2005年01月15日(土) 23時38分
oh, Man!! I was soooooo shocked!! I was watching a TV program which name is "Sma-Station 4" on channel 6. There was a Hollywood special topic today......then, I heard that Keanu Reeves got $300 million (that'll be about 30,000,000,000 yen) from The Matrix seriese!! holy shit! That's way too huge money. I can't even imagine how it's like. Well, it's not only Keanu Reeves...but also lots of holleywood actors/actresses are getting huge moeny from their movies. It will never happen in japan. It's all about AMERICAN DREAMS for us, you know. They are having totally different from nomal people like us. I wish I could experience this kind of cerebrity life before I die......hehe, this dream is difficult to come true, I know. just dreaming, dreaming, and dreaming!!

The first final exam 

2005年01月15日(土) 16時26分
I finished the first final exam this morning. It was very easy since I had to write only two essay questions ;) I knew the questions in advance....I just had to write main points of last class and my opinion about the topic. In addtion, I needed to write some opinions, questions and criticisms for this whole class. ooh, how easy they were! Actually, I didn't really study for this exam at all, hehehe :P

However, next exam won't be so easy. It's an English class, and coming on Tuesday!! I enjoyed this class so much, but I know it's gonna be tough for me to take the exam. I can't use electric dictionary...I need to bring paper dictionaly....heavy book one. English exams are always hard

Kinda happy :) 

2005年01月14日(金) 22時31分
Yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! I submitted a bit English paper today. The 3000 words' one. Yes!!! Even though I finshed it in advance, I was not feeling good enough until I handed in it to my english teacher. today, I finally did it!! I feel waaaaaay better, you know ;)

oh boy....a Japanese paper is still bothering me so much. awwww,,,,,,well, I'm gonna just continue to work on it tonight. sigh

I have a final exam tomorrow morning. yeah, it's SATURDAY morning, but I have a class! I really regret that I took it. The topics are pretty interesting though. but I just can't stand waking up early morning on Saturday. actually, it's not that early, but I wanna sleep in!! hehe, I'm such a lazy girl. ;P

Stressful days 

2005年01月14日(金) 1時14分
Feelin' like I'm gonna write in English. These days, I'm *ukin' stressed out with Papers!! oh, god.....I have to write so many pages. Those are more than UBC experiences. I did my best to finish English papers which was more than 3000 words, coz I have one more big Japanese paer. One of my good friends helped me with checking grammers, I feel better now.

I'm sometimes tempted to talk to my friends on MSN even though I have so many things to do, coz I feel like I wanna speak in English. However, speaking in English on MSN is not good enough. It doesn't help me with English convasation at all! coz I'm not speaking out anyways. yeah, I sometimes wisper some words, but I'm not having "convasation" face to face. I can use microphone on MSN, but my friends who I usually talk to are not able to use that fanction. That's too bad. Everytime I talk to my best friend in Canada on the phone, I always feel like my English is getting worse and worse. I'm very sad about that. I wish I could have more foreign friends here in Japan. I'm doing some language exchange, but I usually talk to them in japanese, coz they are expecting me to do so. Their Japanese is pretty good, and I feel like I wanna help them with Japanese, of course! They are in Japan, you know. When I was in Canada, I always wanted to speak in English. I know how my friends are feeling. Well.....I wanna find someone who can't really speak Japanese, so that I can speak in English more.
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