today since the seat met

December 30 [Sun], 2012, 17:18
2140th chapters battles Section X Devil Battle brake in coaster over twenty feet high void, fluctuations with three shadows silent again flashed out. The latest chapter of the church. Impressively is the Han and the others. The moment before the original coaster suddenly attacked Han or reaction came immediately cast Teleport supernatural powers, all three diversion coaster outside. At the moment Han standing in the high altitude to look dignified looked to the bottom of the lake. Below the enemy can escape hidden from his, and crab Taoist two eyes and ears, visible supernatural powers large. It seems that this time, is the Mozu real strong here to seek them out. On the when Han Lisi amount, green hand "bang", directly into water droplets collapse off, and bits and pieces of the re-floating down the back of the lake. At the same time, the bottom of the lake in violent roll hall of a hundred feet high, actually sailed liter from the water out. This temple glittering, glowing blue light, actually like lake directly condensed general. At the hall door, a woman wearing a green armor stood its skin slightly black, brow, hidden an Yingting gas circulated out, eyes looking at the sky Han icy. This the Mozu woman who breath unfathomable, giving the feeling of a dare not look directly at the terrorist, was actually a Mahayana exist. Han Seeing a woman some familiar faces, look can not help but a change not help that the sentence: "Is that you, that you should really come to body spirit world!" Green A woman a Han asked Tankou slightly to one, exposing a white jade-like teeth coldly "the seat did not expect so soon to see you again the twelve of you and then the wrath of the seat, I first came across the body, nature must not put over the truth out without a fight, then, see you TIPS copies, I perhaps can free you in one death. if true and the seat hands, then, you must escape the wits of the fate of the yuan brake, you really think that by virtue of body, you can leave me. Templar latest chapter of this time, I have seen the aristocratic patriarchs is not twelve, also see they really can do nothing How do I? "Han pondered a moment, The yawned said. Green A Witch is the Han who quite grievances brake patriarchs, but still body pro to! Han Seeing magic body first, been previously with First incarnation kill a good long time, therefore, therefore a recognized, can not help but secretly whiny. Big into his own repair and the next crab Taoist sake, it touches not panic just mind fast rotation, secretly pondered countermeasures. Brake one of the words of Han, the brow of a pick, his face flashed a trace of evil meaning, but the mouth is still the slightest feelings have not said, "Have you seen the other patriarchs? Say the other day from the break out of the channel, really you. surprisingly mean, I really was curious District a fit on the monk, spared their lives from the hands of the other patriarchs? such a short period of time you can practice to fit fit the mid-late Mens Timberland Euro Dub, the idea is to be regarded Wan of a rare Wizards of the practice. Unfortunately, today since the seat met, even if your practice come to an end. "Carter, Yuan Han say the body then it does not brake, a hand suddenly lift Han Chong trio void a grasp away. "Bang bang! The bottom of the lake, waterfall-like sky, and suddenly a condensate on the way, once again, turned into an aquamarine giant hand. This hand but compared to previously far more than ten times that big, the fingers one point, saying that the sky is click obscured more than half a flip, straight to Han three pressure down. "Water attribute supernatural powers!" Han eyes squint murmured a mouth eleven sprayed, a group of silver fireball lasing and fast one-handed pinch tactic. "Pop" is heard, the silver the fireballs were rolling a turn, turned into a Chixu large silver Firebird. Han the other hand, this time, the red Firebird with a finger slightly a little away. Firebird Young first cry Qing Ming Women's Canada Goose Hybridge Lite Jackets, body shot up at an incredible speed, the blink of an eye in order to hills like huge wings Yang, heading for the giant hand. (".") Sound earth-shattering loud! After flashing a huge Firebird direct hit at the center of a giant hand, both at the same burst open. Fire and water intertwined in altitude, a root thickness of tank fire and water column, and soared into the sky and went straight into white mist scattered open. For a time, the air by a vast expanse of water vapor. Seeing the situation hall green A woman, revealing a hint of contempt smile, no what its action, just Yingkou Qingtu "poly" word. Suddenly, altitude fluctuations with emerging out of the crowded little blue light out of thin air, slightly shocked, it rained not into water vapor. "Bang"! The vapor billowing a poly, turned into a more than a thousand feet high white peaks, little flash, countless blue runes from drift out and down the side of a drop away. Peaks floating, seemingly the slightest weight did not like! But under Fang Hanli one saw this scene, his face suddenly changed, mouth heard Di, turned into a big release in golden Golden Great Apes and whirring fists red peaks Swipes out. Golden boxing shadow fleeting, turned into two shares of hurricane Ben altitude on a roll away. Loud "rumbling" blue runes winds volume waves flowing, as if at any time a casual open, but the white mountain body still to fall to actually unaffected winds. Han of the great apes Seeing this, the mind is surprised, the huge hands suddenly hit a contraction, while a flip. Flashes, Qinghei two small hills emerge out of thin air in my hand out. Then the Gigantopithecus two arm suddenly windmills like mad round the sky, mouth roar fingers at the same time a loose, the two pole Hill issue fulmination tone cast out to the altitude of a I saw two groups of black-green ball of light is just a flash on the bottom of the white peaks falling severely hit. Silent broke out the first glaring extremely light, then earth shattering sound was what resounded through the sky, the same time a wave seems to be able to destroy the world of the terrible fluctuations, whirling into the sky in all directions, and look at the whole sky whom Om Ming blur together. Gigantopithecus witnessed this scene, apart from anything else the body surface Jinxia flash roll into the room, it will be next to Zhu Guo children, at the same time is a big step to a move, what popped into a nearby vanity invisible. Next to the crab Taoist deadpan body a blur, people overtaken by the breath of fresh air in place disappeared. The next moment, the destruction of the fluctuations from both standing at roll past, so near the void are slightly distorted. $ Brake, the other side, seeing terrible fluctuations whirling hit just Daimei slightly wrinkled, his mouth a few unknown spell the sound, suddenly located hall emit a soft blue light. Fluctuations in a contact with Blu-ray, silent and had a point to either side, actually on the Basilica of the slightest impact on no. The glaring light finally a convergence spread, reveal high-altitude situations. I saw in the sky, out there to three peaks, one large and two small, triangle shape stack fall with the recount of the stalemate in the air is not a small forward. Blue shiny white peaks, countless runes around the its circled uncertain. Black mountain ash the Xia bursts, waves to the high-altitude whirling like endless. Cyan peaks invisible Jian Qi ten thousand, Chi Chi sound throughout the near void throughout. At the moment, the great apes and crab Taoist stature only at hundreds Zhangwai another place, volatility is now re-appeared out. Meta brake heads chill flash, a Yu Zhi and suddenly rushed altitude distant point, and at the same time a "seal" the word export. The "bared Voice big play! Blue circling Rune white peaks surface, simultaneously burst open, a surge seem to be able to freeze Toru heaven and earth Qi Han suddenly fell from the sky. Qinghei the two pole Mountain cry whine while blue flash, each by a group of pale blue ice sealed in them. Han of the great apes witnessed this scene, suck down a cold lump Men's Borden Bomber, without thinking, one-handed Young, Silver Spirit flame suddenly torrents from fingers emerge arm after a move, it is necessary to the distant pole Mountain at a throw out. But then, all of a sudden four weeks vanity light blue flashes, emerged eight faint crystal silhouette face and meta brake general goes, yet the whole body crystal clear, as if the ice is generally, and suddenly to Han and crabs Taoist from a flutter. As for the next Zhu Guo children, apparently because the repair is too low sake, did not as a goal. Han, a cold heart, without thinking, the great apes palm Silver Flame is just a flash, you look into the two silver fire cable, to which two shadow set away. Both sides of the golden Lvmang each flash, superhuman powers of the Vatican Holy gilded emerald Spirit footer respective strangely emerge out of a move unceremoniously toward the two crystal silhouette. As for over the four shadows toward the crab Taoist, crab Taoist suddenly just a mouth, the four golden lasing, and flash that ripped through the crystal silhouette body disappearing over. Two crystal silhouette stature meal, the body entangled two fire Sok look for a few laps, truculent flame under a red sky, on the instant the two submerged into them. Grams of water and fire, the silhouette of an instant to nothing. As to both sides two shadows the gilded and spiritual footer stopped, turned unarmed and both whirring fighting together, raised their hands to lift the foot between the bursts of cold air billowing the momentum turned rather not weak, the strength of no less than The ordinary Mozun. Toward of four crab Taoist figure, I do not know ripped them body over golden What I do not know the mystery in which, in the golden light of the moment is over, the four actually a condensate fixed in place. The crab Taoist arm lift, floating in the void of a palm Continuous looked. Four crystal silhouette immediately "pop" the fragmentation and open. Seeing Han overjoyed, suddenly two fingers to both sides of each void of a program of great apes. Zhang Xu Long Green Jianqi a roll, it will be after being and gilded spiritual footer battle silhouette instantly Jiaocheng the crushing. Hall meta brake Seeing in the distance, not only did not anger, but Alice's mouth slightly chuckled, his hands to his chest to a release, pinch tactics sky.
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