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Sondheim came to Resnais' attention when the latter attended a performance of Follies. He was fascinated by the show's theme and structure and how unbidden memories invaded the present day action (intriguing unto itself as a reaction on Resmais' part since he had already made Hiroshima and Marienbad)...and a lovely (and virtually unknown) score was born. That's Sondheim all over: his Romance is American, but his sensibilities and tastes, European...40 years on, A Little Night Music remains the most sophisticated, exquisite, and tasteful American musical ever created..

un des meilleurs rôles de Belmondo .

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This theme by Stephen Sondeim I have always found to be endlessly haunting, mysterious, tatalizingly and eerily nostalgic. Hearing it for the first time in many years, I'm not a bit dissapointed. Thank you. PS- wonderful montage. .

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Beautiful video~

The Chanel short film The Tale of a Fairy brought me here.. I aboslutely love this music. .

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I once owned the soundtrack LP of this movie and never stopped listening to it. Sondheim spinned some gorgeous miniatures with this one (the tracks were quite brief, my favorite aside from the main title was an amusing one entitled Easy Life). .



@MADWORLD1427 Thanks, Craig, for watching! Much appreciated, my Friend.

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toby ann stavisky
@bigeeezy Thank you!
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The Original Score is WONDERFUL! So glad you used it. And what a breathtaking voyeuristic view into a Golden Era! Beautiful job editing to the lazy jazz rhythms. Gorgeous, Dreamy ride you take us on.. :).
sondheim is a genius, i love this track
Beau ? Ha ces Boudhistes... toujours les mêmes. 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣.

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@PlayIt4MeAgainSam Thank you so much for commenting. I'm going today to see Resnais' new one Wild Grass. I'm a big fan!.
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brian stavisky
superbe musique !
Chanel's Tale of a Fairy ..
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@jeancocteau1 You and I DEFINITELY will be friends. Thank you so much for your comment!!! .

Un film culte génial stawisky
A stunningly beautiful film -- costuming & art direction exquisite -- well-acted & directed and with a gorgeous Sondheim score. I remember seeing this at a little art house when it was first released and was mesmerized by it. I still listen to the music, and it is as fresh as when I first heard it..
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What a pleasure watching this sort of videos wich such a great and charismatic actor :) Wonderful vid, my friend
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Bonjour les Goyim Goyes... les gentils.

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You painted an amazing portrait here Rick! So glad to see you depicted a Resnais film. Belmondo really becomes ‘le beau Sacha’ in Stavisky. Anny Dupérey is very good in this film. Another fav. for sure. Thanks. ★★★★★ .


Fantastic theme. Sondheim's everywhere !! Thanks ! 
@RockyWhyNot I saw him in person here in LA. about a month agao at a screening of Breathless and he is still fit and looks great..
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@johnnywolfnyc Thanks, Johnny. Much appreciated.
Tvos stavisky
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À entendre le monsieur qui parle, il doit se bidonner de rire et de plaisir de voir l'occident croûler sous les dettes et les arnaques à la madoff et autres arnaques mémorielles ou écologiques. Stavisky était un escroc juif..




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