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November 27 [Wed], 2013, 12:08
How to solve this problem? Kevin maikehaier is clear: "there is no doubt, the defense should be to everyone involved, simply do not have enough people new balance 998 australia to go inside now rebounding, they ignore it. Poorly protected Backboard has hurt us. Better perimeter players to protect the rebounds. "The rockets did in the subsequent two sections keep watch, section III, after they grabbed 8 rebounds, only the Grizzlies grabbed a last rebounding. These 8 defensive rebounds come from where? 3 Howard, Arsic 2, Jones 1, Lin [Twitter] 1, Garcia 1. Inside players grabbed 5, got the job done, perimeter players grabbed 3, it's warmer. Fourth, rebounding after the rockets continue to protect, after they grabbed 11 rebounds, while Grizzlies grabbed only 1 front rebound again, so inverses of the rocket attack was not traceable.

Overall, the rockets victory has some luck, and their protection on the rebound after the first half really got scared by all the fans out in a cold sweat, if the rockets want to ensure that this season's accomplishments, then improve the protection of defensive rebounds must be put on the agenda as soon as possible. SINA sports news Beijing time on November 26 (Miami time, 25th), "I'm almost there," LeBron James told television reporters at the venue after the game, Dwayne Wade-[Twitter] excitement in performing a couple of cartwheels in a row behind him, their heat [Twitter] just at home with a 107:92 victory over the Sun, harvest of seven consecutive victories. James said "there" is his own best form, has been emphasized since this is his season short, even then, he played efficient battle, full-Court shot 14, contributing 35 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists.

"I'm almost there, has not arrived (the best), but soon," James said again in the locker room after the game. He has to (best State) 's, I really hopes themselves can like he as daily are so said, "Wade game Hou said," Dang you in a support has LeBron of team play Shi, feels is is special of, he 33 minutes within shot 14 times on got new balance 996 australia has 35 points, then also has I 33 minutes within 13 times shooting get 21+12, we has a support special of team, we wanted to hit good. "Selfless and efficient Janeway, coach in the eye with a smile on one. "They are not supposed to turn to, these tacit is gradually built up this season, they knew each other, know how to play without the ball, knew the meaning of sacrifice, they are very unselfish player," siboersitela said. But for people who are involved, they know better James has yet to appear. I don't think he now think about most of the other, but his 4 turnovers, "Wade said," today the second half 0 failures that he solves the problem, it's his bad points. "James was almost repeated Wade, he said:" I have to reduce your mistakes many times, this is the top priority now, I shoot the ball very well right now, and I promised myself free throw must be improved, now turn. ”
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