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April 11 [Thu], 2013, 17:14
Moment look to the sky, blue background Happy child called mysterious Huanglong to be the energy 飞絮 lighting is rapidly tumbling every now and then, like thousands of Purple Youlong surround spectacular! Ear, piercing rustling sound, astonishing. "Ye Xiaolong, do not underestimate the neutron star storm, you try to come up with a hole in this stalagmites foot of!" But in a moment, the momentum of the storm is growing up, says Happy child watching the dragons. "I try and it seems very difficult years also was not storm erase these stalagmites Mountain stands demonstration of their tenacious!" Dragons looked at the front stalagmites mountain, so steep, steep if a color sè towers, if in mainland Yan Lung, dragons touches grasp beat overthrow this great towers, but here is a neutron star, shall rì language, a dragons and carefully op-bearing exercises, then with a quatrain palm method to fight in stalagmites mountain bottom position. "Bang!" Bang impact, Hang-yin sound! Unfortunately, the stalagmite was not the slightest movement! The dragons looked carefully at own palm method hit, saw a shallow fingerprints.! Tentatively out? Your combat power, but ten thousandth, where the magnetic field strength is the number of times the Continental magnetic field of the Earth and Yan Lung, neutron star, like two weak ants! I see you quatrain palm or Save it, do not come up with real skill, chisel no hiding cave! "you try!?" dragons take away the palm method to maintain the atmosphere, curious to see the Happy child. "You do not have the art of fire control what fast try with fire!" Dragons hesitated for a moment and replied: "Well, I try!" Vatican inflammation tactic in mind quietly brewing dragons appeared in the hands of the gold sè absolutely raw flames flashing brilliance, fluttering moving, the combination of heaven and earth fire fusion the singular energy must light a fire, it looks so powerful! Happy child watching the the dragons hands of flame is also slightly surprised, just heard about dragons in the hands of the singular flame Happy child before, has not witnessed a look, now, really extraordinary. "That look must light a fire!" BLAZING arrows! "With dragons soon Lenghe, the gold sè flames rapidly changing the shape of the three the flame lever for the,Air Max 24-7 Shoes. "Phew! Shoop! Shoop!" The the three the flame lever for succession illness shè out, straight hair to a point. "Boom Boom! Boom!" Series of three loud sound, rock-solid stalagmites bottom of the hill by the three rocket blasted a hole, stones collapsing fly, debris flies! Happy child wins away, and other rubble quickly landing, that is, to see about a depth of twenty feet wide and more than a few feet of a hole! For the two exactly hiding touches! The Seeing "pop, pop, pop" Happy child hiding cave, can not help but smile, clap and cheer Road: "you must make a fire I was the first time seen, it seems a well-deserved reputation, and she is very strong! That these the stalagmites mountain in this never again tempered after the storm, has already become indestructible, I did not expect, you move fire control tactics easily hit a hole! powerful! "You do not want to see is a cast-control fire tactic it?!" dragons hearts Fufei disdain, only faint replied: "Now, we can use this cave shelter from the storm, right?" "ah, you can first possession into the cave, I then blood compass to seal the hole, so that we would not be the storm swept away!" "Then we need to hide how long?" should not take long, neutron stars storm comes and goes fast, it is estimated that a few minutes only! "said Happy child has towards the hole. Dragons naturally follow up, he first entered the cave,Nike Air Max 2011 Shoes, Happy child has not yet Festival bleeding compass is heard of Li Xiangjun shrill cackling of sound. "Ye Xiaolong, Happy child, this mysterious Huang Zhongzi Star, you buried at! Even graves are dug what? Ha ha ha ha!" Blue sky, thousands of the valley of death 飞絮 the suddenly sprang one looks strange flying beast! Fish siren,Nike Free 4.0 V2 Sale, or so the flying beast they seem variation two fins more they seem to be a huge wings flapping its wings, the storm here like to be rid of the general! The dragons looked huge flying beast Body, can not help the body numb! The main body of this behemoth of approximately twenty-Zhang Xu, but three long tail is drag baizhang away, even longer than the giant flying beast itself several times! Strange flying beast whole body covered with wet scales, they seem to be wrapped in some kind of mucus, presumably a protection. Strange flying beast huge head with three wildfire-like eyes, a large mouth, dozens of long claws flurry in the air, flying beast's head, stood a majestic tight black woman, to precisely Li Xiangjun! Evil woman "yīn soul lingers to a neutron star can chase!?" To see Li Xiangjun suddenly immediate concern, the dragons eyes of a cold, just entered the hole, she stood out again. "Purple marrow, eat them! Smoked their brains, you will become stronger!" Li Xiangjun thundered loudly foot of the flying beast swooped from! Marrow in this purple flying beast, but also some of the origins of an ancient odd beast was originally the River Luo Haihuang recorded in the book, has the power of Sin war, but also has a learning taking creatures brains xìng in the field of ancient times Seven Seas terrible one odd beast! "Boom!" Dragons and Happy child into the cave to hide at the same time, the dragons in the hands of three must light a fire Huoyun Arrow anger shè out. "Ga Well that flying beast itself heavy Huoyun Arrow, issued a scream, Huoyun Arrow impartial head is flying beast shè in" Purple marrow ". However, only three small wound, nothing for a huge purple myeloid flying beast, purple the myeloid flying beast touches prompting furious, but more dangerous. Sure enough, this purple myeloid flying beast huff Juzhua random hit, a dragons and Happy children hiding behind hill was actually under the purple the myeloid flying beast recipe Lane shook his yù falling! "Rumbled!" Deafening sound from the, earth shattering General pomp! Dragons, Happy children hiding two the stalagmites mountain in purple myeloid tremendous power attacks, such as the the trees outstretched general crashing down! The stalagmites Mountain collapsed dragons is felt involuntary bounce ground stand, this force is too terrible! Although the the dragons cave manufacturing has not been destroyed, but no doubt, in whole stalagmites Mountain can get the collapse of the purple the marrow monster in front, hiding in caves will soon be destroyed. "Stalagmites Hill also can not stop this Niexu! Dragons, purple myeloid beast cents class warfare force! Before the Gusu purple purple Month the sacred beasts Battle over, feel Spirit of combat power that month quite of this Niexu!" this monster penny class warfare force?! seems that cave and can not protect us, how to do? "dragons also surprised, watching Happy child, which is also slightly dignified. "Your Huoyun Bolt do nothing! I just did not think Li Xiangjun with cents-class beast came so fast!" Happy child Seeing this situation, hearts rather consternation immediately red flying out of the cave, and big bang shouted: "Better let me Bibo the children spatial and temporal pattern to try! dragons, as soon as you think of ways to try the strongest fire tactic, I is holding it first!" Happy child voice down, the hands is the three beams fine The fine of blue, green, purple sè hair! These hair wind a move instantly disappear again changed into a to Road breeze blew Li Xiangjun. "Oh, Elder odd beast Bibo children? Can not believe you Happy children and other odd beast lifted? Breeze blowing dragons is surprised to see the The Happy child whose hand three sè hair has become a personal fishtail "mermaid" monster looks like mermaid look surprisingly handsome, male and female, regardless! Mermaid's eyes, but it is rippling unlimited temptation breath, that the pupil still if a pool of blue water! Purple marrow beast roared twice, suddenly pounce mermaid, the mermaid did not panic grinning twice, spit out little mist turned into the void Bibo Ripples, amidst sparkling, so strange a move method tactic seems to here do is distort space, air, a circle of blue water ripples spread out purple myeloid beast sent waves roar, but it is generally motionless on these Bibo waterlines stick. The the ancient odd beast Bibo children?! Happy child your means really "looked purple myeloid struggling not to move, dragons looked surprised Happy child, the means of the latter is far from being seen before so simple , but has a deeper hidden before the Battle of Suzhou purple purple Happy child is willing to come up with Bibo children, will not be lost is so tragic. What time you do not think of a way?! Adhere to the spatial and temporal pattern of Bi Boer will not last long purple myeloid break through! "Oh!" Dragons soul, has been brewing for the fire cloud Citylink control fire tactic.
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