Shuwen carry important the mission takes

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 15:24
Jiaozhou Bay is surrounded by two mountains to the northeast of Laoshan and southwest of Wulian mountain two mountain across the Gulf of Jiaozhou across the sea Wulian mountain range is connected with the West and south of Yimeng Yimeng in the Eastern Han period is East Taishan so that Wulian mountain is Taishan Yu Mo seems also justified Li Yuanzhi and Xie Shuwen carry important the mission takes around Jiaozhou Bay control seemed not all around the Gulf of Jiaozhou is only two hundred or three hundred miles radius but also belong to the sparsely populated region but also because of sparsely populated here on a thief the park in Wulian in the direction of the mountain without saying behind is the continuous Trinidad mountain in that if someone told you where no bandit that guy definitely is bandit so Wulian mountain bandit not only multiple but also strong not only indigenous there are a large number of human is be worthy of the name of the den for Jiaozhou Bay since the later is a harbor and now it is a no man is so here into a pirate lair entrenched here the pirates no one hundred thousand there are eighty thousand especially now south grain north transport channel is Tonghai ship many times this Also urges the sea pirates urgent development of up Jiaozhou Bay due to the remoteness of the local authorities and not management so it becomes now the spectacular pirate lair the rest is Laoshan Laoshan small radius of less than hundred miles of the border so also have no decent brigands an are not optimistic about Laoshan no strategic depth. The government of Laoshan met soldiers fart big place even guerrilla warfare are not good fight but Laoshan look at Li Yuanzhi and Xie Shuwen's eyes is very suitable to a place first,Oakley Sport Online, Laoshan sea can directly under Laoshan to build the port to accept Zhou Tai's supply and support the Laoshan bandit forces simple easy annexation finally nature is Li Yuanzhi. The fighting is no need to fear the local authorities around two hundred there was only one less than one hundred thousand people of the town turned out if not Li Yuanzhi opponent than Li Yuan will worry officials and government should be in the moment rather than worry about Li Yuanzhi Li Yuanzhi's siege of his who but for nine thousand men and Xie Shuwen the one thousand of them together with ten thousand troops by Zhou Tai from the music wave will direct them to send in order to adapt to the local environment Lee Yuan Chi did not use all cavalry configuration but three thousand cavalry five thousand Heavy Crossbow two thousand knife shield soldier because they not only to fight the enemy to occupy the site using this ride step with complex configuration suitable for mountain troops perform complex tasks at night from the sea after landing Li Yuan immediately asked the troops in situ J its ng ring repair a bright day the earliest off cavalry troops immediately surrounded by isolation of the whole Laoshan mountain and then Li Yuanzhi and Xie Shuwen led the infantry into several directions to unstoppable spirit horizontal pushing the entire Laoshan region to Laoshan local those small bandit's biggest thief group but five hundred people encounter this kind of armed to the teeth of the J ī ng sharp warrior is basically a collapse at the first encounter surrender is not flee but now Laoshan periphery is light troops blocked these people eventually failed to escape the following simple Li Yuanzhi find a four through eight of the valley will be here five Taniguchi Ichi formed a large copycat named Laoshan village Xie Shuwen to do the castellan will from the bandit >
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