high ch ā into the world

January 11 [Fri], 2013, 18:16
Abstract] the 887th chapter to the bridge (six) -- "how, how, in this endless road, how do I get through?"Guo Ming said in a whisper.He is unintentionally saying this, but when he uttered these words, the whole people froze.The same with Lei Zun, Guo Ming in the knowledge sea face over the shock of s-, and then be replaced by surprise.Search the latest update to the bsp; and the startled day, this is the best proof.In despair, God will intentionally steer you towards the right path."How, what Timberland Mens Radler Trail Camp Cheap, feel helpless."Guo Ming murmured.He looked about as god mountain, go, or the vast world without end, desperate smell, dense, filled the whole body.Guo Ming's heart was light hanging, like a mirror in general, he slowly closed her eyes, hands on knees, viewing the world in mind.Around the void or no change, still as in the past.Guo Ming did not have any worries, but continue to extend their spirit of.One meter, ten meters, 100 meters, kilometers, in the boundless space, Guo Ming crazy gives his mind power.The forces were too fast, blink of an eye is thousands of miles away.Moments later, Guo Ming also don't know oneself extends far, gradually he felt a twinge in the sea of knowledge.To know the mind force than, once it has weak sense, prove the whole organism suffered huge damage.Be careless with Guo Ming, continues, as an extension of time, his nose in slowly oozing of blood, his shoulders trembled, face muscle R-U twisting fiercely, looked abnormal ferocious.Beware of the power of God that string is broken when Guo Ming screams, a sound, only feel brain bang, then all of a sudden empty.What is feel, Guo Ming's body, Guo Ming spirit, he did feel.He felt himself to be a soft breath package, like infants conceived, return to the mother's feeling.This is a kind of on the verge of collapse, and if Guo Ming can't find myself, very likely permanently m- loss.But Guo Ming is not worried about ray statue in side, the occurrence of such a situation."Guo ming."Thunder in the sky "Zen sound resounds, awakened in H-N chaos in Guo ming.Guo Ming's consciousness return to the body, was a deep sense of exhaustion passage into his body, then spread to his brain, into his mind.Guo Ming doesn't have time to feel physical pain, because the soul came a strong rip feeling, let him move on to have the tear like feel.Guo Ming s- pale face, constantly sucked air, nor is it to say a word Womens City Polo Outlet."Guo Ming, you now to the end of hills and rivers as being consistent with the Bible, feel helpless, now open your mind's eye, watching this world."Lei respect blurted out.Guo Ming's body sweat streaming down all of a sudden, s- instant pale face without blood, he managed to land the knee to sit, hands trembling, was immersed in the spirit world, a never let the pain Guo Ming almost collapse.Hiss......But just at that moment, Guo Ming saw a whole world.Around the time suddenly become clear, mottled dripping world show in Guo Ming's eyes.A section of the law Ji ā o wrong, such as a spider's web, the whole world around.A method of forming, there are ancient law array, exudes great Youyuan, let a person smells awesome.When the terrible texture as a symbol of Guo Ming's mind, the high speed operation, when continuously analysis, body jump up, when he encountered a rule of force at the time, there was a change, there was a big m-n.Guo Ming without any hesitation, step by step.Here is a bizarre glazed world stars flicker, brightness, kept on a piece of brilliant.The ground is all red s-, is like a piece of flames.Fascinated by the Ivy soar Ralph Lauren T-Shirts Outlet, high ch ā into the world, and the stars ".A good luck flows and, like nine days Galaxy upside down, pouring down.Such a vast world, Guo Ming only sees the nine Ivy League, in which Guo Ming felt the unusual smell.Lei respect from Guo Ming's eyebrows out, when he saw this scene, a J ī move: "the old saying goes, a vine trees to ch ā into the sky, I thought it was a legend, had not thought was true.""Is the first time I saw such a high old trees, I only know that hibiscus tree is so tall, here also has nine trees."
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