Recalls in the last two months

November 27 [Wed], 2013, 11:49
SINA sports news Beijing time on November 26, 2013 snooker [microblogging] British championship in the United Kingdom the Barbican Centre. Tournament reproduce major reforms, all players from the first round of play. Top top o ' Sullivan [Twitter] led the United Kingdom local player appearances, Regiment or shortage of rare champions of England ended. But the State recently fought Ding Junhui [Twitter] return to fusai, hit four consecutive championships so the time, 1th Robertson after the first Grand Slam of the world. Predictably, battle is inevitable. Players aligned racing modification play England player in looking new balance 1500 australia forward to breaking shortage as the second ranking tournament after the World Championships, British championship has always been a battleground of the pros. British championship that significant reforms this year, no longer qualifying and the race, more than more than 100 players from the first round, which means breath completed seven consecutive victories, will ultimately win. For players who want to go to the end, it's going to be a whole new challenge. All along, the sport snooker players from the British Isles to dominate, but this season the top five large disruptive changes in the ranking tournament, in addition to the Wuxi classic Higgins outside the finals and eventually ended in second place, followed by four station they were seen recently in the final, it is rarely seen in history.

Today, the large monthly placement tournament finally returned to United Kingdom mainland, provides an excellent opportunity for British Isles player to break the silence. 753, Jay, and defending champion Selby [Twitter] and Judd Trump [Twitter] local top can watch the Championship-starved extended battle back to give them more room to play. Rocket copy six months ago into Nirvana entry not many of the miracles who contend because o ' Sullivan, whose world ranking has dropped to 29th. Nevertheless, Rod battle, he still is the undisputed number one hit. Career in the world championships this year was having to refer to a pen, Hugh played a game for nearly a year after their fifth win after Cruz hit a series of record. Throughout the sport snooker, in addition to the rockets, fear of a second person can do that. New season he missed the first four ranking tournament, Championship debut in Chengdu and very successful, early falls in the second round. But judging from Crown to Crown the ultimate winning of the just concluded, o ' Sullivan has been getting better, Cruz staged six months ago that the magic of the rocket is back.

Look at the bottom half, State rival Higgins fell ill, could hardly pose a real threat. 1th Robertson in the just-concluded under the Crown Crown lost its pole. It can be said that once the rockets took out six months ago in the army Championship status, with their Commander. Regiment 14 Chinese players Ding Junhui hit four consecutive tournament China Corps, up to 14 people in the army, Fu Ka-chun of the recent great run [Twitter] and Liang wenbo [Twitter] is in the bottom half. Ding Junhui in the last half of one of the hot, eschewing the encounter with number-one hot rockets prematurely. Recalls in the last two months, Ding Junhui the trickster-like championship football in his arms one by one. Shanghai masters, India open luxury and their international Championship he big bang made three in a row record, for the first time in nearly 20 years. Take advantage of this momentum, Ding can new balance 1300 australia extending gains to four consecutive championships, are worth the wait. British Championships regarded as Ding Junhui fusai, 05 and 09, Ding twice after four years and earned the British championship trophy. Now over the past four years, Ding visited by the shock British Championships the third title opportunity which, if successful, four consecutive writes the brilliant achievements of his career. Throughout its half, Williams, Judd Trump in the same area two-fourths, and Marc Allen [Twitter] more recent status is unsatisfactory, only defending champion Selby of one-fourth district has maintained a good state, but the two sides met in the semi-final over slow heat for Ding Junhui features, this is not bad news.
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