Is Xbox One the future of PRISM?

June 16 [Sun], 2013, 12:07
Xbox One Kinect PrivacyTheso far for . The consoles debut was marred by unclear policies and misinformation, and gamers havent been shy in letting Microsoft know how they feel. But its not just the used game policy, game-sharing limitations and connectivity requirements that have people up in arms some gamers are .

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Microsoftsis an always-on Xbox tracking you with the Kinect eye, beaming info back to some Microsoft cloud which, as we now know, is tapped by the government,Chris Miles wrote. He even went as far as to call the console the future of .

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Microsofts next-generation Kinect solution features far more enhanced monitoring capabilities than the original Kinect sensor it replaces. The device will be able to recognize individual users and it will record and transmit data on their usage back to Microsofts servers.

In a privacy guidelines document posted last week, however, Microsoft noted that users can disable Kinect with a simple voice command and no data is transmitted to Microsoft without the users consent.

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