward the culprits. Chen aquatint side shot edge ordered: "Tell spy camp comrades, they immediately gave me tapping out the sniper marksmanship good comrades to me! Several firing points to the collapse of the call notify the public security forces, immediately to the my side surrounded pincer attack from both inside and outside, a do not give me missed! Remember, Do not miss! dead or alive! "!" Te Wulian soldiers carrying rifles stood the commanding heights of the enemy kill the remaining soldiers launch assault on the enemy,Air Max Triax 91 Discount! The battle is not the slightest accident, group of bandits were wiped them out! The battle lasted for nearly half an hour. Chen aquatint black face in front the Guard Battalion Chen Faguo cursed, the the original Te Wulian company commander scolded almost cried out, of The meter eighty Han tears in his eyes. Chen aquatint cold face low shouted: "immediately gave me summarize the loopholes in the security work in the future, I do not want to see this! Enemy elite to also be able to forgive these people are people! Even the soldiers can not be said, simply I disgrace! Get out and learn from. "Yes! I immediately do!" Chen Faguo walked out of the office. Outside the office of the public security bureau of Fuzhou Xue Hao, political commissar of the argument. Watching Chen Faguo so look out of the office, the two of them the hearts of a tight, they all know something big bar. Chen aquatint, they are full of fear, The Gangster is what we all know, it seems this is obvious to go, how to on how it! Zhao moment came against the two of them said: "Xueju Zhang Han, political commissar, directorate called Go." They both looked at each other after a silent straightened his uniform after opened the door and went inside. The door closed quickly. Chen the aquatint looked in. two, nothing superfluous words, he said: "Give me find out in the end who is the mastermind? Check out, I went out a kill a kill a nest, a nest of evils truth you all know, out there where it immediately gave me to identify, give me immediately to fill the loopholes on the organization you trust if these things do not, then I'm really sorry, I'm sorry you to That body uniforms out! well, you get back to work! "Chen aquatint then let the two of them surprised is moved apart, they have done the sacking of mental preparation, but Chen aquatint actually did not do so, not only failed to do so, but also no punishment. Two of them are a little skeptical ears you got it wrong, immediate directorate Chen aquatint What? Yes, ah, not wrong. Aquatint Chen looked at the two of them that look so good, he snappily said: "how? Not satisfied with my punishment? Otherwise I changed?" "No, no!" The two of them at once awake, joking, finally the results of the two of them immediately salute hurried out of the office. On the way back, Xue Hao opposite argument. Said: "Anyway, I will only obey the command of Chen, he is a good man, a good leader." Oscillation serious and said: "Chen of the command, I would have never"Criteria for the first time in front of Xue Hao using foul language, claiming for the first time I. Thanks to the rapid end to the fighting, otherwise the impact is even worse, Fuzhou people still know the point, the Military Control Commission will soon publish the notice, and told the people held training, training troops to face is how to fight bandits attacked. People still believe that the government's explanation. Chen aquatint in office very helpless, this face can be considered lost, this message will soon let Yao Yuan, two leather Yongjian know, really is a disgrace, so the the small thief can immediate concern to the door of your home. What a shame ah! Aquatint Chen grew more and more angry, and he thought the raised his butcher's knife the regulation severely under local law and order, not only are the culprits must be rectified, the same must be rectified as officials! Do not think that a government official is doing so well, law and order are handled well, people's lives are not protected, then engage in what? Direct die!
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