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April 24 [Wed], 2013, 11:04
$ 1 buy in Detroit? really Chinese.

United States Detroit Motor City villas on sale $ 1, this news in the recent widely cheap lingerie discussed at home. when people published in the social media United States rates the envy, puzzling, questioning and other comments at the same time, investors are starting to consider whether it is worth to the United States housing market" bottom ".

Tencent financial ground in Detroit found that "$ 1" in Detroit, does exist.

local Remax real estate broker broker Dan • financial xiyoulisi for Tencent shows around their company housing near the downtown Detroit, the four houses sold separately for us $ 1, US $ 75, US $ 300 and US $ 1000.

1 dollar home what: the House is located in Northwest Detroit, just 10 minutes by car from the city centre, nice, but houses seriously ruined, the entire roof has disappeared, leaving only remains saving these ruins; inside a House is also a mess, full of broken glass, broken cheap lingerie wires, mottled walls and debris left by homeless people lived here before.

than House, here was more like a garbage field. or 1 US dollar can buy this land.

due to the impact of the financial crisis, Detroit home prices plunge in loan repayment amount has exceeded the rate of people, a large number of mortgage lenders to select default, banks or lending institutions will eventually House recovered, these houses into housing mortgage loan defaults ... xiyoulisi said,
Original homeowners who cannot afford to pay the loan of the House, then leave another way out of the House. many Detroit cheap houses that fall into this category property.

Detroit was the United States one of the largest cities, United States urban population plummeted in the past more than 60 years one of the most significant cities, the urban population cheap lingerie has been reduced from a peak of 1.7 million to the current 700,000.

Detroit brings China cautionary is that cities will certainly decline, if people can move freely, there are people who go to city possible. caused large numbers of people to move out of the House prices have tumbled and consumer fatigue, could further damage the local economy, creating a vicious circle.

on March 30, the China economic research, Peking University
Zhou qiren, a professor on an urbanization Forum in Shanghai specifically mentioned: "do not think Detroit will not appear in China." He think this on China of town of of warning body now, needs put town of of part control mechanism needs handed market, and non-government led. because residents will according to market changes select for himself of city, is does not according to Executive planning select life, and work locations. He for example said, in United States cheap lingerie annual will has over one-tenth of population mobile nurse costume accommodation, optional State and home. Despite in China past of 30 years in the, residents number expansion almost occurred in each a a city, but does not means with inertia will has been continued.

to disperse when a city''s population gathered from cycle when the cycle turns, what happens? Detroit model is one of the most worthy of investigation, real estate is the marker of the price drop to the freezing point.

YLE= "TEXT-INDENT:2em" > cost very swollen "$ 1"

$ 1 House of course, but the Detroit real estate market collapsed during the more extreme examples, most of the cheap housing prices range from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. According to the real estate developers Association of Michigan report showed that average house prices in 2012 for $ 17,000 in Detroit.

Price of about 100,000 yuan nurse costume House, remains attractive to Chinese investors. However, those cheap real estate transactions, holding cost, pressures even greater than the housing price to investors. company financial details on this.

to Tencent''s financial xiyoulisi said,
In addition to pay the price, buyers in buying Detroit needed a one-time Government payment of housing inspection fee of $ 295.

in addition, buyers need to pay the third party inspection body acceptance fee ranging from $ 600-1200, inspection bodies responsible for verifying all of the houses, including mortgages, homeowner credit. homebuyers do not have to pay the agency fee, brokerage fee paid by the Bank.

smoothly after the transfer of housing, new homeowners to bear the major cost is that property taxes in the future. xiyoulisi said, real estate taxes, the tax base is not nurse costume in accordance with the price of housing, but according to the real estate appraiser to assess the value to calculate, which paid property tax assessment rates of the tax base was three years ago, every year, real estate appraisers real estate prices
Assessed, in addition to the financial crisis, real estate assessment outside the volatile, fluctuations in other years is not very big.

which means, a House is priced at thousands of dollars, if the assessment by the Government three years ago, the rate is $ 50,000, calculated in accordance with 6.8% property taxes, you pay $ 3,400 a year. in fact, for some cheap, cost more than the price of a year is not unusual.

xiyoulisi said, these super low price room are is mortgage loan default room, currently by Bank by has, recently years, he where of real estate brokers company received increasingly more Bank hit nurse costume to of phone, requirements they agent bank hands of default room. xiyoulisi to author show has a copies purchase list, above of information displayed this building price 75 dollars of housing currently of
Owned by Freddie.

this building price 75 dollars of housing situation slightly good, but also experience had fire damage. xiyoulisi said, is may is artificial of arson. and 1 dollars room by different of is, 75 dollars of housing where community environment better, this building housing is located in Detroit Southwest direction, distance downtown only 4 miles, environment beautiful, near Detroit River, across is Canada Ontario.

many houses around this House in good condition, clean and new, xiyoulisi said the average price of housing in this area can reach $ 25,000., and separated by only two blocks from another community, house prices could even reach $ 500,000.

in addition, 300 and US $ 100
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