April 05 [Sun], 2009, 14:46
feels like something AWESOME is gonna happen!

i cant wait, if mom says its okay i'll get my hair cut AND dyed!

Oh, right!
For my fitness, i will be sticking to schedule every day.
Eating healthy - no super fatty foods
I will not be resorting to Bulimia.

i want to get creepers!

I realised, my favorite song is Teddybears Picnic

Grapes are the best snack food ever.

Im being random. XD

I almost melted in the oven

March 31 [Tue], 2009, 11:00
Geez when i mess up, my gramma goes crazy
yeah i know i couldve melted the whole thing. so stop reminding me.

But i got another hug, so its okay...
i dont pay much attention lately xD

hahaha at lunch we were talkig about scary manish and then suddenly he comes out of no where and me and marta are like WHAT!!

gee i like lasagna o3o

thomas is being a little thomas. >:o

hmm i need to start making clothes.

i like the warumono ones :3
i love the warumono xDD or not, grizz isnt a bad guy.


March 30 [Mon], 2009, 6:07
What a little bitch

she would be the one to say that, after she jumped on me and freaking humped me at my house.

I swear im going to kill her...

she pretends to be all good with me at school....
of course to her little gay boyfriend she would do this.

Im so tired of this :( i want her to leave me alone.

This week better be awesome.

everything seems so romantic

March 29 [Sun], 2009, 13:56
but thats just how it seems.

I observed how he hugs me
he wraps his arms around me (even though they're kinda short)
and he squeezes me

Its so great to hug him :)

At the dance I sort of worked him xD
Im not good at it but i tried...

Damn i want a hair straightener!!
I'll buy one, one day :D
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