Really do not heartbeat

May 07 [Tue], 2013, 16:00
The kill operation that is much stronger half step, the strong peak created big kill, you cannot compare, have the big kill operation also makes Shi Feng confidence. He slightly up, ride the lightning, again to Qinglian volcano group. As the West barren world this time is the biggest focus, Qinglian volcano group is naturally attract millions of people to, regardless of whether the world profound understanding and Qinglian monarch and route the same or similar, will choose the monarch and inheritance to try his luck, heartbeat, who can not. Really do not heartbeat, but are those really master. Wu when beyond wusheng, began to understand the world wonders, it is to belong to own the martial way, and is also a key to open the door of the martial arts, its secret understanding nature is all sorts of strange things, each have different,Nike Jordan Big Ups, but found the left and Qinglian monarch of the martial way different, all to give up, and never set foot here that is, don't want to be influenced, interference of martial arts, and then in the Martial Way remain stagnant. But enter the innate state, everyone must embark on a road of their own, even if it is inherited by tradition, is not the same, will change. In the case of Gao Xiyang, he was given the inheritance, if let him fight Qinglian monarch and inheritance, even, also can be affected by Qinglian monarch and inheritance, two kind of inheritance does not take the edge, the result is the final confrontation, and confrontation is the utter destruction of the martial way, this is the original Shi Feng facing the moon monarch leave a stone statues look not to look, the direct cause of destruction, do not want to be interference effects. Is that really master as long as not suitable for, never set foot in one step. Shi Feng is relying on Ning worry-free Qinglian imprint released from the atmosphere protection, without interference,Jordan Flight The Power, so as to seize the inheritance of Ning worry-free. A flight, see countless people to Qinglian volcano group. Most of them are young, older existing, is also responsible for the protection of the young generation, after all, or similar inheritance, inheritance or monarch, can only be passed to the young generation, age is no hope. Is the flight,Air Jordan 2, forward pass to the roar of the explosion. Some people in the battle. Shi Feng stirred the air in the masculine blood gas, show a combatant's strength is not vulgar, he flew past, falls on a lush trees, looked to the battlefield. I saw a young man twenties is a bull fight in the battle. The young man has a violet breath fluctuation, but no Qinglian mark, looking is a blue mark person give blessing Qinglian breath, it can freely enter Qinglian volcano within the group, not be Qinglian inheritance and influence the martial heart. The bull, the surface looked is one of the most common magic cattle, the only difference, is based on two horn bull should have a blue pattern, that pattern to see at a glance, not later, mark up, it starts with, show the blood changes it had Qinglian class baby cause, there will be so strong strength, even has entered Qinglian sage-king inheritance, inheritance may be obtained. In addition, there is a young man of ten. The man dressed in a Lianbao division outfit, coolly looking at field >
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