who is the church again? i'm confused

October 25 [Thu], 2007, 7:41
i think perhaps my desire to be in a place where the church is clear does not necessarily have the solution of being in another country. it's easy to just slap that solution onto my question. what is bothering me is how people in the US assume they are part of the church...but not even that, it's more. it bothers me more that the church is not *doing* anything...i don't know how to explain it. people go to church and bible studies and are comfortable with their lives. it shouldn't be like that. and i notice it because i am like that as well. and it's exactly what i don't want to be like. and the automatic solution for me is to go somewhere else where if you're a christian or a part of the church, it's very clear. like japan. in the US you can go to church but people can still wonder if you really mean it or not. of course this is true anywhere, but it seems like it's especially true in the US. like i said in a previous post, i don't want to think the solution is to just move to another place where i look more christian because that's just moving myself and not fixing myself. the second most obvious solution is for me to start teaching because that puts me in a position to actually be able to interact with people. but the problem for me personally really is twofold--a desire to interact with people who don't know Jesus, and a desire to live somewhere where it's often much more clear who knows Jesus and who doesn't. i have yet to figure out how one should "evangelize" in the US. these vague ideas of living in a way that others will notice you, etc. don't seem like enough for me. i want to put myself in a position where i am uncomfortable, where i can interact with people who don't know Jesus. but i don't know how to do that right now. i don't know if i basically just need to wait...or if there is something i can do now and i just haven't figured out what it is yet.
i feel like this post is a repeat of previous posts.
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