hi people! 

November 25 [Sun], 2007, 22:53
d畭aah the time has passed and i've not ulpoaded nothing here ;^; !! u__? i've forget it {げっ}

Well :) , yesterday i did nothing xD i had to study but i didn't do it {涙} , and on frinday's night,i went whit my family to the cinema :DDDDDDDDd we saw a movie which i didn't want to see but really when it finished, it liked to me xD
u_? ~
... Beoewolf :) , was the movie's name xdd !

Photographic's sesion :D 

October 25 [Thu], 2007, 8:37
Today i've to be more time inside my school , beouse my friends and me had to do a photographic's sesion for photography class's work , really.. it was fun , and all people saw us xD becouse the theather's saloon was busy so we had to take the photos on school's garden and school's park
But now, we're nyappy *0* becouse we've our photos *-*


Writing on my block :3 

October 24 [Wed], 2007, 6:37

Text written for Peter Pan movie x3
// Texto escrito por la película de Peter Pan //

Drawn dedicated to my platonic love
// Dibujo eddicado a mi amor platónico //

Kitty's food 

October 23 [Tue], 2007, 10:16

I loved it
it's very very cute, as an onigiri
in fact, it's like an...onigiri ne! but.. with kitty's form, hahaha


October 23 [Tue], 2007, 8:52
My name is Paula, but many people call me Haru :) i prefer that people call me for my nick that for my name x33
I'm 15 years old :) and i lived in Santiago, Chile :DD , but i hope to travel to Japan once on my life :DD
{ ..my english is not perfect, sorry! }
well, i LOVE LOVE Japann but it's obviously.. i'm posting me on yaplog!

i hope know some people from japan and other people who likes that as me

and.. that is all, i'm not a good presenter
So.. :) Good Bye - Sayonara !
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Haaaaaaaaru
My nick is Haru and I'm 15 years old :3~ i love japan and all relationed with this i love animals , and i love PANDAS !!!! a lot.. very very much
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