7-2. Linley's New Project
2007.08.25 [Sat] 23:30

Linley recorded in the new project in January this year.

The official site is now set up ! Check Out !

Here you can see the video of SAMABE.

The name of the band : SAMABE
The title of the album: TOC

Band Members: Eric Bensoussan (g), Linley Marthe (b), Chander Sardjoe (ds)

copyright: Phillipe Devittorio

Guest Musicians: Marcel Aube Alias 'Mars' (Chinis Violon), Marjolaine Reymond (Vocal)

Type of Music: Contemporary Rock, Contemporary Jazz Fusion.

SA (= SArdjoe) + MA (= MArthe) + BE (= BEnsoussan) = SAMABE

Rencounter of 3 persons, all in freedom.
Music is always experience of moment.
They just play like how they feel.

copyright: Phillipe Devittorio

Now CD is ready finally.
It is very interesting work as we expected.

For the details or reservations, please contact to the following e-mail address:
samabe @ free.fr

Thank you !

7-3. Hero in Mauritius !
2007.08.25 [Sat] 22:00

Linley was featured in the magazine & media in Mauritius !

Le Mauricien (article in French)

After US tour, he returned to Mauritius. He performed at the concert there.