2007年10月03日(水) 21時30分
Hmm...havent been updating much...was being kinda lazy and kinda emo now i'm kinda bored..nth to do...been surfing the net...and i found these pics dat i find kinda interesting...XD hope u enjoy it..^^

this is me wen i hav nth to do at home...home alone...kinda reminds me of a certain orange cat....>

"i am a cat detonator!! don come any closer! i hav bomb..and i'm not afraid to use it....." =.=ll

i only hav 1 thing to say....ZOMG!!!! @_@

"nya~~!! don eat me!! damn u stupid dog!!"

to tell u the truth....this is how i am during traffic jams...=.=ll

hmm....i guess that is all...actually i hav more pictures to show...but then...i can only upload 5 pics per post only..> anyways..i'll just hav to save it for next time....
thx for reading ppl...bye-bi..^^
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    ・恋愛-etto.....kazuya-kun!! and everything that is fun!! (^w^)
    ・音楽-jpop, jrock, kattun, NewS, WaT, Alice9 and many many more! (^w^)
    ・語学-nihongo!! korean...!! fu fu fu fu....(^w^)
hajimemashite! watashiwa kuro neko desu! dozo yoroshiku! (^w^)
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