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January 15 [Sun], 2012, 11:02
n recent years, due to work reasons, occasionally accompany the boss to Kara OK men, karaoke OK naturally girl. I do not face up to their facnorth face online e north face online shop hanging on have a holier-than-thou manner, contempt, secular way, just like avoiding mouldy cushion hide. A few years later. She sits next to me. Chat about their work, discuss our work. To accompany the boss is our job, stay with us is their work. Everyone's a little bit of frustration. Her age is older than me, she told me her story. She does not miss taboo call themselves, she told me she faded in the past, and never in the future, she said, 2012lai is also very good. I want to give her camera, although it was impossible. But curiosity, I think through my lens, to look at her life, her thoughts, and the most curious is that the State of her life. She says a Word, left a deep impression on me. She said, because some people are so real, so they too practical world. She said she still believe in love, there is no love because they work hard enough. I think if I was holding my camera and you can record would be nice, I would like to take this soul State at that time, at that moment, like a ray of sunshine through clouds of fleeting. She asked me to calllities--"out" and "into the photo" is the traditional dramas on the stage of "play" and "next door" borrowing "" north face shop "", youpan meaning into something. A assorted preserved fruits – all kinds of fruit preserves. B Hu Bola-a small but ferocious birds, long beak, claws, breeders to their catch fresh Sparrow to play. Beijing dialect, saying that by doing nothing for "kite", and author details combine with this thorn idleness. Sister husband need assorted preserved fruits. Each year, in the case: he used the paper into small assorted ocean's high disc, in case of sugar in the assorted preserved fruits of Sophora alopecuroides, large flat almond blithely put it on the the north face shop disc, seems to be to give his own available. While playing with, while eating; often small paper plates didn't paste good, assorted preserved fruits have disappeared; although this is the case, he has been a pleasure. Assorted preserved fruits eaten, he designed paste lanterns, lamp hanging up.
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