2months lu** 

February 04 [Fri], 2005, 14:12
time flys flys flys...its been 2 months already..wakaka...i do feel so happie abt dis...cus its my first tym i did wait 4 sumone for 2 months den finally can get 2 be wf that person..i really enjoy the nights very very much even tho we are not really doin anything...hEe* n one strange feelin is dat its only beena few days but for me it seems like long long tym already...>.<..haaa.......n its

FINALLY come 2 d end 

November 17 [Wed], 2004, 16:55
finally finally it z over
5 years @ PLC..aiiii
it finally comes to the day that
i hvae been hoping 4 all days n nights
but what ll happen next?!
the end is the beginning?@@
it z another start
a time for me to think back....
n think for my future
what i really want to do n achieve
do i haf any goals?! do i really
it seems like they are too far to reach lar**

these 2 days haf been shopping
wif mum n bro n daiso
bought a lot of stuff
ysd @ chaddie..today @ smith st.
goin off to gold coast on friday
but not feeling excited @ all
dunno why..coz i ve been dere b4?
or i still stressing abt my results
which i cant do anythin anymore...
goin to sing k wif them tmr..
hopefully it ll be fun##

chemdone III 

November 12 [Fri], 2004, 21:55
seriously, i enjoyed sitting under da sun n da trees..
even thou i am by myself...
coz i can have some private time
to think think think..i love daydreaming..
i alwzy do~~
sumtimes dun lyk ppl to interupt me
when i want to be by myself..
everytym when i am alone
i will try callin everyone hahaa..
do i really like to be alone?!
if i keep callin others to chat wif me..haha
n not da matta dat i kept callin others
it z the mata that by the end of the month
i will have heart attack with my fone fees
hahahahhaa.a...oh wells...s
bonnie chan! Save up for the rest of tym plz
i realised i was so stupid 2 realise
sumtimes ppl just dun need you...
when u are no longer worth anythin
perhapz that person does mean a lot to u (still)
nevertheless u can mean nth to that person
coz they haev some1
more important in their minds now
n who is right next to them when u r so stupid
to act so carin n desperate to c this person
aiii.....when he sayz "...with gf...."
in my heart..
"y dun u tell me earlier dat
ur gf is rite next to u now..
i dun want to act lyk an idiot man..."
even thou wat u said is still caring..
but i can feel the diff now....
what i predict b4 has cum true
ppl r selfish..suen lar...sum tamn~
"no wonder u dun wake up n still stay in bed..".....

i am finally sure all the wayz to libraries n stuff
heeee* went to meet bro @ chinatown
took the train..walked all da way to sanrio...
tired* exhausted..
but it z beta than
stayin in the stupod stuffy lib doin nth
went westfield eat KFC..home

Ming z house
oHh..i was shocked when i saw the
little baby kim s face
cruel cruel Gloria...want to hit her really...
she alwyz hits her baby sis....
poor poor kimkim
i felt supa sorrie 4 her
but i cant do anythin to protect her.....>____<

fully raining at night

chem done II 

November 12 [Fri], 2004, 14:54
she just left while i was still eatinmy subway
what kind of attitute is that!?>
so not respect me...
it seems like she is a big victim
n i have been so evil@@ geez

got there at 12 sth..i left my books n left @ 3...
just read a few pages of jap..
that z all..
i noe i am wasting my time now..
but i cant concentrate even i force myself to...

i want to get some fresh air!! planned to meet up candy in city
but she was with her frds already ..bad luck!!
found a nice place ..with sunshine n trees..
sat on a bench..guess what i saw
i saw a "couple" sitting there for an hr
they didntmove their move but their mouth..
oh geez..indeed i cant even see their mouth movin
just saw their lips were touchin each others..
hahaz....i bet they are still kissin now

den i called many ppl out of my boredom
some didnt pick up..some sleepin
etc....aiiiii......mayb i shoudnt have bothered them la....

Chem done.. 

November 12 [Fri], 2004, 14:36
one more to go on tuesday @@
today surprisingly easy..
but i still made plenty of mistakes..mayb failed*dunno
who cares?! it has passed..no more chem in my life!

after examz sis picked me up n
straight away we went to Mel U to study @@
study..supposingly but i didnt ....
i am too tired to...cum on i woke up @ 630
so damn tired afta all~ i can hardly open my eyes now
feel so dizzy also when i was sitting dere...

sis was angry at me
coz she found out i went to city
one day durin holidayz...
aiiii.....she asked me why i didnt tell her
dim guy ng hoi sum kin sing kong bay kuin gi...
aiiii...i made no response
but i felt supa funny when she said
"it z time for confession!"
what the hell?!
why do i have to confess when
i am doin sth that has nth to do wif her
wat she thinks she is.,..
the reason i hvae to lie becoz
i noe she will ask ask ask
keep asking..so farn*
i dun like lies..i dun like to tell lies also
but sumtimes u just haf to live ur life like dat
doin sth u noe u are not supposed but
u cant help~
i am just finding the best way to live my life...
who will understand me lei?!

chem exam tmr! 

November 11 [Thu], 2004, 18:27
geeZzz....>_____< me so gonna fail chem tmr
so much to study .aiiii...help .wanna dieeee
even i haf luck tmr, i wont succeed

no more maths in high sku!!!! 

November 08 [Mon], 2004, 11:03
finally got to d end of maths examZzz'
did okay lar..beta dan failed lar**
gonna study for chem sin
so much 2 study~@@

mm analysis tmr~~ 

November 07 [Sun], 2004, 20:50
at dis stage i hvae became lazier n lazier ...
mo sum luin chin(fight)...
i dunno..just feel i am myself without a soul**
alwayz think abt wat i am gonna do afta examz..
my body is here but my spirit has gone already
8more days to go den i ll b free
hvae long been waiting this day to come
but what is next?!!
aiiiii......ho tamn sum lei

MM partI done... 

November 05 [Fri], 2004, 10:38
aiii...mo luck mo luck~~
made silly mistakes again...again
oh no!!
ho mo mood
the more i think the more shit i did

MM SkillZz tmr!!! 

November 04 [Thu], 2004, 22:17
11am-6pm @ melb uni Lib studying my MM
tmr ...do my best
wish me luck!!!!
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