Du exhibition has a strong self

April 11 [Thu], 2013, 16:02
I really do, Du Shang and Daddy DU development of the relationship that is still quite good, the Du PinShang even able to accommodate Du exhibition outside possessor of so-called lover. Things like this, Du still only one point of view, as long as it does not automatically true feelings on the line. You say you play, it does not matter. But if it really real if you dare, for example, to give him Du Shang concocted a brother and sister, Vanuatu goods still on really fell out. Everyone Who is the bottom line, more than the bottom line, then it is inexcusable. But things like this, Du still touches forever do not worry, because the the DU exhibition they would not do such a thing. The woman in this regard, Du exhibition has a strong self-discipline xìng. "Why go to my house that?" Du PinShang asked, curious,Outlet Coach Tote Bags. The last thing, Du General help, you have to run later, how do I have to say thank you, otherwise, is not it a bit seems he did not have a sense of proportion. "Said Su Mu. "That is quite polite." Du product still does not matter. "Can not say that the appreciation or thank." Su Mu dedication Road. "Then I'll give you and ask, maybe my dad away from home this point, who knows where he would want to know that every time I see him, will call ahead to ask otherwise never find." Du said PinShang. Wait until the car is parked to the side of the road, Du still began to call. To know others who are likely to get through the phone, in Du product yet here is definitely not appear to get through which said. "Daddy, you are where? Nothing, is my teacher thinking to look at your past, the way you said the channel Xie ... ah, I said to him, but he have to adhere to ... well, I know that land, which in the past half an hour now. "Then Du still they hang up the phone and began maneuvering like open forward to. Su Mu naturally not ask, anyway, today is to see Du exhibition, even to just say a word, he had admitted. But about that night's dinner, he told Du still arranged, that will bring the two people in the past, let Du Shang arrangement. Du still here naturally without any problems, Mankoudaying down. Yuelu teahouse. This teahouse in the city, Shengjing corner of the seat pretty good teahouse, at the moment the two people sitting here, a DU exhibition, another Su Mu saw absolutely surprised, because sitting here and Du Exhibition dialogue consternation, that the square career. Secretary before the Zhou Feng, outside into the Provincial Standing Committee, Vice Governor Fang Ya. How is it? How both of them together? Su Mu to come over? "Fang Ya smile. "Yes, this kid have to come, I say there is no need, but he insisted that over thank is the last off the fish thing, in fact, is not that necessary, I just helped a little busy." Du exhibition arbitrarily Road. The two men spoke as is as easygoing and familiar with each other just like on the other side are very understanding like. In fact, very few people know that side career is the Du exhibition developed a line in the capital, and the relationship of the line and Du Exhibition really is very good friends. Otherwise the two can not be sitting here talking, Fang Ya can occur in the southern province of serving without any worries, a big part of the reason is because Du exhibition, because he knew that he really wants to do something else Du Exhibition will definitely support. Su Mu is pay attention to people, to say that things can not really say is trivial. Want to know that the week is always really anxious, that thing is actually several weeks old hearts, your practice is quite satisfactory, but Su Mu this kid know specifically over the trip, it is true that some of surprised me, "said Fang Ya. "Do not avoid the next?" Asked Du Exhibition. "Evasive? Did not need to, I just want to see next Su Mu You can not underestimate the Su Mu, he just a director of the CMC, but behind him a few Buddha no one is able to be underestimated. not to mention he is now also become the object of focus on the cultivation of the Mission Department, said bluntly, I would like to rely on the chances Su Mu, some things can be made. "Ya Fang calm Road. Such words, and the words of others for doing absolutely surprised, but Du exhibition such as has long been expected like casual nod, if he knows the ins and outs of the Su Mu, so the other career, no doubt. A person has a strong background, they have the absolute ability on good relations with this person say in no fortune, really wait until all the other grew up, you thinking about doing something else, when it is too late . Du products yet is buried a line? "Then wait, say up and Su Mu I really want to thank if I'd really something thought to the next." Du Zhan said. "What do you want?" Fang Ya curious Road. "One word, one person writing the Song Su Mu!" Du Exhibition slowly. Du PinShang soon be found here, when the two men came, saw when Su Mu Fang career sitting here, and not the slightest to evade mean, he knew the party career without any fear, he and they were not afraid of people say that they sitting together and Elsie exhibition things. In fact, this is really nothing to say, Fang Ya and the president of the Giant Group meeting, said that out also who are able to pick out what thorn. "Square governor, Du total!" Sumu Gong King Road. "Tert-side!" Du Shang did not make much restrained mean obviously-raising party career. Su Mu, there are no outsiders, you do not need to be so serious, or the same as before, call me directly as the square tert. "Square career arbitrarily Road. "Is my old man all day people called DU total, you here if also so called,Nike Kobe Dream Season IV, then, that more than boring, and the Lao side, directly call for Du t-bar, if you are willing, then, after such a call to become If do not want to call me directly DU exhibition is. "Du exhibition with a smile. Side tert Du tert Su Mu where dare take that freedom no sense of proportion. "That's right!" Du exhibition with a smile. Du tert today over want to say thank you. "Said Su Mu. "Well, I know you're going to do things if you really want to thank me, I have also said to the Lao side of say, you write a word directly to me now, but I know you write level of, do not be afraid, I am here to what has, how to? automatically write, to Du tert face it. "Du Zhan said with a smile. "Su Mu, I also want knowledge,Air Jordan 3 Sale, you in the end be able to write out what kind of word, how can Laodu so concerned about." Square career laughed. "T-square, you do not make fun of me, where I can write what good character is purely entertain, but Du tert Since opening up, and you are old and do not hold anything against, that I revealedshortcomings." Su Mu said. Su Mu are now able to truly feel the side career who revealed to the kind of atmosphere and different. Previous weeks old around, how to say should be maintained a low profile, and now it? Body from side career, he was able to really feel a sense of confidence. Such confidence with his every move to be able to show it, that is also, after all, anyway, Fang Ya are weeks old secretary, directed at the identity of the southern province of those who have to give some face. Even if Sun Mubai is called the executive vice governor, to see a side career not dare prick. Do not forget that side career who was also carrying the name of the head of the Provincial Standing Committee that this is the most powerful. "Ha ha, the teacher, you really want to start writing this? Happy ah, I have a long time not seen you pen a square tert really do not lie to you, my teacher's hand word, really did not say. If I could write it, come up with to go soak sister that is definitely a big kill. now that I think I feel envy jealous hate that, why, why I was such a handsome man, is that there is no way to write out the beautiful calligraphy that , I ... "" Shut up! "Du Exhibition stared fiercely at, this mixed kid really had it been allowed to continue to say, Zhi Buding will say nothing. Du products still obediently shut up, but secretly muttering. Fang Ya touches indifferent smile, has long been known that DU PinShang what spleen xìng Du still is able to tolerate. Say you want to know still really like Du manifested by the appearance of this? Fang Ya know this is a false impression, this kid is absolutely not a law-abiding Zhuer. Anyone who so despise the words of Du Shang final will not know how to die. Speaking Su Mu did not think things would be like this, did not think party career here, not think DU exhibition to write, but does not matter, anyway, is to thank the Du exhibition, write a word you write a word. This word really can not be the measure of what bribery? Really that is the case, but also a bit a bit too much. Has a side career as witnesses say, Su Mu really not afraid of who would dare prick. The the Yuelu teahouse reason why the name name is boss here is a scholar, and the scholar of some standing in the southern province, is the president of the Association of calligraphy. He had opened the teahouse original intention is not for profit, just think to have a big guy to drink tea and chat exchanges calligraphy. But did not think Yuelu teahouse because this did not think of such a sudden change fire up business and reputation are ideally. The Yuelu teahouse boss is the Yang Trinidad. Pushing the four treasures of the study into the box of Yang Qianli, no way, if it do anything else when Yang Trinidad may be embarrassed to come in, after all, he is aware of Fang the career and Du Exhibition in here has something to say . But Jiabu Zhu Du Zhan said to write, and to know into Du Exhibition Hogan calligrapher, is definitely not a light weight. Yang Qianli they volunteered to take on the the waiter angle sè. "Yang Qianli!" When Du exhibition saw who pushed to it, and looked slightly surprised a moment, but then resumed ever. Trinidad ah Yang Yang, a thousand miles, you are not always self-proclaimed calligraphy it? Today let you to see what is called real strength.
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