Robinho is two thousand ten-two thousand elevenths season with the highest single-season goal

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 9:53
The past, Robinho was a fixed focus Porto Alegre tactical systems, and formation of Iraq have handed a double arrow, may now have different, aiershalawei the recent explosion, 4 games into the 5 ball, supra owen for sale
place has been sit and boyang also won the heart of Porto Alegre, and Gianpaolo Pazzini, Robinho's position is slightly awkward. Porto Alegre nearly 3 has always been the 4,312 repertoire, and the battle of Cagliari, strike partner is Gianpaolo Pazzini and aiershalawei, and the battle of Parma, is a combination of boyang and aiershalawei, while in the battle of the Champions League with Ze Nite, Porto Alegre, continued the boyang + Chaaraoui combinations.

However, overall, Robinho return of the comeback game replacement play, also won approval of the Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre believes that he is able to bring creative people for the team. This season, the Serie a AC Milan in a battle of the first show of Sampu, Robinho to play 59 minutes back of thigh tendon injury, this injury absence for nearly a month, until the battle of Cagliari and usher in a comeback playing for 25 minutes. Ze Nite and zhouzhongmilan battle for the Champions League, Robinho on the bench, in the end, substitute debut shooter is Gianpaolo Pazzini, Robinho has not been on stage opportunities. But think of the Milan sports daily,

Maybe in the battle of Porto Alegre, in the Derby, opportunity for Robinho to make a difference, aiershalawei, after all the recent hot, inter will focus on marking them, while the boyang, Gianpaolo Pazzini is not inter defender of fear type, but the technology of speed of Robinho, might be able to make some trouble. After landing in Europe, Robinho is two thousand ten-two thousand elevenths season with the highest single-season goal, scored 14 goals (the same season Manchester City supra vaider shoes for sale

data with two thousand eight-two thousand nineths), into the number of balls and similar to Alexandre Pato and Hedi dhouib, but during the ensuing two thousand eleven-two thousand twelveths season, of Robinho play 28 League matches, scored only 6 goals, efficiency declines many,
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