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April 11 [Thu], 2013, 15:52
On such occasions, people who dare to release such a thing, except Su Mu, really do not the second dare say. () Under the the skilful driving skills of Zao Wou-ki, Su Mu, under the guidance of the City to pay jǐng intentional finally arrived here. First arrived here, and in the eyes of the Su Mu Qishan Yang's so arrogant and domineering cries, he suddenly anger not one to play. Originally because significant hurried panic rushed over to the angry mood, this moment all erupted,Air Jordan 8 Sale. Want to do your job, do not want you all to get out! Do not think Su Mu no such power, the fact this power Su Mu really have. For high open area construction company, CMC has regulatory powers. Necessary circumstances, the Management Committee has the right to be able to direct to interrupt construction companies and investment companies contract forced dismissal. Had to do so, just thinking to do a good job of this remedial work in order to be able to help better invested enterprises, who expect to be here. Follow closely in of Su Mu behind than others, it is the size of the CMC's leadership. In fact, here come into conflict, DU Lian they had come. Just looked at DU Lian Li Lotte performances, here to receive Zhengmu signal them, they did not stand out. Initially just that things do not blow up, and started working person who wants to the first urban construction, it is prepared. This is simply lawless move! What if you could say, but it can not be a radical way. To know utilized in this way, not only can not be better to get rid of the problem, but will let the problems become more serious. Su Mu Su Mu back! "Qishan Yang saw after Su Mu figure. The heartbeat suddenly accelerated even beat so, he saw in the Soviet Union Mu feel over some gripped,Oakleys Pit- Bull. To tell the truth. Su Mu and now in ancient Lan City's reputation really loud, loud to even Qishan Yang this hob the meat saw all feel overwhelmed. To know Su Mu that but single-handedly built the now high open area people, on whose hands have not been able to win in this scene, literally in the hands of Su Mu realized. This achievement is the Su Mu's glory! This glory is Su Mu capital chasing! This capital is capital Su Mu able to say such a thing! Replaced by any one person, even the deputy director of the CMC are not like Su Mu such boldness full. The "Su Zhuren!" When Su Mu came, Li Lotte they all in unison, in the face. They will not let Su Mu somewhat difficult to do, how to how the sample. Really playing with those little tricks if at this time, but will drag Su Mu. "General Lee, Wong total several good, what happened today, really sorry, rest assured, I promise that this is only one case, such a thing will never happen again. If they appear, ye shall as possible before came to my director of the CMC trouble. "Su Mu said. "Su Zhuren serious. Where is inevitable that some mouse droppings not we can not because of an assumed name on a pot of soup bad, right?" Li Lotte smiling. "You say who assumed name it!" Qishan Yang temper even the best are not able to tolerate such cynicism. Moreover Qishan Yang originally not a good-natured man, staring at Li Lotte angry shouting. "Su Zhuren You see, I have been hit into what kind of thing if you do not give me a statement, I will go to report them to the time I have to report their family members dead not!" want to complain, but also told Lee Lotte they ruin and death? Su Mu thrown mouth hint of sneer, Qishan Yang,Nike LunarEclipse Cheap, the thing here is how is it, I already know, if you think I know enough to say, then, now followed by Xu Yan back to the Board, even if you thinking not understand, do not line this is your thing, so as for you, the first urban construction employees, I do not care what you think, you should know, you first of all is the first urban construction workers, instead he Qishan Yang out how it is, I believe that you know are a few, everyone's eyes are sharp if you really dare to make trouble, who would dare to make trouble I caught who! do not want to make trouble? did not want to make trouble, they all give me back the first urban construction chaos will not, absolutely can not because Qishan Yang any ruin things I say, you can understand? "understand! "first urban construction employees see Xu Yan with jǐng observed over time, the hearts of the kind of passion has disappeared. Like Su Mu said, they are the first urban construction workers, Qishan Yang is not the people. The first urban construction is state-owned, and not what the private sector. They do not need to, because Qishan Yang, and lose their future. Besides the immediate situation is not clear enough? Qishan Yang obviously pull However, Su Mu wrist. Qishan Yang others can blink of an eye pack out, not to mention that they? So, after a little hesitation, they all nodded retreat. Really if continue to go downtown, they believe embattled jǐng police are absolutely dare them all arrested and put in jail. "Line or brothers, ah, this Conspire put things to get rid of as long as the first urban construction workers receded, this toss it up." Li Lotte said, laughing. "Yeah, toss it up, you toss enough?" Zhengmu glanced Road. "Where is the racket? Blame that bastard mouth smelly, dare I wild species, if I do not hands, came home, my dad my ancestors Zousi me how? Lao Zheng Look what you mean, I should deserve to be scolded fragmentation? "Lee Lotte ruthless channel. "Wrong! I would like to say that replaced my long hands." Indifferent Road Zhengmu. Amount! "Li Lotte short stupidly after, then laughed, really is not stuffy sāo enough appetite, Zheng Mu this guy boring sāo the the, things start to pick I was not absolutely refreshing enough. When the first urban construction staff began to retreat backwards, Su Mu turned Qiaoxiang the instigator of today. If Cheng Wei of things today, you want to toss out are not possible. Cheng Wei, ghost in behind pounded it all, does not severely pack him up, that is absolutely no way to give vent out the heart of the foul smells. To know Su Mu today if belated that really happen unimaginable. Let alone on the way back, the car is driving too as fast, if they did not Wou-Ki, then chances Su Mu have crash dead. Directed at the hands to Cheng Wei lessons. Say that he is not the singing and Zhao Tianhua opposing it? Since to sing, we must sing good! "Cheng Juchang, I would like to ask, how can you say that Lee entertainment planning, Zheng Group in the illegal construction? Canaan temple is Who gave you the right to let your hands forcibly dismantle? Did not you know Here is a provincial key cultural relics protection units? Do not know what the status of this temple has a high open area? "Su Mu the sideways Lengran asked to. "... We are only after receiving notification over the review, we have strict procedures, we ..." Cheng Wei speaks a little lack of confidence. There is no way to have emboldened, the Cheng Wei originally came nonsense. Cheng Wei is relied on the signs of the Urban Construction Bureau, where this over-thinking this way threat live the Lis entertainment. To know they do not have not done every success. So Cheng Wei, such as Lee's entertainment such enterprises, it will not dare and they are facing right touch. To know the magistrate as currently tubes, they Urban Construction Bureau really want to prick trouble, it is very easy. Who would have thought that Lee Entertainment veterans, turned out to be so bold? Far from thinking about the clothes soft and also fear of the things that trouble is not big enough. The booing, things really continue to go downtown, last unlucky own expense inevitable. Plus Su Mu rhetoric today and windy, the Cheng Wei really do not know what to say. Really bad enough, I knew today before they come to do to prepare, then not so have clout, so Su Mu to ask speechless. Is to blame and blame Qishan Yang, you darn past a word, I'm going to follow you to come, and also have to lock this Canaanite temple. You say you lock it, and also non-open bike forklift shovel then look at this booing, how to explain? How to explain all unexplained! "Hey! Chengju Chang, What happened today is how is it, you know it is I do not bother playing what you paying lip service to the lawsuit here. Sentence, you immediately come up with evidence to the Lee Entertainment illegal construction out if we say if not get out, I'm sorry, this lawsuit I really made up my high open the Zone not want to cross into a bar will be able to cross into Who wants to significantly disrupt the plan for the future of my high open area, will be the enemy of my high open area. Chengju Chang, you heard it right, is the enemy of our enemies, our attitude is very simple, exhausted all interrupted knocked to the ground ! "Su Mu calm. Enemy? Su Mu actually spend here the enemy so called! Although this title is a bit modified ingredients, including, but want to know, in today's society, this name really is easy to think of those things of the class struggle era. However, this time one who really dare than the real child, he really fight in the end the Su Mu know. Cheng Wei, you come to my site, misbehave, I do not fight you lost face, I'm sorry to the identity of the director of the CMC! Do you really think that with Zhao Tianhua covered for yù for it? Cheng Wei, you will soon find that this time Zhao Tianhua will never be imposed on you help. Because you have violated the rules of the game, disrupting the rule of the bureaucracy. Where righteousness, I have no fear! . . ) S
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