Dasey leopard team and the Atlanta falcons

September 26 [Wed], 2012, 17:55
Dasey leopard team and the Atlanta falcons (Sunday at 1:00 PM),cheap jerseys china in the face of it, the leopard fans. Your team doesn't look good. Their only win the saints to attack, it doesn't look like what achievements at this point. I see the talent on this team, but quarterback CAM Newton seems to have some attitude problem, don't live up to his full potential. As for the falcon, me a deep impression. I think I said in pre-season, and this could be a real breakthrough in Atlanta. The saints and to 0 to 3, I now really like their chances of winning in the NFC south.nfl nike jerseys sale Matt Ryan looks very strong, the likelihood is by far the best in the NFL quarterback, completely honest, if they continue to play like they're playing, I wouldn't be surprised, if they are in the super bowl. Great receiver, running game, defense, quarterback, you name it! Very talented team, I really like their chances to beat panther. Winner: falcon

Seattle sea eagle team and st. Louis RAMS - sea eagle team is very lucky. This is all I can say to Monday night over the packer. Defense actually looks very strong, but I don't believe quarterback rookie Russell Wilson and attack.Indianapolis Colts Cheap jersey Ram, I think is to improve big time in the last season, I was a bit disappointed last week. I never predict they beat bear, but I hope more production from Sam Bradford and the rest of the. This is a difficult choice, the two teams is a question mark now, but I want to base this torment Ram last week's attack.
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