the captain was a little surprised

December 17 [Mon], 2012, 11:13
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult770th section of Beijing suburb riots week director glared at the bald one eye left ,this time he paid much attention to oneself with this guy distance ,anyway this guy next to cure is certain ,look into a what kind of level ,you can no need to tell this guy go in together Canada Goose Banff,the death of one .
Die two ,die die I sense friendly estimated China a child to understand it .Li Conggen Zhang Xiaoou two people haven this time ,but has looked a good enough rural bandits ,Zhang Xiaoou said, now a lot of the people is good ,Li from the helpless look at this girl ,but Li Cong had to pull her down to see look at the time ,great change happen, come around suddenly hundreds of villagers ,with tools ,these things in the fields in the work, here also can hit ,it seems today things are not good .
Zhou director looked up at a glance that these people are in the vicinity of the village ,and is bald the village more ,want ,this hand north face clearance,Zhou director looked back at the bald ,immediately called the police to leave several others ,directly with the bald the two brothers to Li Cong the car in front ,and never get out of Li ,Zhou director now also afraid, the villagers know what ,maybe for a while will there really be a bloody conflict ,but the top they must protect the people in their cars ,if today is run not protected after ,is a dead ,as here spell put the person in the car could win affection, perhaps above gives his word will have the opportunity to advance .
Come to think of it this week ,was cast on ,with what he just did not abandon Li Conggen Zhang Xiaoou Lee from the guy with special respect ,the so-called wealth insurance for people to help themselves ,although for fame ,but it is really help themselves ,the Li Congguo would be good for his .
The surrounding villagers came to put the police to the enclosed ,bald look to the back is straight up ,here ,so many of our people ,the police can also how ,although this is emperor feet but say nothing but a word ,today they hit earlier ,you come but to catch us ,before the police come to the village to catch party branch secretary ,also came back so a siege ,the Secretary also not run disappeared ,the two hit the police can find anything ,if I look at the wrong today run is, anyway, money ,where not to make a mountain out of it .
To me ,what do you want ,you know that now you are what ?We are the people ,our hands are suspect ,as long as you dare mess ,Public Security Bureau will not miss you, all want to know .
Zhou director usually in this one is a little prestige ,usually bully boy girl thing didn do, can beat the people thing has many ,these people also think week director usually fame, also how some of the fear .
In fact, the villagers come mainly because people back to the village. Said the public security bureau to take the village nearly twenty people small youth, this is the limit ,a village on the 1000 to cut people ,you should take away twenty, this village a few families who are ,besides all know is we wronged people drove us ,how to also take us ,plus the conscientious of incitement ,this thing is not ,appeared to contain hundreds of opening police affair .
Bald sees villagers to get scared ,just wanted to talk to Zhou director went directly to his side , the bald ,today, as long as you can get these people to persuade back, you have to eat, if you can persuade back, want to give up you ,that I also clearly tell you ,Bureau of the group immediately here, the man in the car is very important, you want to able to disturb the bureau that help Grandpa what are you trying to do ,I will be with you ,we who play .
Zhou director knew this when they persuade the villagers are basically useless ,this time playing a decisive role or bald brothers ,they were usually in the village is the leading ,these people should be able to listen to them .
It also managed to go bald ,but now if I go there was unrest in this car with two people and police should can ,if I offend a person you should run just fine ,but the car is very obvious is not an ordinary person ,City Bureau .
Man ,those are some bureaucrats ,nothing can disturb them ,then only those so-called capital princelings ,do yourself to this is ?Bald but to the car looked at this time ,Lee from can still calm and Zhang Xiaoou.
,it truns out to this boy is playing their own Oh ,there must be the first ,or is estimated fear not what to . The villagers Oh Oh ,,who beat me . Bald just wanted to give villagers say a few sound ,but in fact he is also afraid of ,not because of a small matter directly to end her life ,but do not know where to throw a small rocks shot himself ,his cries could be disastrous ,the villagers although do not usually to see this the two brothers ,but the thought of the village affairs.
The two brothers have no less output ,at least that petty did not dare village ,and now it is outside the village bully ,the gas can not bear ,so someone with a stick to Zhou director at .
Zhou director will not eat the loss of natural ,saw himself is standing beside a toy boy ,to kick on to this guy kicked on ,which will lead to conflict ,hundreds of people rushed on opening does not stop ,people will see ah ,as long as the fallen basically no opportunity to stand up .
Li Conggen Zhang Xiaoou is terrified at the outside of the case ,Li Cong is absolutely no problem ,although this car appearance looks like BMW is the same, but estimates but in front of the BMW logo is not the same as the BMW company, all security modified ,value is ten times the ordinary BMW above, no large arms to open the car that is simply not possible .
Can the week outside director and several police officers were not so lucky ,direct be called head broken and bleeding ,Lee from want to help them ,but look after Zhang Xiaoou put this idea to press down, he is not afraid of them, but if they go out what happened to Zhang Xiaoou that he can the loss outweighs the gain.
The ,the police can not serious police ,otherwise why so no resistance ,it was handed down . Fast ,fast ,or is really happened ,which ,if the event ,to shoot the living residents .
Beijing City SWAT team leader Zhu Jianmin has brought his dozens of men to only a few hundred metres away from here ,he also does not know the car who, just know the director wants own intact in the back, the director also has never been so tense ,their starting after the director is a person for a while to come here ,the greatly small Beijing town of thousands of people, do not have not seen that way ,how the director so nervous .
A team of protection ,two team guard ,three teams placed tear gas ,four team responsible for support . In the captain command, all of them at once divided into four teams ,the first team with shields himself with the village isolation ,two brigade was armed guard ,three team after measurement to adjust the angle ,toward a four tear gas ,four teams of people looking at where to go for help understaffed ,to see that deal with such a thing is not the first time ,everyone was very easy, only one is not easy to estimate is the brigade is long, because he does not know the needs of their own to protect them what .
Old people are still people ,calling them to deal with several police bully little or no problem ,but to call them to carry loaded guns SWAT has a problem ,with tear gas diffusion ,people also began to disperse ,the captain in the shield wall protection with began to go under the middle ,but not thinking of people ,all around the village and run them, this time the most important thing is to have a look the top of that person has nothing .
A dozen paces go after is full of smoke ,but the earth still lying more than 10 is groaning people here today ,Zhu Jianmin knew that things can not be quickly ended ,immediately call men to PUC seeking support ,casualties have ten people, to immediately send a large number of ambulances to do ,must notice local government ,after all, such a big thing single public security system is a division of unresolved .
Captain ,this is the district police chief Zhou director ,he was seriously injured, in a coma . Finally the police officers found the injured week director ,Zhu Jianmin had wanted to get to him to know ,but a look at his appearance or calculate PigHead ,swat him slightly over found but no major injuries, is arm dislocation ,but bone experienced SWAT has given him by wait for the ambulance to the hospital ,do support it .
Zhu Jianmin cares about is obviously not the police and injured people ,these people anyway have been casualties ,again also does not mean much, oneself should be in charge of is above to find the person, Zhu Jianmin expresses his a few people around with you towards the former went on ,several police officers have come up with their own distribution the gun ,just have the unknown truth villagers took the guy came over ,just that if you don shoot it now estimates and several wounded Swat ,so now the kill red eye villagers or a bullet hit his non key position compared to solve anything .
Originally, Zhou director who are down at the place of Li Cong is not very far ,so a few people did not walk a few steps and saw Li Cong ,the captain was a little surprised ,it can be regarded as the BMW car ,the car the basic project of the above ,the car sported a countless sickle with tools it is these villagers ,want to keep the car to open ,it too hard ,all of a sudden in not pull out ,almost without a complete paint ,brigade long around the front saw the man in the car ,there is a male and a female two people sitting in the front row ,the estimates are affected by the frightened all dare not look outside, just lie on the man ,the man courage is not small, this situation also smile talk ,as if in coax arms girl, see captain several people to the front of the car, and he nodded .
Zhu captain is found ,it is what car ,a few cut hit several minutes never opened, these people not barehanded ah ,just for they absolutely can count on is the heavily armed .Li Cong clapped hands in a Xiaoou ,indicating she was outside the matter has come to an end ,but Lee was in no hurry to open the door from the outside ,there are still many tear gas residue in the presence of an ,Li from pointed arms Zhang Xiaoou referred to the captain of the guard took Zhu ,Zhu brigade long white guy want to go out ,also a nod ,arranged behind him several police officers at the time ,in case of a fish escaped through the Seine over again a few, he went back to prepare to report .
Okay ,okay ,have no outside person ,you have no sound north face clearance. Just weeks director outside when he can not go out ,but now the group was better than the last few advanced a lot, if I don a little contempt of others ,although he did not need to give these people the humble ,but necessary courtesy or need to Zhang Xiaoou a few words ,the girl finally from her arms out ,but Lee from when to get off her or catch Lee never let him go .
Lee from at least talk fast five minutes ,Zhang Xiaoou agreed with him to get off ,like Lee from go won ,like Lee from out the car is not just the ability to resist the outside people ,compared to the rugged BMW car, it head or feeling with Li from the more practical .
Lee from go off to temporary command when the car ,the distance to a team ,down just let wakes week director and then fainted ,that is the director and deputy director of bureau ,how come ,like that several cars more cattle ,I ,that is the mayor and Secretary of municipal Party committee of the car, I also follow the two military vehicles ,when there is a riot ,and several officers down ,with one last look at this guy saw that several soldiers shoulder epaulets ,I ,is a general, star bright ah ,this is our wounded in the last week of awareness .
Zhang Xiaoou at this time is that Li Congyou much energy ,Beijing city party secretary and mayor although like living in the city of Beijing, but to Beijing over the past few years only from seen on television ,as for other people from their television are not seen ,but see the mayor with them pleasant to talk with them ,is estimated to be one level person ,own a small actor what makes them so pleasant talking to myself ,I remember last commercials to Culture Bureau signature ,the director with his swagger before others ,but the small head with the eyes of these people are poor don some one hundred and eight thousand miles .
very serious incident ,the Beijing Public Security Bureau is how you doing ,Mr. Li is our country important businessmen ,if he is in our Beijing territory out of anything, will greatly affect the international image of our Beijing City ,must investigate this matter, don let a troublemaker ,I no matter his behind involved who ,gave me a check in the end .
Beijing city Liu Qi of secretary of municipal Party committee seriously to police commissioner said ,now his heart and a little frightened ,,if Li Congzhen had an accident in Beijing ,did not say first Liu old the family ,is the public opinion also can call themselves out ,when Lee from in the northwest was shot when directly from more than a dozen hall level cadre of above ,he is not the national focus on training successor ,provincial and ministerial level is our destination ,they can not because of this small step down early .
Municipal Party committee secretary then went to the mayor, then deputy mayor ,Lee from the official things lazy tube ,but I still have to stand here and the size of these officials told me to go ,because this is necessary to politeness ,others because of your work here ,you even listen to people table a determined time without ,out later in the domestic is what name ?Liu brothers because the system various system will have before, but looked at the Li never after the first night back at home ,this meal is not to eat ,but also have to go back to the old gentleman to say ,was now a very happy day, they also want to this is a very small things ,with a serious mind ,who knows to make such a big .
A statistical result came out ,a policeman was killed ,the other four police officers injured, three seriously injured in a minor ,villager two people death ,after the preliminary appraisal is trampled to death, injured fifteen people, injured seven people ,injured eight people, the bald with his brother one Look ,this person also knows today the matter is not small, direct slide .
What are handled ,energy group team came out ,No. four or the face expressionless appearance, not worried about your boss like ,just a little pity the owner of the car, and pull it back to refit ,like boss every time you want to drive yourself will be a thing, this will not the boss want to play if they had solved .
Lee from don investigation of strength in the home so early is exposed ,the surface of things to do ,this surface do not do well, and do not want to let Zhang Xiaoou know that he is such a cold-blooded men ,if you just let the number four to resolve words ,absolute casualties than now twice ,even two times is possible .
Li Cong declined the Secretary of municipal Party committee to help Lee from kindness ,his is busy ,and tomorrow will be in his Le Grand Large Hotel thank you police with municipal Party committee leadership ,Li Cong is now what identity ,it is clear to all ,he is often out of Zhongnanhai with the State Council advocate, is also the world businessman ,although the party secretary and mayor are very busy ,but the meal that is sure to go .
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