Should Smokers Have to Pay 50 Percent Mo

March 16 [Sat], 2013, 19:09
Nurses at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City still chuckle about the elderly gentleman who was a patient at the hospital years ago. He would always respond the same way when asked if he smoked: I gave it up when they raised the price to 35 cents a pack! That was about 40 years ago. Cigarettes now hover at $10 a pack in New York City and only a bit less elsewhere.

But the pack price is not the only cigarette-related cost thats rising. Under the rules of the , people who smoke are likely to see a bigstarting in 2014 if they buy coverage under the new state insurance marketplaces. If youre a smoker over age 50, your premium surcharge can be 50 percent higher than a nonsmokers; younger people are likely to be penalized too, but probably at a lower rate (it remains to be seen what the surcharge will be, exactly).