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April 11 [Thu], 2013, 17:01
Half the day did not wait for Dan, Li Xiangjun anxious! May at this time, a handsome young bearing lightly passing here. "Here really fragrant ah, I said who is it? Original guests Rimmon!" Branching off of the beautiful boy chin slightly raised, then finished, that is, with one branching off the gas approximation Li Xiangjun. Li Xiangjun surprised looked to the reigning heart hesitated single person tolerance, and extremely dangerous to give Li Xiangjun one kind of unfathomable feeling! This juvenile tall, no how sturdy body, only in terms of stature, can not even distinguish between male or female! This teenager wearing an ice blue silk robe, a skull-shaped waist Green sè fluorescent jade head is a light blue suet jade hair clasp! Looks like Yan Lung big family of your son generally elegant! Then a closer look, this young smooth white, face Lengjun and clear skin, a pair of black deep eyes, is thrown hook people Duopo sè Ze ..... at the moment, just holding ivory folding fan with a smile Look at yourself! Slightly surprised a moment, and suddenly understand what, Li Xiangjun shy salute: "next Li Xiangjun, dare to ask the son of high name name?" Well, can you guess who I am? Nine yīn cases mansion, there is a second person like me like it? "nine yīn were sovereign, nine yīn Tai Sui Li Xiangjun hearts shocked, suspected to be confirmed, Li Xiangjun hearts scared and afraid of the sight of people, actually smoke month itinerant Illustrious the nine yīn were sovereign Danyang child, rumors nine yīn cases sovereign to practice Yaofa rejuvenate non-virtual, it seems the rumors! Terrible, Danyang sub refining nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine yuan yīn woman to yīn real dollars before they get now repair, also have such a tolerance. "How? Do not you know me?!" Teenagers see Li Xiangjun daze that smile. Wen Yan, Li Xiangjun before back to God over, courage and replied: "Little Women for the first time to the nine yīn were sites, in addition to the Dan-senior sister apprentice, a small woman did not know anyone? Could you is the famous 9 yīn sovereign?" In fact, you first saw the cases guessed it! little guy, you come to the complaints, but want my hand to help you deal with the CIA? "" I, I "branching off the face in front of handsome teenager, Li Xiangjun was blushing speechless! The eyes of this young boy is really sharp. In front of him, really tiny not worth mentioning! You by Wan soul were instigating want to break this were Yuanyang body, is not it? "" No, no, I just, "could not help but burst Dousuo retreat backwards, sitting on a stone bench Li Xiangjun speak, their own they seem to be the other degenerate ** bare candidly reveal and moment subconsciously bailing, but found no escape possible, only pretending to be calm! Embarrassing, but extremely scared, because the rumored nine yīn sovereign but ruthless person! To to crush this character Road of Danyang sub, not much difference with crush an ant! "Ha ha ha ha, in front of, in this case, there is actually deny the courage!?" Cut! "Young raising his hand, put away the folding fan Road:" Then you've got to look down on the case, to surrender to something Come on! Perhaps I will spare you a life! "Li Xiangjun heard, his head is the roar loudly instantly plunged into blank! How to do? How to do? ! If the other party to know their plans and intentions, end of the road! Perhaps this time, the other side of this do not know himself took 000 soul were the soul of days Dan, the other case, but fraud! However, if you do not tell the truth, hidden from the immediate the Danyang sub wily how! The real things to say, but it depends on what to say! Said bad is drowning in this, said, might be able to stay here, and perhaps even more, there are new opportunities, after all nine yīn cases the strength of the than 000 soul were also higher than the number of! After a brief absence, Li Xiangjun eyes suddenly a cold sound sè club calendar and said: "Yes, Wan soul were to let me to deal with the sovereign, they say the sovereign you eat granulated soul Tiandanqianggan will be Wan phagocytic soul, lost souls! They also promised me many of the benefits of "Li Xiangjun timidly handed Yuping, which is the Wanyan ting to her hands immortality, in fact, Li Xiangjun also not clear whether the grain immortality of the uses of . "Old devil of hell?" His 000 soul were also equipped to deal with I nine yīn cases, but his dog eye is blind! Okay, since you say the truth, it is peace of mind on the road! "Juvenile Danyang son took the immortality carefully looked at, is the pinch in the hands, with a sly! After thought for a moment, the the Danyang child's eyes suddenly a cold, paper fans Shua bang open. Goodbye to the edge of that paper fans, could there be a road murderous stern razor! In the face of death,Nike Free 3.0 V2 Cheap, in the face of the other powerful deterrent, Li Xiangjun no longer calm, "plop" sound kneeling in front of the juvenile! Li Xiangjun continued: "sovereign wait a minute, but let a small woman to finish! I came here is to report it sovereign, they want to deal with you and they are their plans?" Juvenile brow Yang, still just looked cold She said: "plan? went on to say," "a small woman with Dan-senior sister apprentice love with the sister, why would they make the thing sorry for her, a small woman to this is to take refuge in the sovereign comes! because I want to deal with people, too powerful Even Taiji were also unable to deal with his little woman can not sit still, so even if it is dead! have to get this straight, I present sovereign malicious, that Wan soul cases of "the Danyang child see Li Xiangjun so awe-inspiring appearance that smile interrupted her words and said: "Well you got up it rì and then tell me, you know the status of the 000 soul were not exactly!" the young man continued: "In fact, this is only tentative, Danqing bring , my uncle of course you want to cross-examine some you Dan-friends, this cases why would harm the you! Since you are so frank, this case will help you! "Li Xiangjun heavy exhales, the bear pulled heart fall ---- life is saved! Immediately, Li Xiangjun a bunch limp on the ground! "In fact, if going to kill you, of the cases there was no need hands, Dan, you come out, your friend surprisingly good courage! Being the case, after seeking refuge to my Danyang sub sects her into my nine yīn cases, they I nine yīn cases disciples after rì I naturally help her, her enemies is my nine yīn cases enemies! However, since the entry of the door we must draw a line and alchemist hospital so that the so-called right way martial necessary keep my nine yīn cases the rules "soon, Danyang sub hands of Yuping readily throw out! Xiangjun junior sister apprentice, not quickly thanked sovereign! "At the moment, not far from The Dan-surface with Guixiao the over! That the Yuping just fell on her hands! Uncle, I said Xiangjun is on our side! "Watching Dan-expression, Li Xiangjun suddenly understand the original Dan-Wan Yan Ting have guessed what will say to themselves! He can survive, but it is because there is the use of value ---- Obviously million soul of cases against nine yīn cases, nine yīn cases do they not want to deal with a million soul were! Li Xiangjun Danyang sub-sounding lies do not believe that, if no Wanyan Ting friends, will be the Danyang sub mercilessly kill! Rì today if he did not take advantage of the value, and the inevitable loss of life on this,Oakley C-Wire! Danqing propped Li Xiangjun,Jordan Flight 9 Sale. "Come on, you are successful, you have nine yīn cases backed, do not have to be afraid that Ye Xiaolong! But this few rì you need to go back as today rì No matter occurred, Wan Yan Ting ask you successful operation No, you say, has been cast immortality, but eat nine yīn were sovereign immortality has nothing, just say dizziness, does not matter, "Li Xiangjun hear it while stunned! "As nothing? Poisoning success?" "Fool, if you still do not understand, can not deserve me Danqing sisters! Okay, you back smoke City!" Soon, Dan-chuckle drifted away! Looked at the back of Dan-Li Xiangjun head Sharp, a return just think of the situation, Danyang Look at the sly smile of immortality child! Li Xiangjun mind boggled. Of the soul days Dan is false,! Must be false! But, why Wanyan Ting gave me false immortality! Is also a temptation? ! Original Danqing early as guessed the Wan Yan Ting will give own fake immortality, because the first time near Danyang sub, little chance of success! So the real soul of days Dan After all, they have been finished Yanting Li with and take advantage of by Dan-, and nine yīn cases! Silent a long time, Li Xiangjun looking at Dan-left direction, slowly said: "Dan-senior sister apprentice, you are cruel! However, you remember, I Li Xiangjun more ruthless than you!"
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