20040424 diary 

2006年04月24日(月) 19時10分

I am taking maternity leave,but I am going to back to work this July.
I want to improve my ability of English English ability untile that time. by then
Today a fellow mother came to my home to have for a birthday party for our children because both children were born in last April in april last year

I am afraid that I can work and contribute to our company as well as other cowaorkers.I am afraid that I will not be able to work and contribute to our company as wellas my co-workers.

It is difficult for me to keep waorking while raising children,I think.
It takes 1 hour to go get to my office by train.What is more,I will have to go to the nurse stop at the nursery scool on my way office and home to worknd back.
If possible,I want to change my bussiness job to have more time with my child.

I think that the ability of speaking English English ability is helpful to do that.


2006年04月22日(土) 23時58分
I wish I can operate anything in English what I want to do.

When I was a student,I learned(studied ) English for 7 years.

I can read something written by English,looking words up in dictinary.

--I can read just about anything as long as I have a dictionary to look up words I do not know.
--If I have a dictionary to look up unknown words,then I can read just about anything.

However,I can not speak and listen English well.
my listening and speaking comprehension is not very good.

I am intimidated that the native speaker say

I am intimidated by native speakers because I can not understand them fully,and so I freeze and get stuck.

I can not come up with the appropriate words and phrases of what I want to express.

When I feel nervous I can not think clearlyand forget words and phrases I know.

I usually manage to get across to them,but they say "I can not understand.".

--I think I am getting across to them,but they always tell me that they do not really understand what I am saying.
--I think I am being clear but they always tell me ......
--When I speak English I think I am being clear,but native speakers think that I am being as clear as mud.

That is also the reasons for my dauting daunting mistakes in the conversations.

3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Home-Based Business 

2006年04月19日(水) 13時17分
Please read the content item "3 Ways To Jumpstart Your Home-Based Business" found in the Business category and be prepared to answer the following questions:

1. Do you own your own business? If so, what kind of business is it? If not, would you like to own your own business someday?

I do not own my own job, am just employee.
However,if i have a chance to do that,I would like to do that.
however,Though governments have recomended improvements of the discipline/rules for women having children,it is difficult to keep working while rising children in Japan.

You can not get enough welfare,little bit,and in term of rules/discipline you can make working time short untile your child will turn 3 years old.
But,thereafter you typically have to work at full time if you are proper.

That is why ,if possible,I would like to own my own bussiness.

I often think about that,or imagine myself starting my own bussiness and becoming the rich!
As I have a Taiwanese friends,I think of opening the web site for shopping on the Internet to deal with items of Taiwanese teas and sweets.
As I am a system engneer,I think of becoming free.

But, all of that is just in my mind.

In fact,the company I belong to is entrepreneurial venture.
I respect my boss and noticed that he make big efforts all the time.

and now that is preparing forword putting on market.
If our company will suceed,I can get big reword.
of course,I have share of that!

Let's say that,....
after I will go back to work,I do my best that our company suceed.

2. What would be the perfect job in your opinion

The perfect job for me is to keep working while raising children,or to combine family life and career.

I could work at home though I had a office other place.
and a bussiness is small to operate everything by myself.


2006年04月09日(日) 0時50分
There is a variety of food in the world. We often eat out in restaurants - Italian, French, Indian, Japanese, and Chinese. However, what kinds of foods do people usually eat in their homes?

1. What kinds of foods do you always eat at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

I usually eat Japanese food every meal.
It is common in Japan that meal has a main dish,two side dishes,rice and soup.Furthermore,it is the best that dishes inclued boilded,grilled and someting cold or fresh to eat.
I manage to cook these every time when my husband and I have meals together.

You know,my kid is only 1 year old and eat special meal for baby.
So I sometimes eat his leftover.However,baby food I cooked is health diet. Though I only eat leftover,I get enough nutrition if I eat a lot!

2. What is your favorite dish now?

My favorite dish is cooked meal with balsamic source.
You must prepare kichen or beef,and these are seasoned with salt and harbs.You then grill these.
Next You must prerapre the prepare the balsamic source.
You bring a cup of valsamico and a coup of red wine to a boil until reduced by half,stirring constantly.
You then add 15cc of blueberry jam,stirring.
At the End you place meat and source on a dish ,add watercress as decoration.

3. How often do you eat out?

I have a child,and it is difficult to eat out becase it is difficult to get baby food while being out.
However,I eat out to have a gorgeous lunch with fellow mathers a couple of times a month.
So my husband do not like eat out becase if he do,he can not drink enough .

4. What kinds of restaurants do you visit regularly?

Recently,my kid want to walk aroun and disturb us


2006年03月12日(日) 0時34分
1.What kind of cartoon do you like?and Why?

I like the cartoon for kids.
I watch it with my child and have a good time,though he can not completly understand its story.
There are white-hat as super heros and black-hat in that story.
The white-hat almost knock down black-ones at the end of it.
The cartoon for kids story is simple and have storng messages that to do best for right is important and even the black-hat has a little bit of good aspect.

2.Do you have favorite cartoon film or cartoon characters?and Why?

I like the character for kids,especially ANPANMANN, though many japanese know it.ANPAN-MAN is a man having a red bean bread head.
He love peace and is courage and storng.It is good for kids to watch and learn relationships with friends and so on.

3.Have you ever learned someting with cartoons?

Actually, I have a teacher's qualification in elementary school.When I was a university student,I learned how to teach studies and moral.
I had to consider the effective way of teaching something.
At that time,I heard that there are users manuals with cartoons for persons who can not read characters in some contories in Asia.
These explain how to use machines,gas oven and set off watcher service and the like and show what they should do when they need informations.
I think It is convinience and easy to convy message without difficulty.

4.Did you draw pictures having a strong message in your school lesson?

When I was a student,I draw pictures having messages against drug,improvement traffic safety and against discrimination and so on every year.
The picture or cartoons having messages have a strong influence on people,so
I had to think deeply how I think about it so that I could express my messages.
That is why To drow and read cartoon is good way of

Today's lesson 

2006年03月04日(土) 1時51分
I did REVIEW section for words and phases twice times each.The count of my known phrases is less than ten! It is far fewer than other member's ones.I have to try harder.I am addicted and hooked The Linguist!!

My baby feed the baby food three times in a day.I alway cook these by myself and I am sometimes under pressure to cook it by a certain time for his regular habits.
Even though a fellow nurturer feed her baby only vegetables,my baby started on eating meat these days.At first,I was intimidated that meat caused allergies to him,he does not have food allergens so far.

Next Sunday in-laws will visit us,I have to make a plan to let them buy us dinner and make them buy someting for my baby!!

the questions from shashi 

2006年02月25日(土) 23時16分
1.How you came to know about linguist and why you need to learn to English?

I am a system engneer and there are many forengner in our company.
I someitimscarry on e-mail correspodence with coworkers in English and take part in meeting isn EnglishThough I had private lessons with English man outside,I did not have that time due to my pregnancy.
At that time,I found The Linguist advertizing on the Web site which describe informations on how to learn English at decent price.
Above all,it is convnient to speak in English on my trip all over the world.

2.What's your study plans and what you have achieved up till now with linguist?

I want to express myself at office and meetings.I also have to improve my ability of English for telephone meetings.
Becase in a telepone conversation,I have to liten to what people speak correctly,and it is difficult to do that and convy my message correctly.

I learned English for 10 years at school,but I forgot the words and phrases and grammer rules I learned.The Linguist remainds me of these.
Further ,The Linguist have many contents with sounds,which is efficient for me to develop my ears.
I guradually come to know the real phrases that native speaker put together by listenning and reading the Linguist contents.

3.What are your feelings about the linguist?

The death of my grandmother 

2006年02月23日(木) 0時59分
Three days ago my grandmother dead died.
I was so sorry that I heard it on a telepone.
I heard about it on the telephone.

My family and I had visited her home twice a year since I was born untill I was sixteen years old.
My family and I visited her home twice a year from the time I was born until I was sixteen years old.

We could have a good time.
We always had a good time

She was a good chef.

The most favorite food that she cooked for us was the fine noodle to welcome the New Year as Japanese traditional doing.
The best food that she cooked for us was fine noodle to welcome the New Year in the traditional Japanese way.

The taste was kind of sweet and the smell was so good.I really loved it.

She was smart and cute.

She sometimes did a sum in her head faster than me in her seventies.She used to did it and then gave me a huge grin.
Even though she was in her seventies, she sometimes did sums in her head faster than I could.She would solve the sum and then give me a huge grin.

Before She stayed in a hospital,she could partly bleach her hair into purple.
Before she stayed in a hospital,she would partly bleach her hair purple.

I loved her and may she rest in peace.

the busiest month of the year 

2006年02月18日(土) 15時28分
This will be first group discussion as a member of SKY.

1. When is your busiest month of the year? Why?

My buiest month of the year is march.
Maych is the end of the accounting period in Japan.If our customers have remains of estimated cost,we can get business.At that time we have to over it within March so that they can finish terminal accounts.
After my child will attend a school,I would prepared a lot of things forward it.
I would be busy in March just like the writer of "the busiest month of the year" content is busy in September,becase schools start in April in Japan.

2. When is the month that you are looking forward to? Why?

I am looking forward to September.
I was born in August,so I basiclly love Summer.I love to hang out with friends and often go BBQ,fishing,picknik and party outside with them.
What is more,I love to travel.The traveling expenses are consistently expensive.However, that gets cheaper after middle of September wherever the destination is,and I can travel everywhere at decent price.

3. Are you thinking that you are busy or you don't have enough time for yourself in these days? What do you like to do if you can have enough time or a long vacation ?

I am busy these days.I just have a child and he is oly 10 month old.
Recently he can hold onto table and sofa and my body and stand up himself and then He falls down.I must watch him not to fall down and hit his head.
During a meal,He goes up to table and disturbs our eating.Every time I strenghen thing up,he makes a mess again.I stub my toes on things. It never ends.
That is why I do not have enogh time for myself.
If I can have enough time,I would just relax and have someting hot to drink and read books and learn English in The Linguist!


2006年02月16日(木) 21時14分




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