How to make someone achieve something better? 

2004年09月23日(木) 18時09分
Some people are good at making you feel bad by picking your shortcomings. I no longer think this kind of frank attitude is effective. Effective as in letting the person know his/her shortcomings, so that improvement could be made. Perhaps it is not shortcomings but merely the relatively weeker aspects of the person.

I am lucky enough to know persons at the two sides of the spectrum. One is good at making people feel bad by critisizing but without constructive comments. The other person is good at inspiring you, making you feel motivated to do better knowing that there are more room for improvement. The later one is able to identify your strength and bring out the good part of you.

The former person would comment on something with - this is bad, but the later person would show you or inspire you to think - what good thing is about.

By making you feel bad through exaggerating your weakness VS motivating you, showing you there are more room for improvement, or making you feel that you can achieve something better. Both could lead to the same result theoretically speaking. However, taking human feelings into account together with other unseen/ unidentified reasons, the later makes a bigger impact. Why? You know why.


2004年09月16日(木) 15時49分
Tried out, the new search engine. I had fun with it because i got some little surprises through searching. For example, i found a friend's old photo, found out that my brother did certain projects during his uni days etcs.
There is something / someone that i wish to find out more about, but to no avail due to the lack good keywords.

Transition period 

2004年09月10日(金) 17時40分
Girls worry about their age most especially from mid 20s to mid 30s. This is the transition period which makes us neither a teenage girl nor a matured women. We are those who are struggling to live a better life while we are afraid to look back to the past or look ahead esepcially when age related stuff is of concerned. Age does means something. When someone say no, they are merely trying to comfort you. You can not go back in time to be youthful enough to have so much time to learn, to love, to live, to try, or to waste. That means at a certain point of your life where you know you cannot go back and yet you can't look forward to be older soon since no one would want to be aging faster than we already are facing now.

So, what can we do? Do we stop worrying about not having enough time to waste? Do we feel guilty that we haven't lived to the fullest as in working hard enough? Do we stop imagining ourself losing the radiance, the attractive looks in the future? Do we stop scaring ourself that no one is going to hire us when we loose our current job because people rather hire younger people?

Well, I guess these are the common stuffs to worry about, unless after mid 30s when we know we are already old. So, within this transition period, we can be prepared, mentally speaking.

Of course, a transition period is also a period for ourself to learn and grow, so that we can enjoy our days of being OLD later. Work hard girls and ladies! Be nice and sincere to everyone, Appreciate every little things that we have now, work hard and like your job. Pamper yourself with good thoughts and good things.
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