This Year

September 06 [Mon], 2010, 13:11
I want to make more friends.

Or as I should say, more good friends. I don't want to leave the ones I have behind, but I want new ones. Ones that take fun risks, not dangerous ones :(

My friends, my best friend mostly, I feel like she doesn't put a lot of effort into our friendship. And I don't think she's the type who would want to go out and be spontaneous. Things like ice skating, or bike riding (she doesn't know how and doesn't seem willing) or even going to the movie theaters. She's only really about the things she likes. But we do have a lot of fun together and she understands me as a person. I just want to get out and do more and not be scared to

I want to talk to more guys too. I only act indifferent and cold to them because I still have issues left over from when my self esteem hit rock bottom. I constantly feel like they'll be repulsed by me, and I have to tell myself that's not true. And I always feel like when I'm around guys, my friend is judging me.

School work too! I will try harder than last year, and I will pass my ap this year >:D
I think I'll keep us this journal for my progress. I don't expect anyone to read it, so I will keep it for me personally. hopefully everyday I'll be able to write something in here.

Goodnight ,

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