Ambivalent Rebellion

2009年04月28日(火) 2時21分
So, this weekend was the Ambivalent Rebellion, the event from Personna and Ma:kiavel.

From the begin.

I hate wake up early. But this sunday was a special day.
I woke 09 AM, and went to Minako's house. Anyway, 14 PM and I was dressing me.
But Minako delayed a little. After, she did my makeup.
We should go to subway more early, but already was late.

We reach in Alvorada 18 PM, so, was late, because I wanted come to event in the begin. After more one subway for finaly reach the place of the event.

When we reach there, Personna was playing.
The live was VERY GOOD. The songs are hard and beautiful.

I remember the name of the two last songs

. Heaven (I did a video with my cellphone, but is in lower quality)
. was extended version, with MC's and a dance from ten ten (VO). This dance was funny and exciting.

And have a scene that I will not comment hahaha

Past the live.

I was delivering some flyers from my band, Prière, and this time, people began to recognize me as the "Kurodo", because I have some presence in the middle, in the brazilian website of relationship (similar to mixi).

People were curious when asking about will have some live, and about CD's, and trying to get flyers (who had not caught). That was very gratifying, then I decided to confirm my presence at the next event, Neotokyo.

Speaking in recognition as the "Kurodo", I found one of my pupils, followers of SitoMagus (because I do divulgation the band), and spent some time talking about the band, which was great. We decided to continue the conversation in Neotokyo.

When I was leaving, was passing in the corridor, and all wanted to talk to me on Prière, and I felt very proud, and now I know I am on track. I can not wait for my next steps regarding this.

Ending, about the event and the live,

Surpassed all my expectations, I felt at home, the place was very good, and the public very hot!
The bands are to be congratulated for the initiative (that apparently was the first event organized by the bands themselves)
And everyone is waiting for the next Ambivalent Rebellion. For now, I see you in Neotokyo!


2009年04月26日(日) 12時59分
I'm SO ANXIOUS, I'm with a cold, and will can't sleep tonight!!
The Event is tomorrow!

wish me Luck!


2009年04月19日(日) 12時50分
I'll be alone at home until Tuesday!
Party in kurodo's home, eat you too!
Just kidding! But what do you think? A party would be nice ...


see you!


2009年04月10日(金) 1時46分
この曲は 私の秘密を話す...
そして、この曲は 祈りを...「feeling secret」

This words, I think that are perfect for I say, before the song "feeling secret", like a pray.

So, will have an event,

09 04/26 - Audio Rebbel

Ambivalent Rebbelinon
The bands are: Personna / Ma:kiavel / session
Oppen: 16:30 Start: 17h

And I will!

See ya!

Dementium The Ward

2009年04月05日(日) 6時49分
I did my version of the sound track from the video game "Dementium The Ward" (NDS)! Is a hypnotic and non-sense sound. hahaha

Soon will be in my personal myspace for download, so please, check it, and I hope that you have enjoy!

My link:



2009年04月04日(土) 0時04分
I had fever and strong pains in my head yesterday all the day. I don't know the motive, but today I'm fine!

Now I have to eat something, because yesterday I don't ate anything (only a little in the lunch).

See ya!

Bad (begin of) day

2009年04月03日(金) 0時11分
Today, I'm not fine.
I woke up with a infenal pain in my head, and her not go away!

I think the pain is because of a bad position at bedtime

Well, soon, her it leaves me.

See ya.
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