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June 20 [Fri], 2014, 16:39

dangling 30 meters 3ds sd card reader, spanning a distance of over 120 meters, can be reached in less than 20 seconds.

mind when you try to tourists Liusuo, you might just appreciate Flanagan brought across the 'high' and 'fast' on the stimulation Liusuo Nu; them dangerous, perhaps only in your subconscious. But Fugong end of the village of Rama village doctors before Deng heap but profound understand this danger. He knew someone had to go through from his medical practice cableway fall, never to get up. 'The most intense fear began to have memory card recovery after a death in the face after the calendar data, long accustomed to SAGE t025 tripod.'

46 years old, he is the end of the village of Rama village doctors c5 03 to remove the memory card. 6 villagers group he was responsible for the distribution of the Nu River east and west coasts. To give people on both sides to see a doctor, 28 years, his practice of the road with a piece of Liusuo closely linked to severe diarrhea, he took the road of practice

1964, Deng was born in the former reactor Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture stone moon Fugong Township, east coast of Nujiang Lisu village one. In fact, he is Nu sony mark2 reader in 1983, before graduating from middle school to help 哥哥普 heap heap before Deng back the wine, flour and other food to Myanmar to sell. Walked three days to reach Myanmar, the money has not yet begun, he was infected with severe dysentery. Back to the village, he was lying in the village clinic four days universal RF reader. At that time the doctor called to his friends to see a doctor leaves a big deal than his teens, more than 20 years of age, like a big brother to the Friends of the heap before Deng Ye ask: how are you feeling sick time?

Deng heap before: very hard to accept the memory card production software Friends of the leaf: That would be willing to learn?

Deng before the heap: no foundation, fear is also no chance 5233 how to open the memory card leaves Friends: you want to be, I want to learn, I talk to say that because the former leader Deng heap never too fancy low wages of rural doctors 2g Memory card offer, also went to junior high school, but also the heart of the Nokia 5230 mobile phone sets a career in medicine, friends reported the matter to the leaves to the village cadres. Three days later, after the approval of rural hospitals, he became an apprentice, and began to study medicine career Nokia c6 phone shell mobile phone sets of silicone manufacturers start, followed by the first Friends of the heap before Deng Ye know to drugs, before the formal appointment, he was also sent Rural hospitals trained six months. Took 28 yuan monthly salary, under the tutelage of the Friends of the leaves studied for five years, 'When the doctor to be gentle.' Recalled Deng heap before his master professor of medicine at the same time to download the memory card repair is also often taught him, the doctor patients to be gentle, patient, should be like for his family, like how to use a tripod. Told him to remember Shenzhen wholesale memory cards, care about their patients saying: 'Master, self-cultivation by individuals.' Deng before the heap constantly self at work, and could apply large-capacity mobile phone battery. A few years later, when he introduced the Friends of doctors in rural areas when the master of the village cadres phone memory card 32g, he became the backbone of the village of Rama bottom humble country doctor in the village health Rama end table, reporters saw Deng heap reader before 2004 Yunnan Provincial Health Department was awarded 'the seventh province to implement the World Bank loans advanced personal hygiene,' Fugong County Health Department was awarded the 2006 '2006 Disease Control and Prevention advanced individual' digital camera , a case cover samsung 2005 and 2006 for two consecutive years are stone moon township central hospitals awarded the 'Outstanding Rural Doctor', in 2009 was named 'outstanding member of the township stone moon' a careful medication allergy medication carved hearts

posts Initially Kingston reader g2, Deng before the heap will be confused, but can smoothly through. But once a drug allergy event 5610 does not recognize the memory card, allows the heap before Deng lifetime it was his second year as a doctor one day at noon, a girl leaning grandmother came early A clinic doctor, was not friendly to the leaf happens Canon digital camera tripod. Patient requires injection of penicillin. 'Penicillin?' Deng said the former teacher heap remember penicillin be used with caution, if allergy is incurable guidance of Deng nobody heap before the phone can not find the memory card, for early Abdul lied and said no penicillin a. Then he asked the patient about the use of drugs and penicillin. At her insistence, given a free hand to the heap before Deng Abdul hit early gentamicin behold, a shot, patients who are out of the clinic about 50 meters collapsed to the ground. Early Abdul's daughter ran over diamond phone cover how to do. 'Dr. Deng, you just hit my mom what?' 'Gentamicin ah! '' Gentamicin? My mom will eat gentamicin allergy tablets i9100 mobile phone batteries.' Deng before the reactor to immediately Patients drink a bottle of glucose reader does not recognize, and quickly ran to find friends masters 'I was terrified e63 memory card, if the patient died, and I going to make it.' mentoring two quick run back to health room, see Abdul early in her daughter's arm, the memory card can slowly walk much money, just relax. Since then, he gave patients injections and medicine, more cautious computer memory card 2g prices. How to charge the phone battery has a good, patient drug allergies events no book case for cell phone longer occurred a 'forced operation' Unfortunately, until now there

original, heap before Deng's role is preventive care, playing vaccines, as well as to help the villagers to see some small disease. But in the end the lack of doctors in the village of Rama Meizu m9 without memory card, he had to 'spot to' do something 'major' 20 years ago, a teacher and his wife both drunk truck ride home, parking when the teacher wife calf leather is torn iron a '7'-shaped pile Sony camera card reader Deng said before, the situation is very urgent Samsung 5830 mobile phone sets, he 抖着手 18 sewing needles to each phone Huawei t8300 sets. This is by far, the largest he has done there is a surgical procedure to make him remember. One evening a decade ago, groups of villagers villagers Deng harm tie before picking up the hill farm work when accidentally dropped from a steep slope. Right corner of the memory card is loaded error crack, eyes fell out. Deng heap Liusuo last seen before the first reaction is injured phone memory card identification, so that the family immediately rushed to treat the injured good condition Fugong County People's Hospital, or stone moon rural hospitals. But the families of the injured because of poverty, plus the injured weighing 140 kilos, also Liusuo problem, only in situ treatment. Patients and their families is very strong, said Dr. Deng died reader what that means, do not go to a rural hospital digital camera memory card error, and die here e71 how to enter the store ornament phone case Kahn consider again the camera memory card, before Deng heap requirements each family member write proof, 'If cure htcg8 memory card, do not blame me, I do my best with what jh g10 memory card, as much as he can see.'

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