Had any question to be possible to give me the message

January 05 [Thu], 2012, 17:49
This year I 21, the eye now the number of degree is left 500 right 525, sunglasses online my 6 years ago are my first second wife eyeglasses, left right eye 300 degrees. Brought about 2 years the obvious feeling to look at not clearly, at that time the eyeball belonged to the development period, I have not been serious, 3 years ago my that eye leg broke, my schoolmate for me eyeglasses, I at that time did not understand only knew that brought to look clearly led schoolmate this eyeglasses is left 400 right 450, with was apart from knows,sunglasses online australia then the belt to the present, had wanted to trade an attractive spot couple days ago the spectacle frames, then I examined the eyes Zha Tongju. Finally obtains the result is my left eye 500 right eye 525, the same distance is 66mm this family is our Xuzhou examines the eyes accurate, colleague optical shop, but my spectacle frames are buy in other shop, matches the lens in his here. The spectacle frames are the plate, now brings not to be uncomfortable, I go to Xuzhou town center these optical shops to inspect my this lens number of degree and the same distance, finally obtains result mostly the same except for minor differences almost. Because I inspect the number of times have been too many, I the lens center has the obvious scratch now, but this is unimportant. I now the eyeglasses belt is the eye is a little stuffy. oakley sunglasses Is and the plate spectacle frames has the relations, my first two spectacle frames are the metal. This shop's technology is our best price is also most expensive. What they use is the overseas import loom 2800 examinations. Ask that I now uncomfortable am and the plate spectacle frames have the relations, I discovered that left side of right side me the lens have not looked like lens such to mount, the edge a little protrudes, they said that has not related the number of degree with to be apart from is just right. I want to ask that I the eye a little is now stuffy, what the brain is misty is normal? My eye is sensitive,oakley australia the lens membrane cracked I to be able to induce ~~ to hope that everybody helped me to look is the normal present, had any question to be possible to give me the message
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