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2. Profile
2012.11.06 [Tue] 00:00

Linley Marthe

Artist, Bass Player
(Also plays Piano, Guitar, Fluegelhorn, Flute, Drums; Vocal)

Birth date: Aug. 31st, 1972
Birth Place: Mauritius
Current Residence: Paris, France

[Project, Group]

- Zawinul Syndicate
- Bzzz Puk
(with Tb:Geoffroy De Masure, Ds:Stefan Galland, Chander Sardjoe)
- Duo with Francis Lassus (Ds)
- Trio Nguyen Le
- African Project
- Kadero


- Mark King (Level42)
- Sting
- Anthony Jackson
- Alphonso Johnson
- Carles Benavent

3. Biography
2012.11.05 [Mon] 00:00

Linley Marthe

In Mauritius, he mastered Bass, Contrabass & Piano by himself. He succeeded
in Ernest Wiehe Orchestra. He also composed, arranged and produced music
for a lot of artists. He met Francois Jeanneau and moved to Paris.

In Paris, Linley studied Jazz theory and technique at Higher Music National
Conservatoire. He collaborated with a variety of artists.

Now he is a first call bass player in France. Since 2003, he has been playing in
Zawinul Syndicate and also performs in the various projects based in Europe.

1986 (age 14) Started professional career in Mauritius.

1993 (age 21) Moved to Paris and started wide variety of activities.

2003 (age 31) Joined Zawinul Syndicate.

[Artists Who Collaborated With]

- Cheb Mami
- Mino Cinelu
- Francois Jeanneau
- Dave Liebman
- Nguyen Le
- Andy Emler
- Trilok Gurtu
- Michel Portal
- Didier Lockwood
- Richard Galliano
- Nelson Veras

Linley @ Markbass

4. Instrument & Equipment
2009.08.25 [Tue] 00:00

- Bass: Fender Jazz Bass

- Amp: Mark Bass T501 & Little Mark

- Cabinet: Markbass 4 x 10 inches

- Effectors: Morley Wow-Volume Pedal, Boss Octaver, Boss Chorus

- Endorsement: Amplifier = Markbass


5-0. iTunes Direct
2009.08.15 [Sat] 12:30

Linley's Work @ iTunes Store

The followings are the direct link to each album at Apple iTunes Store (USA).
Now you can preview & download them directly via internet.
(Note: You need to have iTunes software in the PC/MAC).

Vienna Nights (Zawinul Syndicate)

Dounia (Mokhtar Samba)

Kanakassi (Soriba Kouyate)

Bamana (Soriba Kouyate)

Bendera (So Kalmery)

Africanism III (Africanism Allstars)

African Project (Sellam & Renne)

Ifrikya (Karim Ziad)

Perdu (Kadero)

Antigua (Tom & Joy)

Musiques de cinemas (Michel Portal) (Linley plays #3:Yeelen)

Heavy Loud Funk Menuet (Christophe Rime)

Download iTunes


5-1. Discography
2009.08.15 [Sat] 12:00


5-2. Discography
2009.08.15 [Sat] 11:30


5-3. Discography
2009.08.15 [Sat] 11:00


5-4. Discography
2009.08.15 [Sat] 10:00

List of Linley's Work (part.4)

En attendant Julia (Olivier Louvel, 2003)

Sortileges (Philippe Sellam et Gilles Renne, 2006)
(Linley plays bass song #1,2,5,6,11) Link#1Link#2

Heavy Loud Funk Menuet (Christophe Rime, 2003)
(Linley plays in #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10)

Gandhi Road (Talam, 2004)