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July 20 [Fri], 2012, 16:13
March 20 news, China Unicom, the Mulberry On Sale

Mulberry Handbag relevant departments announced the launch Mulberry Alexa of this year,

Mulberry Holdalls the first large-scale stored internet access gift card promotions initiatives,

a total of three kinds of deposit fee to send card "activities stored 1200 yuan Internet access fees,

will be presented 7.2M Unicom's 3G network card one. In addition, the stored 1300 yuan donated 21M Unicom's network card. p>

At present, China Unicom's 3G network card three categories, a China Unicom in most cities of the country's 7.2M card,

the highest rate downlink 7.2Mbps; The Mulberry Handbag Mulberry Holdalls second is China Unicom launched on May 17 last year the 21M rate 3G card,

downlink peak rates up to 21.6Mbps uplink peak data rates of up to 5.76Mbps,

21M rate this on a 3G network card can be used in 56 cities across the country; there is a 3G wireless modem card, the 3G signal converted to Mulberry Satchel Bags the WiFi.

The stored card on Internet access fees donated "preferential initiatives also involved in the above three types of users.

Specifically, if the user stored 1200 yuan Internet access fees, will be Mulberry Shops presented 7.2M Unicom Mulberry Men Bags on 3G network card an optional Mulberry Tote Bags model for Huawei E261/E303 or ZTE MF190;

if the user is stored 1300 yuan Internet access fees will be donated 21M Unicom 3G Mulberry Satchel Bags speed on the card an optional model for the Huawei E353 or ZTE MF668A. If the user is stored 1200 yuan Internet access fees,

plus 300 yuan can be presented to 3G wireless modem network card an optional model for Shanghai Bell WR540 or ZTE MF30.

The data show that in January 2012, China Unicom's 3G subscribers increased 3.05 million, including 200,000 3G wireless Mulberry Messenger Bags network card users.

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