Fell in Love with Copenhagen

July 26 [Thu], 2012, 11:30
As a woman you love is actually not so easy. At least not if you crossed the thirties, one or the other fold is in the face and a broken heart several times in the chest. For me to take it all - and yet I'm in love. Really. Not in a man (that is, already, but this is not new). Not even in a woman. But in a breathing, vibrant beings. I was in Copenhagen!
トリーバーチ人気 新作
Unfortunately I did not have as many public platforms to get rid of this feeling. And although Copenhagen is a city full of life, full of water, with venerable and modern buildings and bubbling with creativity is the only way I've found not a luxury handbag label that would be worthy of mention here. But a little research to produce at least two rather trendy company, the bags for the younger generation, at very reasonable prices.
The design is really both very Scandinavian: Simple, charming, covered, a few, but powerful details. I was always amazed that a little, but in winter when there is so fast and long stays dark and then with the weather - yes na. But when you see the joy and the colors of Copenhagen, we know that a counterpoint to be set. And the Danish design creates even really perfect, right? tory burch
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