Men and handbags

June 06 [Wed], 2012, 14:34
Recently I have been traveling again with my beloved. During the departure came about as it always is: Here, you can just put the times in your handbag? And before I knew it, came to my already over-sized wallet, keys, handkerchiefs, my phone, トリーバーチシューズ
make-up utensils, and the screen around so what else do I carry with me, plus his keys, his wallet and his sunglasses. Comment my physical therapist two days later: "But they are pretty tense."

What to do. I'm still not even sure about the question of all questions that divide the world into two camps: Men and トリーバーチサンダル handbags - is that together? My personal opinion? Yes, if he holds my short, because I dress a cigarette should. Yes, if it is a トリーバーチトート backpack or a shoulder bag that can hold at least DIN A4 folder. Yes, if a laptop is inside. Definitely not! to belt bags of all kinds for men under 65 as a clear NO to those things that can be fixed by the wrist strap (like the really mean?). Just terrible, just not manly, just tasteless. I would not trust such a man in any case before the door.

As men, however, now view sometimes not, for the wallet and Co. a huge bag to carry around with them, but there must be a compromise. So, a respect of our shoulders (who bear finally had enough, right?) for which women need not feel embarrassed. So トリーバーチ新作 I've googled times. And a relatively old post found the bag blog, but shows a real alternative:
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