supra skyop iii grey pink shoe

July 02 [Mon], 2012, 17:05
Here's the second part for all of you, there's just so much to say and see I didn't want to overwhelm you!
supra skyop iii grey pink shoe

Since the D1 Drift Series has gone international, there been one car that no one understands, or really knows what it is, it is indeed a very confused car, but nonetheless impressive and a bit special. This is the Bee-R R324, as I'm sure you can see by the name, it is a Nissan Skyline with a R34 Front end and R32 Rear, quite a mismatch, but it seems to work pretty well, it doesn't look odd or out of place either. When you look at it you know it's not right and is quite weird, but you just roll with it. The one that was at Japfest wasn't the actual Bee-R R324 in the D1 Drift series, it was just another Skyline Converted and it looked like it had more or less the same spec. I think the one in the D1 really is a very special car since the chassis it's built on is still standard and largely unchanged in over 10 years of life it has had so far. It just keeps on going and going, despite the rigorous, relentless stress that drifting puts on the car, and the numerous crashes it's had, it's been through it all. The actual D1 B324 puts out around 400bhp and has an anti-lag system; I think the only one with an anti-lag system in the D1 series, so you can defiantly hear it above everything else. What a great car and great to see it at Japfest.

A car that highly intrigued me but I couldn't seem to find was the JDM Garage 200sx Pickup Drift Car, this is an incredibly rare car and an easy candidate for one of the most radical 200SX's in the world. This S13 Pickup is something else, if you saw it you wouldn't even know it was once a humble 200sx S13. It has a new Celica Front end to it and a wide body kit, and it's a metallic pink of all colours. I'm pretty sure unless there's badges on the back that you would not know this was once a 200sx. I still have yet to see it. And im struggling even harder to find pictures of it.

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Another car I failed to find but desperately wanted to see was a 3.4l wide body Toyota Supra. It had a one off wide body conversion, the only one in the UK, and well over 900bhp from a twin turbo 3.4l engine. The engine in this car must be incredible if it's based on the 2JZ unit in the other Mark Iv Supras. I'm not to sure here so let me know otherwise, I think the highest Litre-age of the 2JZ unit is 2.8l or 3.0ls, so to bore it out to 3.4l, is an incredible feat of engineering, This is definitely a car to watch out for.

Redline's old school Drift machine was here to, the JZX81 Toyota Chaser, it looked great, a few rough edges and scrapes but it was good to see a drift car looking comparatively-well not damaged. A very strange aspect of this car is the engine, it's a tuned RB26DETT ripped out of a GTR and then tuned some. I didn't find the owner but looking at it I guess it's an easy 350+bhp engine, I wouldn't be surprised if it was in excess of 400 bhp to quite a degree. It looked like a very classy and purposeful machine. I fail to see any obvious advantages you get with the RB26 engine in there, since I'm pretty sure the Chaser comes with Toyota's 1JZ-GTE engines which is essentially the equivalent engine to Nissan's RB series. It would of made more sense to go to a 2JZ from a Mk IV Supra, but it's all good and sounds and looks amazing.

Redline were also showing off their R33 GTR Skyline, easily one of the most powerful Skylines there, with way over 600bhp I would of loved to of seen this out on track, no such luck unfortunately, it was all very well kitted out roll cage, the lot. It had a very clean and quality look to it with a nice vinyl job to, what impressed me most about this car was how well the bodykit was fitted, usually theres slightly larger than normal gaps between the body panels with bodykits, but this was like a factory, straight off the production line clean job.

Where would a Japanese performance car day be without a Ron Kiddell Tuning Skyline somewhere, famous for his crazy 1000bhp Skylines he keeps churning out, he is the undisputed Skyline Specialist and this shows very clearly in his work. His RK tuning R32 GT-R Race Car really stood out amongst the Show cars and drift cars about the place. This particular one on show at Japfest has been a front runner in the Dunlop Saloon Car Race Series for a while now, even thought it's technically not a saloon as it's only got 2 doors. I strongly suspect it will stay up the front for the foreseeable future to. This car seems to be dominant in every race series it steps in to. I'm pretty sure this is going to be the one that is entered into the time attack as well.

To my great Surprise was a couple of BTCC cars, the orange Halford's supra skyop iii black red shoe
ivic type-R and Integra Type R, both there proudly presenting the top level of Japanese performance cars in motor sport for the UK, The thing that gets you most is how utterly disgusting that orange is, but underneath it and all around it is a incredibly focused racing machine. Until your up close with these cars you don't realise how loud they are either. It would have been great to see it out on the Castlecombe Race track since, I remember vividly watching the BTCC at Castlecombe all the time on TV. It's the touring car track, it defines touring cars, it's such a shame it doesn't happen no more, I'm sure there will be a time when the British Touring Car Championship returns to Castlecombe.
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