DB poster 

2006年02月04日(土) 22時50分
when went to mk study japanese,,,think zo lots of NewS ge problems. Ryo have more times in 8 ,,but tegoshi,massu,koyama,kato dim ar?? in mtr think zo long time...
then study ing japanese have break la,,go to j-friends cc , saw Ryo chan DB poster ,$148!! after break,,think ing buy ng buy ho,,zen zen mo listen sensei said wt?!
saigo,,buy zo ......expensive ga, ho happy~~~

P.S.japanese c video,,one people is inside nobuta no toufu people!!

suka j 

2006年02月04日(土) 13時47分
tosay c zo sukaJ ,,,,hina and yoko put subaru in the box,,laugh die me!! ryo sugoii ne~~win zo in 釣魚~~
all of 8 釣魚 mo hansamu desu ne~~very like ryo that t-shirt((miki))

and then in j'planet one fan said saw uchi in osaka,,very happy lie~~ matteiru ne~

go mk 

2006年02月02日(木) 22時42分
today go mk with fayefa give money ,,,she also unhappy .....
in j-friends c kanjani8 DB poster,,,very very handsome!!!But some one is book already....but KT no people buy!!!
this support kanjani8 is better than KT!!
then c lion that movie,,,not bad not good la.....

first diary 

2006年01月31日(火) 23時37分
today very unhappy ar......kusano must add oil ar~~
lots of fans are support u!!!

today in apm have i like that converse,,,but mama say after new year sin buy....
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