June 13 [Mon], 2005, 15:02
Every year, Australian scientists travel around Antarctic Ocean for two weeks. Two weeks journey is quite boring that they don’t have much things to do. But this is the time for them to make relationships with people they will live together soon. During the journey, they encounter the beautiful sigh of Antarctic ocean nature- clear sky, unknown sky, ice, birds and so on. GILBERT BARTON says that this experience is an very awesome experience that we should never miss. This ship is Australia’s traditional icebreaker. After a long journey, the parties are nearly over and they finally arrived at Davis Station. Gardeners land which is not far from the Aurora that is an Adelie penguin colony. These experiences tell you why they go to Antarctic ocean, leaving their families and friends.

note taking 

June 06 [Mon], 2005, 14:25
オリジナルの言葉一言ひとことに注目しすぎてしまうと情報が多すぎて話をまとめるのが難しくなってしまう。すべての情報を書き留めるよりもmain pointsにだけ注目して重要な点だけを書き留めることができればよい。


June 06 [Mon], 2005, 11:33
French President Jacques Chirac will speak to his nation Tuesday night. He is expected to say what steps he will take after French voters rejected the proposed constitution for the European Union. The vote was held Sunday. Mr. Chirac met with Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin and other political officials Monday. The French leader was expected to ask one of them to form a new government. French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin is likely to resign over the vote.



May 23 [Mon], 2005, 14:45
今夜/話したいと思います/ 急増するコンピュータウイルス問題にについて/さらに/紹介したいとおもいます/どのように避けることができるのか/犠牲者になることから/現代の技術


May 23 [Mon], 2005, 12:28
□pull... together: …をまとめ上げる
□only to...: (その結果)ただ…するだけだった、結局…だった
□garble: (事実や情報を)曲げる、誤り伝える、混同する[こと/されたもの]、(データ通信で)データが誤受送信されること(ここでは random garbleで「むちゃくちゃになった(破壊された)データのこと)
□plague: 疫病、災い
□some tips on...: …についての秘訣、助言、ヒント
□bacterial virus: 細菌ウイルス
□evolve by itself: 自ら成長・進化する
□introduce a virus into...: ウイルスを…に侵入させる
□neither is admirable: どちらもほめられたものではない
□result in little damage: ほとんど被害を与えない
□unintentional: 意図的でない
□malicious: 悪意に満ちた
□minimal: 最小限の
□reluctant: いやいやの、ちゅうちょして、気乗りのしない
□mainframe computer: 大型コンピュータ
□herald: 先駆けとなる
□dawn: 夜明け
□known to society at large: 世間一般に知られる
□reach epic proportions: 大きな問題となる(epic はここでは「大きく取り上げるに値するような」というニュアンス。proportionsは「大きさ・規模」を表す(a problem of great proportions で「重大な問題」)

頭ごなし 英→日 

May 16 [Mon], 2005, 12:04
1) GMとトヨタは/共同提携を結びつつあると報道されている/アメリカで一年間に20万台以上の中型車を生産することを



May 16 [Mon], 2005, 11:20
(1) GM and Toyota / are reportedly close to [signing] a joint venture accord / [to produce] more than 200,000 sub-compact cars a year in the U.S. /
(2) In the meantime, / U.S. embassies in the Middle East / [were reported] to have been placed on full alert / [in expectation of] some kind of terrorist attack. /

(3) On the Tokyo Foreign Exchange Market, / the U.S. currency [opened] at\105.50 / and followed a steady uptrend to \106.40 / before [ending] the morning session. /

(4) Imports [fell] by 30.6 percent from 1990, / mainly [owing] to the rapid and substantial appreciation on the yen. /

(5) AIDS is a disease / in which a virus [attacks] the body's immune system, leaving the victim [susceptible to] a wide variety of infections and cancers. /

(6) During the Watergate investigation, / Nixon defenders insisted that, / while much impropriety could be observed, / no proof of presidential obstruction of justice / -- "no smoking gun" -- / had been found. /

(7) [Although] the current tariff reduction plan / excluded many other items considered vital to the U.S. / -- such as citrus and beef product -- / [sources close to] the U.S. Trade Representatives said / that Washington was quite happy with this move towards trade liberalization. /

(8) A Korean Air jet / with 115 people abroad / on a flight from the Middle East / [was missing] somewhere near Burma, / and may [have crashed] into the sea or thick jungle. / Officials said / the missing plane was over the Andaman Sea / when contact was lost. / Experts say / that recovery of the flight recorder, / which could explain the disaster, / will probably be difficult / because the aircraft crashed in waters 3,600 meters deep.


May 09 [Mon], 2005, 14:44
paid price for it

tactical voting

swelled head

a solidality figure

set aside
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