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I would watch anything with Ruth Wilson in it! ALICE
Dark. River... movie, download
Woah. Ned and Gendry from GoT. Ruth Wilson playing another character named Alice, and Sean Bean yelling after another Alice just like in the Frankenstein Chronicles. Cool..
Ruth Wilson?? She's a wonderful actress. I wanna see it.

Did I just see Grenn and Gendry from Game of Thrones?
Well Jon did say that grenn came from a farm
I can't stand looking at her weird mouth.
Looks boring.
JoBlo just wants the views they don't care if they post an obviously terrible film trailer.
I hope Sean Bean makes its out alive in this one
where is Sean Bean?

Incredibly stupid premise.
Sound too echo-y , lower the shutter speed for a theatrical look. More bass in the gun shots. Too near to have just the tap tap tap. SE makeup is okay, but a touch of latex to raise areas of the skin would have been more realistic..

Here's the official trailer for #DarkRiver ! Enjoy and leave a like!


wtf is going on lazarus open the door T_T pew pew saving the world

Sean bean a legend

So I guess Sean Bean death by drowning this time

let me guess, sean bean dies!


Dark, River! tv... Hindi... Film, Free. Watch & Online

Ruth is such a magnificent actress!!!!

Dark, River. Online - HD! 700p


Spoiler alert Sean Bean died... again.

Watch. Dark. River. full, movie. download. 720p

I saw part of this movie several years ago on TV....I kept being curious about it. Now I know what it the problem is finding it, hehe..

She's Alice again, huh?

Watch, Dark - River, movie! cast

I don't like that chick her mouth bothers me

Nothing beats 28 days later

Dark, River, mobile, download
Who else came here only because of that thumbnail :)
Spoiler: Sean Bean dies
ned stark, gendry and green whats not to like
She's pretty.
Dark? River? movie & trailer
i loev Ruth Wilson!
Oh I dunno... Sean Bean might make it through this one....
Did B-Movies forgot how to make a trailer? Sounds interetening but the trailer dont convince much..





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