Funny Laser products!

June 28 [Tue], 2016, 19:04

Quality Astronomy laser pointer , no surprises. At first I wasn't thrilled about turning the light on by twisting the cap, rather than having a more typical push button. Having said that, I've come to prefer the twist because it's an easier, gross motor movement in a stress situation. The laser is bright and easy to see at a considerable distance ... was shining it on the neighbor's garage door across the street, about 50 yards and the red dot seemed to be about the size between a dime and a nickel. It responds to adjustment well, but I'd much prefer the adjustment screws to be allen or phillips rather than the slotted screws. Have not fired my shotgun with this mounted to see how well it holds zero under heavy recoil but that will be the next task. I have this mounted on the "Tactical Barrel Clamp Mount With Rail For 12 Gauge" as availalbe here on Amazonville, and the size of the rail matched well to the length of the mount on this product. Even if it moves a bit after firing, it's still plenty accurate enough for in home defense ranges.

I am very pleased with this Powerful Laser Pointer . This product is very durable easy to use and reliable. Laser is a little weak in the day time, but at night it goes a very long way, but then again it is a laser after all. I have not yet had the opportunity to zero in the laser but aside from that I plan on buying this product again later in the future. Not to mention the laser with so many positions is absolutely fan freaking tastic and I absolutely love this product. I have been to Iraq twice and Kuwait once and the first time I went I wish I would have had this product, it would have been mor mission capable thn tat of what I had at that particular point of time.

Four finger Laser Gloves

I have a Beretta M9A1 and this light works and looks like it was made for my Beretta. The fit and finish are amazing, the better light output (of the Green Laser Pointer ) is enough to temporarily blind anyone unfortunate enough to get it shined in their eyes. The added strobe is quite disorienting to anyone on the other end of it (green spots in vision that last for about a minute if you look into the light). I love the placement of the two way toggle switch for left or right handed, and one and two handed grip styles. It can be switched into the on position or pushing the opposite direction will keep it on for as long as you hold the switch. Good for those situations where you may or may not need the light on at all times. It is set up in a way that even in a panic situation (a.k.a. loading your pants) you can have the muscle memory to turn it on. Much better than the little rubber push button lights I have tried out.

The main reason I got this 1000mw Laser was the fact that it is all aluminum, it is tried and tested, and the way it clamps onto the gun is better than any "quick release" style rail light I have seen yet. I tightened it on as well as possible because I really don't have a use for "quick release". Though it does come off easy enough in case that is your thing. It came included with two fully charged batteries, and three different rail mount "Keys" so it will fit your particular style without any "Wriggle". My Beretta has a 1913 picatinny rail and it locks onto it beautifully. I cannot attest to the weaver or glock style rails though it fits on my friends composite SigPro 2022 with no problem. Mounted on the Sig 2022 the light sticks out past the muzzle about an inch, so it doesn't look as good as it does on the Beretta M9/92s where it is perfectly flush with the muzzle.

Took it to the range and fired off close to 150 rounds of 124gr +p 9mm rounds with the light on the whole time, and it never so much as flickered. I turned it off and put it away and then checked the light out the next day, and it didn't skip a beat.

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