2006年03月09日(木) 22時09分
The briefing session this afternoon was so intensive that I didn't even have time to feel sleepy!! Things about VR seems quite complicated... am really afraid that lots of mistakes will be made...

French lesson tonight was not good too... we spent the whole lesson checking the answers of the exercises... whenever it's my turn to answer... my answer was always incorrect! And it seemed that every one in the class know the answer but me! How come I'm so useless....? The teacher must be very disappointed and may even think that students from Jordan are so very poor... I must try to concentrate more and answer his question correctly next time!


2006年03月09日(木) 0時02分
Thanks to Michelle, my colleague in REO, I bought some really cheap Boots products!

I've bought...
a pack of eye mask
a pore refining mask
one blush
one eyeshadow
two lip gloss
two mascara

8 items for $180 only!!!!

French lesson @ Wan Chai 

2006年03月08日(水) 23時54分
Well... What I've just typed in french (using quite a long time) was all gone because I pressed a wrong button... It's so inconvenient using this journal in Japanese... I understand almost nothing...

Just to recap what had happened yesterday.

Met Trista after work and have a short dinner with her 'cos she's having German lesson in Wan Chai too! Was glad to here that she's attended 2 interviews that she's interested! Hope she can make it~

After meeting Trista, I went to AF Wan Chai to have my first French lesson there. The teacher was called Victor (not sure about the spelling). He was nice and his class was interesting too~ He even let us listen to a French song before the end of the lesson. The classmates are all very active and they can speak French well (not that they have a good pronunciation or what, but they can express their ideas and thoughts in a clear way).

What's more exciting is that I'm in the same class with Helen! The mother who had studied with me when I was in beginner level! Was so happy to hear that she's now a mother of 2 children!! And she's back to Hong Kong for more than a year already! Gotta tell her that LP was married next time! :)


2006年03月05日(日) 23時13分
今日o既補習取消o左... 因為阿學生唔舒服... 最衰起o左身先知唔駛補習啦... 如果唔係就可以zzz耐d喇...

4點幾出o左沙田同阿paul去街. 去o左銀行找咭數, 又入o左會費. 之後為o左一支漿糊筆行o左好多方... 因為搵唔到用開果隻藍色漿糊筆. 點知... 最後俾我o係c!tysuper發現o左佢... 總共就買o左3支咁多...

今晚好早就食飯. 因為6點幾開始d餐廳就開始要等位!! 又食o左麵軒.. 之後就去o左watson's. 見到l'oreal paris買3送1... 所以買o左mascara, pressed powder同eyeliner, 都係$196! 又o係ans買o左一把波波點縮骨遮... 買o左好多野呀今日... 不過都仲有好多野想買...
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