My new site :) 

December 29 [Thu], 2005, 11:52

This is my new site, I'm antonieta,I'm from mexico and I'm 22 years old........... I'm studying graphic design and I'm going to show you my works and some pictures from my country so I hope that you like my site.
My first picture is about Quetzalcoatl, he was a god in azteca
culture (in Mexico) He is known like God of the wind. This work was made in wood, this was made for a competition in Japan but its very expensive send this to Japan... so I decided show this work by
internet. ^-^ Do you like it???

I have problems.. 

December 30 [Fri], 2005, 12:07
Sorry today I'm not going to show you an image I have problems with my computer and this don't want to download the images...probably my coputer is dead -_-!!
I'm gonna try to check this and fix it.

See ya!

Probably my computer is going to work today but... 

December 31 [Sat], 2005, 6:50
Uh! I think that my computer is working again, but I'm not to sure.
Well This day I'm going to put a photography.
The first one I called : "Sopita" well I have to tell you that the
tongues are "not real" because some friends thought that those
tongues were from a cow but not... those are made with plastic and the thing red also is plastic just the parsley is real ^-^ This picture was for a class. I like the colors from this picture, I think is cute.....hehehee -_-!

mmm no my computer is not working...-_-! 

December 31 [Sat], 2005, 7:54
I wanted Show a picture "sopita" but I couldn't download to this
So I have to think how I ca fix it...I have to say that is very difficult work in a place in Japanese but I've to say too that this is a nice
page and I like a lot I have to learn japanese to understand
good all this cute page.
But I have good new I coul download this picture...this is from the place wuere I live this is downtown (Queretaro city in Mexico.) Do you like???

Happy new year!!! 

January 01 [Sun], 2006, 7:53
In my country still we are in 2005 but in Japan I think you're yet in
2006 so Happy new year!!

I still need more vacations :P 

January 04 [Wed], 2006, 7:29

I was taking my time to rest a little bit...the next monday I return
to the school..finally -_-! he well those are good news I like to be in the school but not to much, I hope this year have good
teachers, and well I hope to have a good year in the school.
Well this picture is from a holiday in Mexico, is a day when people
from differents kind of ages walk by the downtown to accomplish a
procession, this is in saint week between march and april.


February 25 [Sat], 2006, 12:10
Well I'm back, I had problems with the computer but I'm here
I was thinking about my site, I think I'm going to show you
differents things, I'm going to change the way of this site.
I like this place, is a plaza, I don't know the name but in front to
this place there is a school where I go to take just one class this
is about to print.

one day more less than you 

February 25 [Sat], 2006, 18:12

I always feel that in Japan live in the future, probably just because you live in the next day , I mean today is 2006/02/25 and you live in 2006/02/26, probably is not big deal to you but when
I want to talk with a friend who lives in Japan is so difficult to
find him, when
you are in day, we are in the night.... well I think the time is
relative to us, Its better to have a good conversation with
someone in other country and don't think in the time, just enjoy your day.

This is the church that is in front of the plaza that I show you in the last post.
Well just a part of this....

what is it??? 

February 26 [Sun], 2006, 9:50

Well I was looking the pictures that I took the last week and
I found this one.....
What is it?????.............................................
mmmm...well is a old lamp, this is from the school
where I take my print class, I was waiting for my class and I was
looking the ceiling and I found this lamp... or probably a bird

I found a site here in yaplog..I like it very much by the kind of
pictures is from a boy called Shibue, its a nice site to visit.

strong like a tree 

February 27 [Mon], 2006, 5:15
The other day I was looking this tree,I wonder.... From when
it is that tree there???? This tree is in a school, first this place
was a convent and then a hospital and now is a school....
I wonder if someday we could be like a tree?? strong and firm.

Have a nice day.
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