8.8% market share and ranked third in the ASUS only a thin two percentage points

July 24 [Tue], 2012, 17:41
In early April this year, Lanci was officially appointed as senior vice president of Lenovo Group and president of the newly established European, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) stand cases for the new iPad region. The time of the now more than three months later, dazzling Samaranch to hand over the first report card performance.

According to market research firm IDC recently released data show that, in the second quarter of this year, Lenovo in EMEA shipments up by a substantial increase of 63.25%, to 2.217 million units. This data makes the Lenovo's market share in the region, up to 8.8 percent from 5.5 percent in the same period last year.

Lenovo continue to increase steadily in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) market share, rapid growth in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), outstanding performance and continued expansion in Western Europe and Eastern Europe, is the fastest growing in the top five vendors, IDC said. Although the market is weak, but the association still in business areas performed well, and continue to gain market share.

IDC data show that the Lenovo 2012 first quarter market share in EMEA, the fifth, although the second quarter of the fifth, 8.8% market share and ranked third in the ASUS only a thin two percentage points.

Force European market

In January of this year, Lenovo Group restructuring, re-division of the business area, to replace the Lenovo previously on the mature markets, emerging markets and the Chinese market, zoning, the newly established market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the EMEA markets, Lenovo in the EMEA market and consumer level market has been the short board.

In February of this year, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said communication conference in the third quarter, the European market will be the next major battlefield of the Lenovo Group, the company will vigorously expand the consumer business in this region. He said, "Samaranch in the consumer area is very good at Lenovo promising to win this battle.

Early in his tenure, Samaranch said in the Czech Republic to accept a SAN interview, in 2013 the association to the EMEA market, the top three. He said that Lenovo's performance in the consumer market in Russia and Germany tenacious, this year will strengthen other parts of the market share in EMEA.

Lanci, an Italian, was appointed president of Acer in 2005, part-time CEO of 2008. Samaranch during his tenure, the Acer notebook business to maintain double-digit growth, and will thus become one of the world's top three PC manufacturers.

In April 2011, Samaranch and other management business philosophy departure Hard Back For Apple ipod touch from Acer. In September of that year, Lanci as Lenovo Group consultancy. In early April this year, officially joined the association, as president of the EMEA region.

The EOS M canceled the optical viewfinder and mirror unit

July 24 [Tue], 2012, 17:40
Canon Co., Ltd. The release of new products EOS M, the advanced features of the EOS digital camera into a stylish compact body. The EOS M is the EOS series for the first time with no mirror structure models, design inherits the EOS tradition of simple shape. And leather ipad cases equipped with a different texture of black, red, silver and white colors. Weighs only about half EOS 650D. In addition the new R & D in the EOS M compact and lightweight EF-M lens and flash. With the newly designed bayonet adapter EF-EOS M, flexibility in the use of over 60 EF lenses, the formation of a new camera system with a high expand. Carrying about 18 million pixels APS-C size CMOS image sensor within the body. Compatible with the DIGIC digital image processor to play with EOS 650D the same high resolution and high sensitivity performance. Difference by using a combination of detection auto-focus and contrast detection autofocus Hybrid CMOS AF system, smooth autofocus operation. In addition, the back of the LCD monitor with touch panel. Number of settings by touching the operation and function selection, and shutter release, and during the shoot. Video shot corresponding to the full HD picture quality, and enjoy the presence of the recording through the built-in stereo microphone. The camera is also equipped with color rich and strong sense of fashion accessories, with colors according to your preference.

The EOS M canceled the optical viewfinder and mirror unit. Fuselage internal structure of the design brief, to achieve substantial miniaturization and lightweight. Approximately 32.3 mm in thickness, a decrease of approximately 41%, and weighs about 265 grams (body only), a decrease of approximately 50% compared with the EOS 650D. Good portability is a major feature of the camera. In addition, through the elimination of the pentaprism, using the straight-line outlines the shape of fashion. And the shutter button surrounding the shape of the curve is particularly demanding, personalized design that reflects the new EOS series models. The body is aluminum and other materials, in addition, the internal structure of the added magnesium alloy, to achieve high rigidity. The body color with a personalized Colorful clear through light and dark coloring flaunt their own existence. The classic black and EOS high-end models, the same high durability coating, tough texture. Calm silver corrosion of aluminum processing, showing a metallic sheen. Another white through a unique dual coating treatment, reflecting the feeling of cool and charm long. The dynamic red corrosion of aluminum processing and surface coating, coloring elegant and profound. Substantial miniaturization of the birth of a stylish and sophisticated design and colorful appearance, forming a new style of the EOS.

EOS M no mirror structure of the short flange distance and a new mount for APS-C size image sensor. The new bayonet lens to the EF-M name. EF-M 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM conversion perspective is equivalent to about 29-88mm in 35mm format, is the use of three aspherical lens elements, the use of small lightweight standard zoom lens of the seven-blade rounded diaphragm. STM stepper motor drives the focusing lens group. Way through the STM stepper motor driven lead screw unit to move the focusing lens, the camera in focus. Approximately four shutter speed when shooting still images, through the equivalent of raising strong IS image stabilizer compensate for hand jitter. Also supports dynamic anti-shake feature movie shooting. Closest focusing distance of about 0.25 m, about 0.25 times the maximum magnification. EF-M 22mm f / 2 STM is about 23.7 mm thick and weighs about 105 grams, small and lightweight biscuit lens. To install the EOS M, equivalent to about 35mm to 35mm format conversion perspective. The optical system with aspherical lens, equipped with a seven-blade rounded diaphragm and gear-driven approach STM stepper motor. With approximately 0.15 m of the closest focusing distance, and about 0.21 times the maximum magnification. In addition, the maximum aperture of F2, the good performance of the beautiful blur. And EOS M is also equipped with special bayonet adapter to be able to install the EF lens group of the EF-EOS M. Fully electronic mount adapter adapter EF lenses can give full play to the performance of the IS image stabilization and auto focus shooting. That came with removable tripod, the camera is able to maintain a stable state of the macro and telephoto shooting.

The EOS M equipped with a 18 million-pixel APS-C size CMOS image sensor. Import a variety of other EOS series digital cameras the same advanced technology. Efficiently through the use of gapless micro lens on a photodiode convergence of light, while achieving high sensitivity and wide dynamic range. Equipped with a powerful DIGIC digital image processor. High computing power, CMOS image sensors, image signal sent out for quick and accurate processing. Compatible with the image sensor, ISO sensitivity high-definition. In addition, 14 of the analog-digital conversion, can show a smooth level from the high light to dark. APS-C size image sensor small and compact digital camera image sensor to capture the amount of information, large format printing can also be precise demonstration of the details. In addition, large image sensor, a wide range of unique beautiful blur, the image performance of the variety of ways. The recording quality of the EOS M RAW and JPEG selectable. apple ipod touch accessories Use can be distinguished according to different purposes. Digital camera picture quality is not determined by the size of the camera, but by the size of the image sensor and the support of its core technology running. EOS M inherits the EOS of high-definition reproduction of a variety of scenes, to broaden the user's imagination.

Apple and Kodak has been involved in the field of patent litigation on digital imaging technology

July 24 [Tue], 2012, 17:38
July 24 - According to Reuters, the U.S. Court of Appeals on Monday ruled that Eastman Kodak Company is not an infringement of Apple-related patents in digital camera technology.

U.S. Federal Circuit Court on Monday to maintain the ruling made by the U.S. International electronics related news Trade Commission (ITC) in July last year that Kodak digital cameras and related software for Apple patent constitutes infringement.

After the verdict was announced, Kodak and Apple both sides did not immediately comment.

Apple and Kodak has been involved in the field of patent litigation on digital imaging technology.

Last Friday, in addition, a patent lawsuit against Apple and RIM, Kodak, ITC ruled that after the two did not Kodak patent constitutes infringement. Kodak subsequently said it would appeal.

Kodak officially announced on January 19 this year, filed for bankruptcy protection, the company hopes that through the sale of the patent to obtain funds to the final ride out the storm. Friday's verdict on the Kodak is very unfavorable. Kodak said the company expects a patent auction meeting will be held as early as next month.

Kodak shares fell on Monday by 14 percent, to $ 0.22 per share
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