Fur, Fake Fur Fur or No?

June 04 [Mon], 2012, 15:10
It is so slow winter. It shows right now, especially because the days (deutlich!) have become shorter and there will soon be legally unthinkable clock is already dark at 16:00. In addition, トリーバーチ財布 spoiled by the sun (OK, today was a beautiful day ...) not exactly in the moment. It is also in the evening, especially in the dark, sometimes even cold.

I made it in the last week already have ausmotten my トリーバーチ winter jacket (I still have not bought new, I get it usually at about ten degrees Celsius, not about me, in an overheated store to get into a lined jacket or just such a jacket). I was really glad about the good piece. The colorful summer models my handbag obsession match it but just the way it all ... When browsing, I came also to bags with fur trim. For example, following by Marc Jacobs:

According to the product description from "fine lambs wool and トリーバーチバッグ synthetic fiber"is produced. Since I was raised the old question: Is fur really? Can you really kill animals, so we can decorate it? On the other side: leather handbags I find completely normal. Shoes, jackets and gloves made of leather as well. And fake fur just looks cheap. And (yes, I oute, I had actually sometimes a beautiful mink jacket, and in it I have - contrary to all their nylon, cotton and other followers - never frozen) real animal fur is just too convenient - and warm. But the poor animals. I'm really sorry, and when I think of fur coats and jackets, I see skinny always hunger aggressive mink and sable in front of me, the dirt literally suffocate in their own. This is now not really .
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