The Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen fuel cell car

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 12:56
Recently, General Motors delivered to the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo two new Chevrolet hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to provide services for the 2010 Shanghai World Expo VIP. It is understood that these named Equinox hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to fill hydrogen, can be continuously running 240 kilometers, the fastest speed reached 160 km, 0-100 km acceleration time of 12 seconds, it does not emit any exhaust, the car only emission is water vapor.

September 8, in the Expo SAIC - General Motors Pavilion, the GM China Group President and Managing Director Kevin Wale to the Expo Bureau Hong Hao presented the keys of the Equinox fuel cell vehicle, This particular fuel cell vehicles from now began services for the Expo. It is understood that the Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen fuel cell vehicles with General Motors is the most advanced fourth-generation hydrogen fuel cell technology, is "zero fuel consumption and zero pollution" in a true sense of a full-featured cross-border car. The biggest difference between driving the car the feeling of a normal car is very quiet and smooth, while the performance is not much different from regular cars.

So far, the Chevrolet Equinox hydrogen fuel cell car, the Volt Waugh Landa extended-range electric car, the 350 Buick LaCrosse Eco-Hybrid hybrid Expo taxi, as well as SAIC - General Motors Museum show the EN-V electric concept car, common to the Expo visitors from around the world to show the advantages of electric vehicles, products, and broad prospects for development.

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With the second session of China's electric bicycle industry's

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 12:52
CCTV CCTV network, organized by the China Network TV, electric cars of the CCTV network channel hosted the second session of the Chinese electric bicycle industry "will be held on January 18, 2011 9 Dacheng Road Hotel (five star) held annual meeting of the China Bicycle Association, the clear support of the China Battery Industry Association, Tianjin, Jiangsu and other local associations.

Will be the face of the year 2011 electric bicycle countryside action to implement the year and the arrival of the "12th Five-Year Plan" up and down the chain through, to enhance the promotion of industry restructuring and upgrading "as the theme around the countryside era of the industry structure, innovation and development and the harmonious interaction of the industrial chain, industrial strategies to enhance the depth.

Brand dealers from the countryside ten provinces hundred dealers across the country to witness the opening ceremony of the CCTV network electric bicycle brand distributor channel.

The same period will be held electric cars in the 2010 annual awards ceremony, "Top Ten most consumers like the electric car brand", "top ten most worthy of the consumers trust the brand of electric vehicle batteries," Ten electric car accessories industry leader brand The top ten most development potential brand "," Ten Industry Person of the Year "," Ten countryside innovative products "of the Year Award will be announced one by one at the meeting site.

It is reported that the annual meeting of the scene will be released "China Electric Bicycle Industry Development Report in 2010 and 2011 the development of the industry trend," "batteries for electric bikes in 2010 the development of the industry report, and on the basis of the 2010 Annual Development Report, focusing on the countryside The four sub-forum of the Strategic Forum "," Innovation and Development Forum "," Brand Dealer Forum "," marketing director of (brand) Forum "into comprehensive discussions.

Then, from the relevant ministries of the national leadership, the countryside on behalf of the provinces in charge of government officials come to the venue; CCTV brand development consultancy, China's top marketing guru, vehicle accessories leader, business representatives, as well as CCTV and industry within and outside the media journalists to participate in common explore the development of industry-wide brand strategy to enhance the road.

Ten provinces in the countryside of large dealer seminars and visits to the CCTV network, based on investigation, combined with a countryside background, the support of the government departments, industry associations, corporate and brand dealer, the second of China's electric bicycle industry aimed at high-end resources through the CCTV network, bringing together government departments, social celebrities, high-end media resources; vehicle, accessories leader, representative of the national brand distributors, integrating industry most elite resources, interactive platform to build the whole industry chain ; comprehensive study of the spatial and temporal pattern of development in the countryside era of the electric bicycle industry, and explore the positive interaction of the whole industry chain, the transformation and upgrading of the industry-wide strategy to enhance the sustainable development of the road.

Mining the most advantage of the whole industry chain production by the start of the annual selection of industry-wide CCTV network electric bicycle brand distributor channel, for the marketing resources to promote and facilitate the integration of advantageous resources within the industry, enhance the level of industry-wide brand and industry-wide brand image.

It is understood that the bright scene of the annual meeting of the full range of multi-angle to offer an industry within the annual feast. First, the pragmatic nature, rich in content. Pragmatism is the most prominent feature of the annual meeting of the year will be the objective reality of the development of the industry, in terms of industry structure, development trends, market strategy, channel development, brand marketing a full range of depth.

Effectiveness, guidance and forward-looking; gathering together, think tanks gathered. Will cover the national ministries, local government, marketing gurus, corporate giants, will have the "high standard", the "starting point" and "high gold content" of the "three high" feature; Third, the ten provinces hundred Distribution bring together providers and national brand distributors.

With the second session of China's electric bicycle industry's annual conference held CCTV network has ten provinces of the country to the countryside to carry out the CCTV brand of electric bicycle dealer seminar-cum-annual selection of electric car dealers will be recommended "to the countryside" to 100 ten provinces "dealers and the participation of representatives of key national dealer will make this year will be a major event in the national brand distributors gathered;, participatory and interactive complement each other. Annual Meeting Organizing Committee is widely collected the industry's voice, to show the industry's most extensive content.

December Annual Meeting Organizing Committee for the selection of finalists enterprises launched a series of visits, to understand the business focus and agenda optimal adjustment. , The meeting will take the form of sub-forum, set the Chairman of the sub-forum, an interactive forum-based, on the basis of the sub-forum keynote speech, Chairman of the full range of interactive workshops, highlighting the breadth and interactive participation.

The sub-forum links set the theme video feature films, to make the meeting a lively, vibrant, rich in content, scalability; fifth, broad and targeted perfect match. On the basis of the first electric car industry 68 reported media scale, further enhancing the intensity of media, especially the participation of the focused sales regional TV and newspaper media. On a widespread basis, and strive to spread the relevance and dissemination of depth.

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In the use of batteries for lithium-ion battery pack

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 12:50
Into the "12" marks the beginning of the year, China's new energy automotive industry has entered a new milestone in the era --- have full intellectual property rights of the battery technology in the Automotive Group announced new energy passenger car battery formal realization of the amount ofproduction.

In July 2009, the pure electric bus demonstration run, led to the close attention of the public on the bus battery technology. Equipped with a large R & D batteries JLY6110SE electric passenger car, the witness in a number of industry experts and well-known media reporters, driving 7 hours and 30 minutes, 452 km mileage. It is understood that the electric buses on a single charge life, the basic 200 km.

Two years later, in the technical team through research, breakthrough battery positive and negative, and the key technologies of the diaphragm material; also innovative computer processing and battery management system, to ensure that each battery charge and discharge voltage is uniformly stable and overcurrent protect and improve the battery life, this research is the large current discharge performance and the low-temperature high-capacity discharge achieved a major breakthrough.

In the use of batteries for lithium-ion battery pack, charge and discharge times greater than 1000 times the service life of up to 500,000 km, energy consumption 4kW.h/100km.t dynamic driven by the maximum bus speed of up to 110km / h, the largest climbing degree of 20 degrees. With a high energy, stable performance, single battery capacity up to 500Ah. At present, with the power the battery has passed the safety inspection of the "National 863 Program electric vehicle battery trials.

Order to accelerate the pure electric passenger car market, the investment of the largest auto group has built a professional lithium-ion battery production company, an engineering mass production in 3000 of pure electric passenger car battery, the second phase project of 10 000 electric bus is being carried out being.

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Electronic class-based

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 12:45
Matsushita Electric (Panasonic) plans in 2012 to invest 20 billion -300 billion yen, wholly owned subsidiary of Sanyo Electric Kaizuka, Osaka Prefecture factory and the factory in Hyogo Prefecture, Chau lithium-ion battery production equipment, were transferred to Suzhou and Beijing.
Nihon Keizai Shimbun, April 23, citing anonymous source reported that Panasonic's move to reduce production costs, the largest share in the global market.

According to Xinhua overseas financial quoted an informed source said that Panasonic will be the new lithium battery factory in Suzhou, and expansion of its Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. (Sanyo) lithium battery factory in Beijing.

Nihon Keizai Shimbun said, according to plan, Matsushita Electric production costs reduced by 30% in 2015, accounted for 50% of battery production in China, when the car battery, including battery revenue than in 2009/2010 fiscal year tripled to reach 1 trillion yen.

Currently, the Panasonic 80% to 90% of the lithium battery production in Japan, the rest in China.

Panasonic China, said yesterday that the above report does not comment, but said "We lithium cause to discuss a variety of strategies will be released at the appropriate time."

According to research firm TechnoSystemsResearch statistics, Matsushita and its wholly owned subsidiary of Sanyo Electric, occupies about 26% of the total share in the global lithium market.

Long been concerned about the development of Japanese industry, China CCPIT Electronic Information Industry Sub Wang Xiwen said, Panasonic lithium battery capacity relocation of China is a few years ago in the planning, the Suzhou plant repeatedly discussed for a long time, Beijing plant expansion is not a decision made after the earthquake, before there is the plan. "

Wang Xiwen said after the earthquake, Japan's Renesas semiconductor and Nissan companies earlier said it would the capacity to move to Southeast Asia, have not seen the big Japanese companies said publicly that the capacity transferred to China.

The Panasonic China official said, the headquarters in Japan has not so far caused by the earthquake planning any industrial transfer.

But some of the smaller capacity transfer is carried out quietly. In the Japanese-funded enterprises are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Director of Wang Yan of the General Office of Wuxi Bureau of Commerce earlier told the Post reporter, because of the Japanese earthquake led to supply shortages, part of Wuxi enterprises from Japan, orders have been significant growth in the part of the Japanese mainland enterprises began to choose to transfer production to China. "Electronic class-based, the transfer of the initial amount of money involved is small."

According to the Wall Street Journal reported, Kureha Chemical Industry (KurehaCorp.) Had been to consider the capacity to polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and moved to the United States and China, and now this program will accelerate the implementation. Kureha Chemical Industry occupies 70% share of the PVDF global market. The company is currently in the United States, China and Vietnam plant, but not the production of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF).

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Electric bicycle production affected

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 12:42
Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Environmental Protection has launched a province-wide battery industry, law enforcement inspection. May 4, the provincial Department of Environmental Protection dispatched 10 inspection teams to the province registered 273 battery business carpet investigation, as of now, the province has 213 battery enterprises to suspend production for rectification.

Jian-Long Chen, Vice Director of the Bicycle Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, responded by saying that a large area of ​​the battery companies discontinued remediation will result in reduced supply, will affect the supply of electric bicycle manufacturers, accessories.

Insiders pointed out that the remediation actions will further improve the access threshold of the battery industry, corporate survival of the fittest, the industry can achieve better development through the improvement and transformation and upgrading, while to some extent may contribute to the development and utilization of new energy.

Electric bicycle production affected

Batteries are widely used, a large area to suspend production for rectification is bound to lead to reduced production, a short time of related businesses have some impact.

Secretary-General of the Battery Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, Yao pointed out that spring, not only the battery business, its affiliated companies will be greatly affected. Supporting plants of the electric car is now the vehicle parked in the garage, the battery supply there is no way of supporting the car, emergency lights, etc. will be affected. "

"The key is the electric bicycle production can not keep the battery supply be a problem." Jian-Long Chen, Vice Director of the Bicycle Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, said, "Zhejiang many battery companies to suspend production for rectification, it is estimated that the resumption of production will be some time. "

According to Chen Jianlong ownership of China's electric bicycle 130 000 000 million last year, the total output of electric bicycles for more than 2900 million, an annual growth rate of 20% -30%.

The same time, the cut-off of related businesses not only have an impact on the production of electric bicycles, repair and replacement of the battery will cause inconvenience. Yao-chun told the "Daily Economic News" reporter: general electric bicycle battery every 18 months will need to be replaced once the cut-off of the battery business for the future maintenance also have an impact. "

Hu Gang, Vice President of Jiangsu new electric cars as the leading enterprises of electric cars said that the battery enterprises suspend production for rectification of the industry would be affected, but the new electric cars have not been affected.

No battery can replace lead-acid batteries

It is understood that the start of the National Automobile, motorcycle battery, and the use of electric bicycles are mostly lead-acid batteries, lead-acid battery applications has been 150 years.

In this regard, the Secretary-General of the Battery Industry Association of Zhejiang Province, Yao spring that there is not a battery can replace lead-acid batteries. Lithium, for example, lithium insecurity, technically bottleneck, mainly used in mobile phones, while the lithium battery electric bicycle only small quantities of production, on the other hand, the cost of lithium batteries is far much higher than the cost of lead-acid batteries, in terms of electric bicycles, the cost of lithium batteries is about three times that of lead-acid batteries. "

Jian-Long Chen also expressed the same view, the stability of the performance of lithium battery technology is not enough and the smaller capacity. The same electric bicycles, the price of using lithium batteries at least more than $ 500 or more lead-acid batteries, different styles may differ. The average consumer is difficult to accept.

At the same time, the reduced supply of battery may cause the prices of batteries and electric bicycles. However, Jian-Long Chen said that the electric bike price index depends on the raw material cost of lead, lead price fluctuations, electric bicycles prices have been fluctuating.

Yao said that the current battery industry associations for possible price increases accordingly, the Association has advocated prices.

Battery access threshold will increase

As an important national origin of lead-acid batteries, battery enterprises in Zhejiang Changxing, Zhuji, Quzhou, Ningbo and Xiaoshan.

Previously appeared before the blood lead poisoning cases in Taizhou Deqing blood lead poisoning cases, the Secretary-General of the Battery Industry Association of Zhejiang Province Yao-chun believes that the contamination exists, the key to how we brought under control.要一分为二 look at the issue of individual battery companies are not in place in the management of pollution caused by pollution but not all enterprises.

Lead-acid battery pollution is controlled, all levels of government and business to further strengthen the management, all processes are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the countries to develop programs and operations, including employee productivity and self-protection is also improved, so as to lead caused by pollution to a minimum. "he said," On the other hand, large-scale production for rectification will inevitably lead to elimination, and survival of the fittest opportunities for enterprises is a re-mix upgrade the industry through the improvement and transformation, can be more good development, which is a good thing. "

The sources also said that from the long-term perspective, the battery industry will become increasingly standardized, which involves the industrial policy, the original of these enterprises in accordance with the EIA-standard construction, and now face the problem of raising the threshold of the problem, such as distance of residential areas and factories from the previous 200 meters to 500 meters, the same time, enterprises have to invest in environmental protection, appropriate facilities. On the other hand, the province-wide law enforcement inspection of the battery industry may be to some extent to promote the development of new energy

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Japan earthquake waves tumbled battery supply chain

May 28 [Mon], 2012, 12:37
The earthquake in Japan caused by nuclear leakage triggered a global nuclear crisis of confidence in a variety of nuclear security to worry about flooding the media reports. Though the incident has been the past two months, but the accident has sounded the alarm on global layout of the industrial chain business, but also accelerated the pace of Japan's outward transfer of industries.

Japan earthquake waves tumbled battery supply chain

Japan's lithium-ion battery industry has been in the forefront of the world, more than 50% global market share of lithium-ion batteries and related materials. Japanese lithium battery industry has a complete industrial chain, from upstream of the battery material production, to the middle and lower reaches of the battery cell production, cell packaging and circuit design with the world's leading technology and the considerable scale of production, especially in the field of lithium battery materials, populous, far ahead of the competition.

Japan earthquake severely affect the global consumer electronics battery supply. Under the instability of the nuclear power plant reactors in Fukushima Prefecture, Sony, Hitachi announced that all six plant in Fukushima Prefecture, Ibaraki Prefecture downtime. Sanyo, Sharp (Sharp), its production line in the Kansai region were not affected, then the market demand-side analysis, due to the upstream Queliao, brand manufacturers shut plants overhaul is bound to impact the battery supply chain.

According to industry estimates, the middle and lower reaches of lithium batteries or will occur throughout the year about 4% -7% of the capacity supply gap, China and South Korea factory capacity adequate, easy to form an effective alternative in the upstream materials shortage; this the greatest impact of the global lithium-ion battery industry chain, the earthquake lies in the upstream material.

Industrial transfer boost Chinese investment in Redu warming
The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that Matsushita (Panasonic) lithium-ion battery production will transfer from Japan to China to reduce production costs, maintaining the largest share in the global market. Panasonic to invest in 2012 to 200-300 billion yen (2.44-3.66 billion U.S. dollars) for building a new plant and upgrade facilities in China. Under the plan, the company expects 2015 production costs decreased 30%, battery production in China accounted for 50%, 80-90% of the company's lithium production in Japan and the rest in China.

Japan after the earthquake, the global aluminum foil production capacity to a larger gap, the two aluminum foil, in mainland Japan Nippon, foil and Toyo Aluminum invariably trotted out the "olive branch" to the east the sun aluminum, one after another with East sunshine aluminum signed a "cooperation agreement of intent a joint venture, the joint efforts of industrial batteries, car batteries supporting product development, production and sales. This is reflected not only the global industry status of the East Sunshine of aluminum, but also marks the Japanese capacity to the mainland of China and the shift in the future.

Domestic battery to be outdone, have good strategic plan, and prepare for a new round of international capacity transfer, with the main battlefield of the exhibition as a trial of strength. Learned that a lot of domestic battery producers are already gearing up, exhibiting enthusiasm, at the heavily in the expansion of exhibitors from the upcoming Third China (Shanghai) International Battery Products & Technology Exhibition (to referred CNIBF Zhenwei Shanghai Battery Exhibition) area, seeking to show a high with their peers. It is understood that the exhibition hall on the first floor of the booth were all sold out, the quality on the second floor of the booth "unofficially crowned the popular level in the country is second to none with the type of show.

At present, many enterprises participating, with a number of powerful listed companies and famous enterprises at home and abroad, such as the leading brand of world-class super capacitor - Maxwell (Maxwell Technologies Co., Ltd.), and China's strategic partners. super capacitor leading enterprises in Liaoning Cabernet Electric Co., same stage, showing the newly developed products and technological achievements.

In addition, the leader of the domestic production of power cathode materials for lithium l Technology, the leader of the graphite anode materials for lithium ion secondary battery BTR, the leader in Eastern photoelectric power lithium battery separator reinstall appearance. As well as long trillion new energy source material of the star, seven star electronics, HOSSONI lithium Lange Electric, Shaoyang Dudley automation of jiyang, win together technology, Shenzhen Ka extension, Cabernet electrical, ho Jeter, Green Sheng, Chun Chong Thai, Chinese, Hengyu machinery, Aowei, Li plateau of new energy-rich to Sen, energy, Juli, Electronic, World Long excellent Pa, Beishi De sent according to the grams, and other first-tier brands will all be present.

Taiwan-funded enterprises Baotuan attack vying for market share

To publicize and promote the more effective, more and more Taiwan-funded enterprises choose Baotuan attack. Formosa Garden Formosa Plastics, Nan Ya Plastics, Li Kai, Friends of Yu automation, Instek and other Taiwan-funded enterprises to form a team for the first time debut Zhenwei battery exhibition. Taiwan-funded enterprises have moved to the mainland China market the, Baotuan exhibiting the trend seems to show introduced owned companies a strong presence in mainland China, For the determination of domestic enterprises to compete for market, suggesting the motive power battery market competition will be intensified.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Formosa Plastics Long Park Energy Technology Co., Ltd. said, "Zhenwei Battery Exhibition has become a domestic and international battery manufacturers to pass on, an ideal platform for technical exchanges to exhibitors the opportunity to let the world understand the Formosa Plastics Group In response to the global green environmental protection and saving energy and reducing carbon on the motives, but also would like to take this step by step into the green energy industry, to further improve our living environment and enhance Taiwan's competitiveness in the green energy industry, a contribution to the effort. "

The Third China (Shanghai) International Battery Products and Technology Exhibition "in 19 to 21 September at the Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, the organizers will be held during the exhibition" 2011 China Battery Technology Innovation (Shanghai ) Forum, when the political, business, academia, business and other elites gathered, invited about 500 people around China's "12th Five-Year Plan the main line of interpretation of the battery and super capacitor industry is how to face the opportunities and challenges to change the mode of economic development, enterprises in the fierce market competition, how to enhance the capability of independent innovation, and expand symposia to share a hot topic of the current industrial policy, the international situation, and market opportunities and innovative technological achievements.

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