carries on the enlargement to the low light

December 29 [Thu], 2011, 13:03

Second, carries on the enlargement to the low light, namely the glimmer increases the elephant; Third, achieves the discovery goal passively through the observation object's infrared signature infrared Night vision device, namely thermal imaging system. Regardless of which one kind of night vision equipment, Its structure is very complex, the cost is also soaring, the contour is dissimilar cheap sunglasses with the telescope, therefore these declared that has the infrared night vision function telescope, its most major function except flickers or flickers. Telescope's coating. Because the optical fiber shines in the lens surface time, will have the part to reflect, but the telescope will have many reflecting surfaces (model to have 10) generally, so long as each reflection will reflect the few optical fibers, in

addition glass's absorption, will arrive at the human eye finally The optical fiber will possibly lose above 50%, But solves this question method is in plates on the piece the coating, enhances the optical fiber the transmittance, after the lens surface covers 1/4 wave length the thin film, may enhance this wave length optical fiber the transmittance. The common coating has the blue color, cheap sunglasses online the green red, and so on, in current engineering factor Next, telescope's lens coating may according to need to plate many kinds of colors, Therefore said simply very difficultly any color the coating is good, any color's coating is not good, but has a simple effective method to distinguish coat

ing's quality, namely is observes the lens reflection to be paler, the lens are more insightful, the coating is better, the lens reflection is stronger, coating's transmittance Is worse. But the multi-layered coating's function promotes the entire visible light wave band the transmittance, The multi-layered carrera sunglasses coating uses in comparing the high-end the telescope. In the market condition the spurious telescope's objective lens have used the reflection intense red coating, and also declared that has “the infrared night vision function” this is the nonsensical talk completely, this kind of coating's optical fiber transmissibility is very low, telescope's becoming Image brightn

ess is bad, in addition the red coating reflected the specific wave band optical fiber, Also causes the telescope image formation to be blue, does not favor the observation. Fourth, military telescope's collection and use knowledge Military telescope good and bad points. First what needs to be clear is the military telescope is not the best telescope, it is merely satisfies the army operation requirements the telescope, its merit lies in firmly durable, the earthquake resistance waterproofing, carrera sunglasses australia the adaptability to environment is good. But its strong military color is also its shortcoming, to satisfy the military purpose, many military telescopes can discard some secondary optical property to guarantee the main military performance realization, and as a result of the cost restriction, the military telescope is impossible to use many new technologies and the new material, These have decided the major part military telescope's optical property difference in the same price same scale civil telescope, therefore the military telescope's optical property is not most superior.
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