Thought of religion 

October 19 [Mon], 2009, 13:37's been awhile like 4 years of using this blog website.. I almost abandon this blog.... After watching drama Autumn's Concerto..I find this video footage on Jeason Ma's website...

Love... Do you know what is Love? Love is about selfless not selfish.. love is about sacrifice.. Love is not like what you see in the is self-seeking. I really like this song... but i don't know about Jesus ..although i am not christian but i think this song makes me think what is love.

Many people think that their life is full of emptiness.. they still finding a way to fulfill that emptiness. People feel lonely, depress, unaccomplished, jealous about their life. We still trying to hold on to something, we still trying to accomplish something in our life...what is it we are trying to achieve ? Earning money? working hard ? Giving birth to breed the next generation?

I still don't know the answer...yes, those pastors try to spread the word of how Lord is helping us. To be faithful, and giving love to others. I have a friend who is faithful christian, she always tries to baptized me to become christian thinking that this will change my life. However, what I see is she is been used by those christian church people. Yes, she is happy for helping them. Yes, she is giving her life to church. For those who are crazily into church, there must have a reason for they to believe. Everyone have stories behind themselves. I find that human are WEAK. They have to connected to each other. Everyone have to be connected! People can't live with loneliness. They are afraid of being lonely!

I know i am not! Yes i feel lonely, but I can still do some other things to fulfill my life. Yes i stop hanging out or drinking with my friends. But that only leading my life away from the society.

People follows trends, news, magazine, and so call the rules of society, isn't the rule are made from human, we still try to breaking the rules. If love is a sin... then why believing in GOD?? Bible is not an educational book of "LIFE" It taught us to think more.. but doesn't have to follow the same rules. I believe 人性本惡... human are meant to be evil. It's human nature.

Character III 

July 16 [Sun], 2006, 19:14
sleepy man..
I went to kayaking with Gina, Yuhan today...
i was in a bad mood all of the sudden due to my contridict emtion..
questioning that.. should i really be playing right now? i should be in postion of work hard.. not playing..
so that's why i kept refused of not playing the kyayak!
we talked about life and our attitude towards future..
However, three of us changed slightly in a way..
Gina changed into a person of "even crazier and sad when it comes to fliming.and hw... G always thinks quite a lot..but she feels much doubt of real world.." we are all constantly evolved what we are today..after we got into our major.. three of us changed..
we become too focus on our hw and work our ass off.. Then.. what we get is a bad mark..(only me.. haha) i changed too..
i used to be an optimistic girl..and nonstop talking.. and playful careless about my artwork...
but after getting into animation ever since.. i became less optimistic..even i showed my smile but i was not laughing at all..just pretending to be SMILELING out loud! I drew a lot.. but as the result of my animation is a faliure.. i was quite depressed about my animating work..doubting am i really talented in animation? is this the road i want to contiune to work on ?
there is no easy way..i felt really tired about working in animation! As a result.. i am not satisfy with my work..
the movment is not smooth..the modeling sux..
my drawing sucks.. in terms of everything.. is this what i really want? i keept quesiton myself..what is it i want?


contiune from last part! 

July 16 [Sun], 2006, 19:00
i become less clear of what i want!! but my love and interest about animation is like the water keep coming out from the pipe!
i cannot stop talking or watching or critqiuing animation work.. even when i was watching XXX 2 and Anastsia,i didn't even focus on the story..i was focusing on the process of making the flim and I turned on the visual effect commentary to listen what they were saying of using green screen, 1000s of photographs to match the cell in prison (prsion is the location where they shoot the scene!!) .. and how they composting it. I obeserved carefully of the 3d modeling and character frame by Disney's Anastasia.. i was like.. i can tell this one is done in 3d..but with headache of kept wondering how the process of making animated flim!
how do they put all the stuff together in such perfect way?!
it only gives me lack of courage and confident ...
this year i think quite a lot comparing last year...
i thought i won't change within 10 years..but i evolved into a girl with full of anxiety, question and even think more..

Character II 

July 16 [Sun], 2006, 18:53

try to find my insitution on pencil again!
feel like my hand is not my hand..
haven't draw for about a year or less? i mean drawing everyday for more than 8 hours..
time to go back to Figure drawing

"P.S. If you’ve just come out of University or you never intend to go or if you’ve never worked for anyone and have no work experience we couldn’t give a shit. Your work will speak for itself and so will your skills send it all in and we will take a good look at it."

omg.. this is so true!!
If you are talented the work will speak for you!
However, most of ppl who just got out of university and are talented.. We don't quite have much work experiences.. it's always about experience..
but.. where can we get experince man.. if the company only seeking for experinece pepole! even the volunteer job is also seeking for experience people!

character I 

July 16 [Sun], 2006, 18:38

Drew it on my way to Yuhan's house few days ago..
not yet colouring in on photoshop..gonna do that later..
these days gonna keep drawing NON-STOP!
back to my own drawing style.. hahhaa..guess im not really into shojo manga style..just some doodleing i did..>""<

sigh.. >""< life is tough! but i live through it...
Art Centre offering Animation??? omg.. defintly gonna check it's hard to get accpected and graduate! im gonna try to apply! Transfering transfering!


July 15 [Sat], 2006, 15:25
T-shirt that conveys my emtion right now..
sigh..headahe.. she replys agian.. saying about appealing the the commitee!.. anyhow.. im gonna do that anyway..


當你擁有這些東西時, 變的像是理所當然!可是當失去的時候才知道珍惜!
現在努力也許太晚 但是我現在開始還是要繼續努力下去! 雖然不是讀書的料

drawing drawing..!! non-stop! 

July 15 [Sat], 2006, 5:03
from now on.. keep drawing.. non-stop!!
i will ganbade!!! never give up! akiramenai!


July 14 [Fri], 2006, 17:51
Life is not easy....
got my mark back from ENG101..i can't believe that i fail that stupid class..i never fail any courses in my life.. didn't take english class for two years.. should have took it long i won't be failng..
basically she's a cold blooded woman.. i write the letter to her.. she reply me that.. the mark is already been submited. once the mark is submited i can't change the marks! full of BS.. bullshit bullshit..bullshit.. my other instructor changes the mark all the time..
sigh..............pretty down right now...
tomorrow going to futureshop to buy recorder to record the lecture.. i can't even understand what is she talking about..
study hard ne... claire.. i can do it..

MY summer GOAL right now.. character modeling and graphic work for my portfolio.. need at least 100s of character design..
gotta improve my 3d+ drawing skills man!!!!!!!!!

more stuff.. 

July 09 [Sun], 2006, 10:44
here we go.. "The sandal Poster" hahhaa..
not quite done..

i put the word of summer and blast on the right hand corner side..
somehow.. two words doesn't fit well..
took me quite a while to put together ...
not really satasify with the girl.. i suck at colouring..

blah blah blah..

logo for my sis.. 

July 08 [Sat], 2006, 10:38

too fancy.. i don't like doing LOGO..
way too fancy..
i like simple and clean kinda logo..



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